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New Video Uncovers Serious Horseracing Cruelty

Written by PETA | June 27, 2008

It takes a lot to shock the public these days, but the fact that cruel incidents in the horseracing world are finally being taken seriously is just about doing the trick. Before Eight Belles’ tragic death made the public realize that horseracing isn’t all fun and games, drugging and heavy whipping just made up another day in the industry. But now, people are on red alert, and we’re doing our best to continue exposing the horseracing industry for what it really is. Because of all this new attention, the industry is getting a good once-over from the public, Congress, and horseracing authorities, and skeletons just keep falling out of the closet.

On that note, let’s talk about whipping, shall we? Now, don’t get excited … this isn’t the fun kind. Whipping racehorses was banned in 1982 in Norway under the Cruelty to Animals Act. It’s severely restricted in the U.K., and many jockeys there are asking for it to be completely banned. If you ever had any doubt that it should be banned in the U.S., check out this video:

The good news is that Jeremy Rose, the jockey in the above video, was recently suspended in Delaware for six months for “extreme misuse of the whip.” You can read all about that here.

It’s about damn time that these serious problems are being taken seriously! Here’s to hoping that there’s no future need for hideous videos and cruelty charges in “sports.” Thanks for ruining my Friday, Jeremy! I hope you spend your six months in some serious deep thought.

Posted by Christine Dore

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  • Louise Desquenne says:

    A little known FACT: WHIPPING a horse makes them SLOW DOWN!! I trained under a very well known owner who NEVER used the whip on any of his horses, his riders never even carried one. Many of his racehorses were winners without ever being touched by a whip!

  • tomhead says:

    dude. really? that guy just hit his horse ONCE, on accident, and you just looped it over and over again. clever, but easy to make out if you look. sorry, but you still don’t have me fooled.

  • MaryLen says:

    If whipping a horse during a race is okay then why don’t we have someone follow human marathon racers or Olympic runners and whip them if they fall behind?

  • Megan says:

    I have come to realize that most people posting on here have no idea about horse racing. The humane society is called on more riding horses then race horses. Most people don’t realize that we state officials walking around almost everyday to check on the welfare of the horses. And these horses DO NOT sit in a stall everyday. I can show you my turnout bill which is more then my house payment. Horses have just as much chance of getting hurt in the paddock as they do on the racetrack. Asking a horse to run a natural speed and gate is not cruel. And as for race horses not having manners or proper training that again is someone who doesn’t know what they are talking about. Do you know how many people want standardbreds after they race because of how sane and full of manners they are? What people should do is come to a racetrack and watch the full experience and you will see how they are treated. By the way none of my horses are insured. Sure there are people who mistreat them but in the horse racing community most people will say something if they see it. One last thing the whole slaughter house thing which is crueler putting the animal out of its misery or giving your horse to someone who promises to take good care of him only to go out 2 months later to see him half starved and unable to walk. Just wondering?