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New Video from Investigation into Hormel Supplier

Written by PETA | October 20, 2008

One month ago, we released shocking footage from an undercover investigation of a factory farm in Iowa that raises pigs who are destined for Hormel. The public was rightly outraged by the horrific findings of PETA’s investigators, who found that workers repeatedly hit pigs with metal gate rods and canes, a worker slammed the heads of piglet “runts” into the floor, and a supervisor shoved a cane into a sow’s vagina and talked about sexually abusing pigs.

Even after the farm changed ownership and management during the investigation, this disgusting treatment and abuse of animals continued.

That being said, we have just released previously unseen footage from the investigation, apparently showing the farm manager kicking and shocking a pig. Unbelievably, he is still the manager of the farm!


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In the video, the farm manager is seen shocking a pig with an electric prod and kicking her—both in apparent violation of the farm owner’s own written policy—in a prolonged attempt to make her stand, which is a requirement for pigs who are sold for slaughter. The suffering sow, who was unable to stand due to crippled hind limbs, was left in the pen for two days, bleeding from a severed hoof, until she was ultimately shot and killed.

This shocking footage of the farm manager was recorded the very next working day after PETA’s undercover investigator reported to the farm manager the abuse that he had documented at the farm.

We are seething mad that the farm manager retains his position as farm manager and has been allowed to continue to supervise other employees and their treatment of pigs. It is painfully obvious to us that all factory farms—as long as they exist—must be managed by individuals who are competent in humane handling of animals and who can lead by example. We’ll let you determine whether he fits the bill.

We stand firm in our demand that Hormel take action against these abuses, despite the company’s continued failure to respond to our attempts to work with it. Join us in renewing our pressure on Hormel. Demand that the company enact meaningful reforms to prevent this sort of abuse from occurring on its suppliers’ farms.

Update: We wanted to make sure that it’s clear to our readers that we offered several times to show Hormel and the farm’s management ALL the footage that was taken during PETA’s undercover investigation at the supplier’s farm—including the above footage of the manager. Neither Hormel nor the farm’s management took us up on our offer.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • L says:

    How in the world could this man live with himself? How revolting…if this were his kids he would sure be upset if someone did that to them. How very evil he must be! I can’t imagine ANYONE employing someone so cruel and mean…I AM VERY DISGUSTED WITH THIS COMPANY…THEY OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEAS WHO THEY ARE HIRING NOR DO THEY APPARENTLY CARE! SHAME ON THEM!!

  • Lisa Baker says:

    Can anyone tell me if PETA members plan to demonstrate at any time during these individuals upcoming pleatrialsentencing??? If so count me in. I am outraged sickened and determined to write protest whatever …

  • Ricky says:

    Flood Hormel with emails from their web site too. httpwww.hormelfoods.comcontact.aspx Contact your local grocery stores and ask them to stop supplying Hormel foods. Lets hold them accountable for the abuse.

  • Shari says:

    You ARE 100 right Saucy we ARE finished this IS the end as our leaders are NO longer American! As it’s stated You are either with US or you are with the terrorists! Sadly our leaders ARE the terrorists PEACE LOVE TRUTH WAKE UP AMERICA Turn On Tune In Because there IS a war ON FOR YOUR MIND WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • annonymous says:

    I agree that behavior such as this should not be condoned by anyone and that anyone participating in such acts should have their positions removed but all farms are not like this one. This was the worst of the worst and there are people who work in places such as the one seen here who actually care for animals. This animal was obviously unabulatory and needed to be humanely destroyed. Nonsupport by boycotting pork will not solve anything. Please don’t judge the industry by the bad apples in this video.

  • Antigone1000 says:

    Mike Actually the one showing extreme ignorance is you. As long as people like you continue to believe the myth of humane slaughter animals will continue to suffer exactly the abuse shown on the video. Hormel is not unique in its treatment of farm animalsthey just got caught. Anyone claiming to feel sorry for these animals needs to GO VEGAN! Boycotting Hormel might make you feel as though you are doing something but I’d like to think that people would do something that will actually benefit animals instead of merely their own consciences.


    One thing for sure the pig is the lucky one. God created all life and he surely loves his animals and they shall have a good place with him. The evil man here will have to answer and personally I hope God gets a red hot poker and shoves it up his arse and then says “now would you like to go back down to earth as a pig?” I’ve had pet pigs and they are the most intelligent and lovely animals. I hope her end came swifty and she is now safe and calm.

