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New Video from Investigation into Hormel Supplier

Written by PETA | October 20, 2008

One month ago, we released shocking footage from an undercover investigation of a factory farm in Iowa that raises pigs who are destined for Hormel. The public was rightly outraged by the horrific findings of PETA’s investigators, who found that workers repeatedly hit pigs with metal gate rods and canes, a worker slammed the heads of piglet “runts” into the floor, and a supervisor shoved a cane into a sow’s vagina and talked about sexually abusing pigs.

Even after the farm changed ownership and management during the investigation, this disgusting treatment and abuse of animals continued.

That being said, we have just released previously unseen footage from the investigation, apparently showing the farm manager kicking and shocking a pig. Unbelievably, he is still the manager of the farm!


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In the video, the farm manager is seen shocking a pig with an electric prod and kicking her—both in apparent violation of the farm owner’s own written policy—in a prolonged attempt to make her stand, which is a requirement for pigs who are sold for slaughter. The suffering sow, who was unable to stand due to crippled hind limbs, was left in the pen for two days, bleeding from a severed hoof, until she was ultimately shot and killed.

This shocking footage of the farm manager was recorded the very next working day after PETA’s undercover investigator reported to the farm manager the abuse that he had documented at the farm.

We are seething mad that the farm manager retains his position as farm manager and has been allowed to continue to supervise other employees and their treatment of pigs. It is painfully obvious to us that all factory farms—as long as they exist—must be managed by individuals who are competent in humane handling of animals and who can lead by example. We’ll let you determine whether he fits the bill.

We stand firm in our demand that Hormel take action against these abuses, despite the company’s continued failure to respond to our attempts to work with it. Join us in renewing our pressure on Hormel. Demand that the company enact meaningful reforms to prevent this sort of abuse from occurring on its suppliers’ farms.

Update: We wanted to make sure that it’s clear to our readers that we offered several times to show Hormel and the farm’s management ALL the footage that was taken during PETA’s undercover investigation at the supplier’s farm—including the above footage of the manager. Neither Hormel nor the farm’s management took us up on our offer.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Ivory Chenteyl says:

    ON Google I am listed as saying some thing I did not. My comment is above the one sited. I am against this violence.

  • franco says:

    hijos de puta sabi ke io les sacaria la chucha a los canchesumadre maracos cobardes

  • lynda downie says:

    Great post Rick. Az I think having the pig slaughtered is a whole lot worse than tickling his belly.

  • Michael Balter says:

    How is it possible that this monster has retained his position there? Can’t the farm be contacted and threatened with police intervention? With animal cruelty footage on tape isn’t this all that is needed? Also is this one of the people up on cruelty charges? If so why not? What is going on here?

  • Az says:

    People find it so shocking when they find out that he is still the farm manager but to be honest if your running a farm which breeds pigs to be killed and someone tells you the manager kicked a pig you wouldnt care very much. I doubt pig farmers are PETA members. And the video states that if you eat pig your supporting pig abuse but I only eat free range organic bacon from my friend’s farms and theyre all good honest people with pets. The worst thing they did is tickle a pig on the belly and one morning my friend forgot to feed the chickens and fed them 1 hour late.

  • Mel says:

    Simplemente sin palabras!!! Por Dios cmo puede haber gente tan mala!! Ojal se topen con otros que hagan lo mismo con ellos… siento dolor e impotencia. Juicio y castigo a estos pobres tipos inservibles que slo muetran la miseria humana.

  • Rick says:

    To the people who are defending these animal abusers saying that they aren’t doing anything so bad….Any of you willing to volunteer to get shocked by one of these “sticks?” Let’s see how you like it. It’s doubtful to me that the poor pigs like it very much either. If you’re so willing to defend the awful torture that is being done to these animals how willing would you be to take their places? After all if they “have it made” and “aren’t being mistreated” as I’ve read here then I want to know how you yourself would like the treatment that they receive.

  • Emma says:

    Can’t get those dying pig images out of my head I can’t stop crying. Those bastards need to die.

  • Vienna says:

    man wtf…. some people are sik nd twisted ae ahh i dont think im gona eat ‘ham’ anymore. i would like to give him a peice ov mi mind.or maybe he just wont care nd shock me with his um electric prod. fk him GO GET A LIFE YOU SAD MAN!!!!! im jst a bit angry…. Ox’

  • Vicki says:

    Hormel you are history…Never will I ever buy a product with your name on it. I will pass this along to all my friends and family. It might be a small amount of people but they will send it to their friends and I hope it hurts your pocketbook real bad. Shame on you for allowing this to happen. Stop turning your head and do something about it. How do you sleep at night? You will answer for this on Judgement Day…

  • Paige Fisk says:

    The sad thing is is that we’re all thinking “I hope the manager sees this!” and everything but he won’t give a damn. He knows and he’s a selifsh manwoman who deserves to go to hell. As are all animal harmers.

