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Tips From Celebrity Dog Coach Tamar Geller

Written by PETA | October 19, 2011

You might recognize the enthusiastic, charming, and incomparable Tamar Geller from her television appearances on such shows as Oprah, Ellen, and Larry King Live, and now you have the opportunity to see the dog coach to the stars in her very own PETA miniseries. We’ve teamed up with Tamar to produce a set of six short episodes about how to be your dog’s best friend, and we’ll release one per week starting today. First up is Episode 1: “Your Dog’s 7 Basic Needs.

Tamar’s motivation for making this series is to debunk dog-training myths and encourage people to pay more attention to their dogs and to use positive reinforcement, all of which will be covered in future episodes on PETA’s “Features” page. Episode 1 covers such issues as how to provide your canine companion with mental and physical stimulation. One tip: Talk to your dog! Dogs can understand up to 150 words, and you can converse with them simply by narrating their actions and praising their behavior.

When you view each episode on PETA’s “Features” page, you can also enter to win a yummy prize for your dog. We’ve teamed up with PETA Business Friend V-dog to give a month’s supply of healthy, vegan dog food to one winner each week as Tamar’s videos are released. So check the PETA “Features” page every week for the next entertaining and informative installment in the series.


Written by Heather Faraid Drennan