  • Daniel Z. Jones says:

    This “PISSES ME OFF”. I had better NOT meet this ASS on the street. He’s got some deepseated emotional problems. Perhaps a pig raped “him” when he was a young ASS. He needs to be prosecuted to the HIGHEST EXTENT OF THE LAW! I HOPE he reads this comment… This has REALLY upset me!!

  • Saucy says:

    There is no hope for a nation that sanctions such abominations against living creatures and consumes the blood of pigs. Were done folks. It’t the end. Can you tell a green field from a cold steel rail. Did they get you to sell your dreams for gold. Did you trade a walk on part for a lead role in cage. Can you tell Heaven from Hell. Sadly we live in world of oppressions and every obomination under the sun and a goverment that doesn’t know it’s ass from a hole in the ground.

  • Shari says:

    They ARE amazing I used to assist the sows deliver their piglets as they TEND to sometimes roll over on their babies but they SURE ARE amazing I LOVE ’em therefore I don’t eat them ‘ OR any other non human animal mammal etc I eat from LIFE and get all the protein I need from rice and green barley grass juice which supplies the body with ALL the nutrients needed for a healthy body incl protein fiber and phyto nutrients etc NO NEED for solid foods. Hey a healthy bodya healthy mind and spirit! Have eaten this way for over 30 years and NOT to brag but I’m 49 and look in my MID 30 something I see it and everyone else does too so the PROOF IS IN THE PUDDING Veganism is the PERFECT anti ager AND it DOES a body EXCELLENT ‘ If anyone needs any tips turning VEGGIE eMail me at I’ll be GLAD to assist you in any witch ‘ way I can… PEACE LOVE TRUTH

  • tomatoe says:

    this is really cruel how dare someone do this to a little piggy . He should be fired

  • Jess says:

    We need to do something about this!! i cant believe he still owns the farm…. People could be so cruel to animals..and its not fair at all…

  • Linda Michaels says:

    American society encourages cruelty because disrespect for life is encouraged. How would that man feel if somebody burnt him with an electric prod the same abuse he perpetrated on the helpless female pig. It is atrocious and it sickness me to no end!

  • Mike says:

    Obviously the act that he committed a terrible act with this video but the people posting some of these pathetic comments are almost as bad! Not all meat processing plants or workers are bad so you calling them nazis just shows your extreme ignorance….get a life!

  • Marc Caldwell says:

    I’m not a strong supporter of PETA nor many of it’s practices however after reading about this heinous activity in the newspaper I have sent online correspondence to Hormel and will follow up to pressure them to take action against the perpetrators involved which must include but not be limited to the dismissal of management and workers involved at this Bayard Co. farm.

  • Mariela Ticas says:

    this is just shocking to me! I can’t beleive that man and i do mean that term losely is still on the job.

  • kelly says:

    oh my god that brought tears to my eyes how can people do that to animals. something has to be done. i am so glad im a veg.

  • Rachel says:

    Go send Hormel a complaint!! This is a lot of posts on here and if we all send a complaint I’m sure they’ll get the point that they’re going to loose a lot of business if they do not end this.

  • Michelle says:

    That is SICK!! What is wrong with these people Im freakin so disgusted Its so hard to watch it But the way i see it If no one watched the cruelty thats done to these animals Then nothing would be done about it and it would continue Whats even more astonishing is that the manager is still working there There should be laws prosecuting these aholes Sorry for the language But worse words can be said about these people than that Why do so many people do this is something i would love to know I was a vegatarian for about 12 years and started eating meat again because i wasnt getting enough nutrients and was constantly weak and dizzy But seeing all this cruelty is killing me I cant even look at meat without feeling sick now Or should i say again Ive been an animal lover all my life and seeing and hearing all that just kills me I would love to do something about it myself I want to show those son of a ……. what it feels like when they do those things to these defensless animals Someone really needs to do something right now before more of these creatures fall victim to these people More people need to be involved and active in helping them since they cant help themselves

  • Mary says:

    These idiots need to have the same thing done to them. Maybe they would like to have something rammed up their you know what. There is NO reason to treat these animals like this. It makes me want to be a vegetarian.. SICK SICK SICK..