  • Laura says:

    That bastard still works there. How can that happen? I would love to see him on the end of a stick….

  • star says:

    READ THIS im not vegetarian but this is sick. those bastards need to get fucken kill… “IF SLAUGHTER HOUSES WERE MADE OF CRYSTAL WALLS EVERYONE WOULD BECOME VEGETARIAN”

  • wendy says:

    many people have become desensitized through upbringing and such like. There is a difference between this and taking great delight in torturing an animal as for sexual abuse well! what can be said that there is something terribly wrong with this type of person and unfortunataly this would be serial killer will be employed by this industry as there is little or no monitoring. There is a great difference between a hardend person and a cruel person. I am sure that Betty is an insensitve person opposed to a cruel one or maybe one that really needs attention by posting such stupid comments. I take my hat off to the investigator as I know that I would be in court for murder or such like and then we will never know what goes on. Come on folks we can build an army if we try dont give up!

  • Charlotte says:

    I think the reason the sow could not stand was that she was beaten on the spine and was crippled at an early age. I bet the hoof got ganggreen and fell off. How repulsive that someone would continue to beat her after she got paralyzed. Can anyone verify that the metal rod that is identified as the “weapon” is actually a tire iron or crow bar? They weigh about 10 pounds. How can people volunteer to get on that farm and take care of the animals? There is a farm out East that is an animal sanctuary. Does anyone know if some of the Mowmar animals were removed or “rescued”. I have friends who have hobby farms. They would LOVE to adopt a little piggie. Is there a group that can take the runts and get them to foster farm care????????

  • Steve Kowalski says:

    I wish I could see someone treating an animal like this in person I’d beat the hell out of him. Keep up the good work PETA.

  • stuart fraser says:

    I dont understand how all of you can judge this swine farmer like you are. How many of you have AG degrees? and of that group how many of you have actually been on a real working farm? Statistics tell me that the number of you who have is less than 1 so before you go making wild alligations assess the situation at hand and realize that there are people out there who actually do know more than you do believe it or not.

  • Ivory Chenteyl says:

    I wish all people were evolved enough that we didn’t have slaughter houses crimes against one another or self. Then these situations wouldn’t exist. I do not know what to do with myself when I view such horror. Bless the man and turn up the heat for him. Bless her life and hope that we can all get through to the others that allow this behavior and support them in evolving. What is the term BEAST

  • Shari says:

    TO BETTY i think your all over reacting he was just doing his job. Posted by Betty October 22 2008 0245 AM Isn’t it STRANGE Betty how someone who was JUST DOING HIS JOB now SITS behind bars??? Overreacting? I THINK NOT! PEACE TRUTH

  • Corinne says:

    Iowa is too lenient on criminals it seemswhat is their problemneed to revise and beef up the law on animal abuse anywherethought this was AMERICA!!and why don’t the videos show the abusers face and give their names?think everyone would like to know who they are and their nameswould be interesting

  • Alice says:

    When I first read this article it broke my heart. Obviously the perpatrators did not see “BABE” or grow up watching “CHARLOTTS WEB”. Would you Mr. Manager show the undercover videos to your children or grandchildren? To face charges is not enough. An eye for an eye. My eating habits have changed because I can’t stand to think of the torture.

  • jazmin says:

    listen im a 13 year old girl and i hate people like this how can u do some thing like that u have no heart i belive in god and i hope to all the people that treat animal bad like this should pay i love animals and have some my self and not one ce i would think of doin that anials are defenclive and cant do nothing poor things i cry everthime i see this all these bad people should be treated the same way an eye 4 an eye see how u lke that ! get a taste of yr own medicine ! karmaz a bitch and it will come back to u animal harmers .wen im older and grow up i will be a sponser wait till i get mii 1st job i will suport u peta ! amimals r in mii heart always love concerned 13 yr old grl

  • Brian O'Neill says:

    Am I nuts to think that I’d like to kill this guy?…. I don’t know if God exists but I hope he is around when this guy dies. I used to have strong faith in “Jesus the Good Sheperd” and he could not possibly bear this torture of his innocents. I remember from somewhere “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord”.

  • Susie64 says:

    It really makes me wonder about the mentality of people like this. They most certainly are the lowest of the low. I hope their families are proud.

  • M-A says:

    I’m disturbed and saddened by everything. I became vegetarian nearly 11 months ago and felt as though by doing so I was doing my own little part to help animals and I see this video and learn nothing is done to the guy. Nothing not even a loss of a day’s pay. It makes me feel like even me doing my little part is meaningless.