  • Shari says:

    DEBBIE…Please read my MANY posts on this blog they WILL answer your questions and assist you with your retaliative measures ‘ PEACE LOVE TRUTH

  • Shari says:

    BETTY REGARDLESS Betty ABSOLUTELY NOBODY in their RIGHT MIND would defend this type of behavior cruelty …ABSOLUTELY NOBODY!!! Meat addicts ask an AWFUL LOT of the animals raised and murdered for their food. The very LEAST YOU OWE them is a PAINLESS DEATH. In MY eyes Betty he was NOT doing his job he was intentionally perpetrating brutality on a living being and in MY eyes Betty THAT is MALICIOUS MASSICRE To a body who’s mind is free like mine there is something EVEN MORE INTOLERABLE in the sufferings of animals THAN in the sufferings of man. For with the latter it is AT LEAST ADMITTED that suffering is EVIL and that THE MAN WHO CAUSES IT IS A CRIMINAL yet THOUSANDS of animals are USELESSLY SLAUGHTERED every day WITHOUT A SHADOW OF REMORSE and IF ANY MAN WERE TO REFER TO IT he would be thought REDICULOUS…THAT my friend IS the UNPARDONABLE CRIME. BELIEVE YOU ME BETTY the TIME WILL COME when ‘man’ WILL LOOK UPON MURDER of animals as THEY NOW LOOK on the murder of men… THINK LONG HARD on this one ‘ PEACE TRUTH

  • D.webb says:

    Coward bd i would love half an hour with him

  • Debbie says:

    MY GOD! THIS IS SICK. I AM SO DISGUSTED. These sick cruel people need to be COMPLETELY REMOVED from farms completely. I think maybe even more severe consequences such as prosecution or jailed and at the same time treated for severe mental disorders. ONly severely abused people can infringe this type of cruel treatment of others. My GOD how in the world are we going to even have people if this continues. I am APALLED at this torture and abuse. These defenseless vulnerable amazing animals are being tortured and why these people are still working there is beyong my comprehension. I will boycott Hornel!!! I will write letters until I can no more.

  • Shari says:

    Love Ya too Keith ‘ and your support is GREATLY APPRECIATED!! I’m GLAD you’re impressed with Infowars too a MUST for truth seekers which sadly are FEW PEACE LOVE TRUTH

  • Betty says:

    No i am not a factory worker. The way it looks to me is her leg got caught in the gate and he was helping her get unstuck by using his foot and the shocker to get her lose. A pig that size could have easily broke his hand if she got his hand and her stuck between the metal. I think the man should be allow to do his job without someone coming in and trying to tell him how to do his job. LET THE MAN WORK…

  • Crystal says:

    I can not believe this man he must feel really bad about him self to pick on a defenseless pig! Sometimes a kind word says more about the person saying them then the person spoke about maybe spreading love not hate will work better. Ignorance is not a excuse any more thanks to Peta all the hard work they do. And for all who those feel it is hopeless remember it always darkest before the dawn

  • kelly says:

    In case you all did not know thanks to the animal enterprise protection act signed into effect by George. W. Bush this beautiful sow is nothing more than a table or chair and has no protection under the constitution of the United States. In fact you can be arrested for interfering in the “animal enterprise” if you were to intervene. This is the country we live in and I encourage you all to get active and get involved laws have to to change we should no longer be complacent in accepting the horrific abuse of these beautiful creatures. Show everyone you know the movie Earthlings and Behind the Mask both available on the PETA website. We have got to come together and demand and end to the madness. All of my heroes wear masks! Peace

  • Ana Iza says:

    omg! this is so sick! we should do something! we should not just stand here and do nothing! it is a human bieijing damnet!it lives just like we do… we should resist the sistem somehow…this is crule reality i know but we could change that! i am so sorry but i can’t speak english very good.

  • Elijah says:

    Almighty Jehovah of Armies in Jesus name I pray for the WARING ANGELS OF MICHAEL AND GABRIEL to devastate and destroy the evil pork industry. I pray Almighty God that you shatter this table of Satan. Oh Lord of Lords and Host of Hosts is this not Your Household they dishonor? Are these lovely creatures not your creations endowed with Your Spirit of Life? Oh Lord I believe in Your Righteousness and the Saints are Praying. Hear their prayers Almighty God hear the cries and misery of these lowly ones and punish the wicked. And let not that cruel evil genius Satan the Devil lead the elect away from Your Goodness. I pray to God that YOU DO SOMETHING OH HEAVENLY FATHER SO OUTRAGEOUS SO GREAT THAT IT WILL ASTOUND EVERYONE WATCHING TO LIBERATE AND FREE THESE PIGS THAT EVERYONE WILL KNOW THAT IT COULD HAVE ONLY COME FROM YOU ALMIGHTY GOD. Oh Lord Oh God Almighty hear my prayers and cast this demon before the FOOTSTOOL OF CHRIST. BLEESED BE YOUR HOLY NAME.