  • Lois in Iowa says:

    In reply to ElijahHUH??????????? I am not a meat producer I don’t even live on a farm. No where did I say that animals were created to live in facilities. I am against Hog Confinements period. I firmly believe as the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches “Animals are God’s creatures. He surrounds them with His providential care. By their mere existance they bless Him and give Him glory. Thus men owe them kindness. We should recall the gentleness with which saints like St. Francis of Assisi and St. Philip Neri treated Animals. God entrusted animals to the stewardship of those whom he created in his own image….” The animals belong to God not us and he gave them to us to use not abuse. I have a dog instead of a husband because they are MUCH EASIER to live with. Elijah you may want to read things carefully before commenting.

  • foedus lupus says:

    Names acts of cruelty locations dates and other info should be entered into a national database for life similiar to the sex offenders in megan law.

  • veronica says:

    there’s no good reason for that manager to proceed in a position just to cause pain to animals in such a cruel manner. this man obviously has no heart to realise what he’s putting this poor animal through. nothing and no one was created and put on this earth for that reason and nothing is to be treated that way. humans that proceed to do actions like that discust me.

  • Maria McMahon says:

    Interesting to see how some people try to trivialise the suffering of animals. Thank God for PETA and its people who are brave and strong enough to go undercover and expose these hideous crimes. If they didn’t have that that strength these crimes would go unpunished. I like the idea suggested by Asher above that this man should be sent back as a pig to suffer but it would only be gratifying if his current consciousness such as it is were aware of it. We must ask God to forgive and help the people who do not have compassion to somehow find it.

  • Frederix44 says:

    I could have cried at that and I don’t usually cry. That makes me heart broken to even think that someone would do that. It makes me so angry GRR!!

  • Elijah says:

    First of all Lois of Iowa pigs were not created to live in “FACILITIES”. They were created BY GOD to live in the sun and the mud. Secondly Lois of Iowa You better understand the laws of GOD ABOVE. Cause God is going to destroy you people for doing that to Gods HOLY CREATIONS. God is going CRUSH you for doing that. Poisoning the planet and the population with the blood of pigs and waste. You Iowa Bible belt people sit in Church every Sunday but still are as dumb as a box of rocks. You lead people astray with lies and hypocrasy. So don’t come on this website defending your abominations against God Almighty and the Household that God CREATED and the DEVINE ORDER OF THINGS. I serve a LOVING GOD A MERCIFUL GOD A GOD THAT PROVIDED EVERYTHING I NEED TO SUSTAIN ME TODAY AND YESTERDAY AS “IT IS WRITTEN” in Genisis 129. Your industry is extremely offensive to God.

  • Saucy says:

    God Bless you Shari for your passion and wisdom. It is hard to believe that certain individual come on this post and actually defend or minimalize the conditions and treatment of these pigs endowed with the same SPIRIT OF LIFE as mankind Ecclesiatess 319 not to mention actually eating them an aabhorant unforgivable sin They don’t see the connection between human and non human life. They’re hearts are frozen Shari. All we can do is look on them with pity as they head down that wide path leading off to destruction.

  • saumya says:

    I couldn’t see the whole video. I don’t know how peoplw do it…they r sick n disgusting.

  • Lois in Iowa says:

    First of all the manager in question is no longer employed by the facility. 6 people have been arrested and will be in court sometime in the next couple of weeks. 4 of the 6 no longer work at the facility while the other 2 are kept under close observation. This farm is one of hundreds owned by MowMar and MowMar is one supplier of thousands supplying pork to Hormel. Second it might be helpful if people knew how this work. The County Sheriff’s office investigates complaints. They gather statements and evidence which they then present to the County Attorney. The County Attorney then reviews the information and decides what charges if any will be filed. Arrest warrants are then issued and taken to the County Magistrate who decides whether or not to sign them. Law Enforcement cannot make an arrest in this type of complaint without that signature. The Magistrate also decides what the bond is and if the subjects will be released without bond. Law Enforcement does not have the legal power to close a business or tell them who can work there and who cannot. In Iowa the Department of Agriculture is the authority who oversees the treatment and condition of farm animals and even pets. Even if they have been contacted the legal process can take significant time. I would hope that the public would understand that Law Enforcement in this case is doing the best they can with the restraints the law puts on them and that they should be contacting state and federal lawmakers to complain when the outcome is not what they are hoping for not local Law Enforcement who cannot change the law. I personally was appalled by the treatment of these animals but we should also keep in mind that the treatment was by individuals not corporations in this particular case and those individuals are on their way to pay the price for their actions.

  • Zeus says:

    I live in northwest Iowa. The local news today just reported that all people involved in this abuse case were fired. This includes the manager of the farm. Thank you PETA.

  • Jürg says:

    It cannot be acceptet that other species on this planet have no rights only becaus they are not human.

  • Doug says:

    Would somebody PLEASE do something to this SOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack says:

    That farmer did nothing wrong He help the pig get out of the fence and helped it get back on its feet. All you people are sick.