  • keith says:

    ” Shari” not that you need any encouragement ! But you are brilliant in every aspect you cover comment upon. Where have you been hiding all this time ? Go Get Em Gal.

  • Shari says:

    There ya go AARON just ANOTHER reason I FIGHT the factory farms …in LAYMENS TERMS… Factory farms AND slaughterhouses ARE the WORST culprits for LURING the illegal aliens into this country!! TOTALLY SENSELESS… Industrial production of food has resulted in MASSIVE waste while HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS of people STILL live with hunger. I BELIEVE that the ANSWER to global malnutrition and famine IS small farms and sustainable agriculture NOT industrialized food production. CHEW ON THAT the NEXT time you purchase THEIR products!! This is MERELY an abomination putting MASSIVE amounts of money into the pockets of the few ELITISTS The REAL Rulers just like the REST of the MULTI MILLION corps so WHY is it that we are broke? We were RIPPED OFF VICTIMIZED by the SAME few… Got your ameros yet ‘ Turn On Tune In AND WAKE UP PEOPLE PEACE LOVE TRUTH

  • Shari says:

    Hey AARON PETERSON you left something out of your list of such productive? activities you omitted to inform us that you fabricate too! BETTY DAVID and everyone else who IGNORANTLY defends this DESTRUCTIVE UNGODLY NAZI creation that LACKS concern consideration compassion for anything and anybody in the name of GREED!!!! FACTORY FARMING is ONE of the causes for the DEMISE of this country in which THIS country was founded on a STRONG moral and ethical value system… Factory farms pay UNETHICALLY LOW WAGES for HIDEOUS DANGEROUS and UNDESIRABLE work and because of this MOST employees take out their frustrations of these claims on the defenseless animals. These CONSOLIDATED operations are able to produce food in HIGH volume but have LITTLE TO NO REGARD for the environment animal welfare OR food safety. In order to MAXIMIZE profits factory farms often put the health of consumers and rural communities AT RISK!!!!!! Because factory farms are considered agricultural INSTEAD of industrial they are NOT subject to the regulation that their SCALE OF PRODUCTION and LEVEL OF POLLUTION warrants because they EMPLOY POWERFUL lobbyists BUY BRIBE that can SWAY the government agencies responsible USDA EPA for monitoring agricultural practices THEREFORE industrial farms are left FREE to POLLUTE to hire UNDOCUMENTED workers and pay them NEXT TO NOTHING and to locate their businesses WITHOUT ANY REGARDS to the HUGE IMPACT they have on the surrounding communities. THIS does NOT represent a NATION UNDER God no THIS my friends is a PACT with the DEVIL and we’ve GOT to get ourselves BACK TO THE GARDEN. AARON you can STICK that pork chop where the sun DON’T shine NO Betty he was NOT doing his job and this BY NO MEANS is overreacting! It’s time to stand up and TAKE this country BACK from the satan worshipping government!! WAKE UP!! PEACE LOVE TRUTH

  • mrs. b says:

    I think that manager needs to have a does of what he is dishing out. I have never been so angery about what one person does. He needs a does of his own. And I hope that people do not let him get away with this.

  • Solun says:

    It is really terrible. I hope that “manager” will be kicked soon.

  • Sydni Moser says:

    It is beyond belief that no action has been taken by Hormel. I will write them a personal letter immediately. But why is the name of the supplier not mentioned in the report by PETA? They should be condemned by animal activists without having to go through Hormel. Please publish their name. Why are you protecting them?

  • Chris says:

    It appears the hog had its leg caught in the panel. How long did the pig lay there with the investigator watching and not doing anything to help?

  • Shari says:

    aaahhh Betty and Yabut plant workers?

  • Yabut says:

    That’s not so bad. The sow had her leg caught he wasn’t kicking her. The shocker is used by veterinarians all the time.

  • Betty says:

    i think your all over reacting he was just doing his job.

  • Terri says:

    This is horrifying! I just read a book the last couple of days called Skinny Bitch it detailed some of this but actually seeing it well I WILL NEVER EAT MEAT AGAIN! No species on the planet deserves this treatment! No wonder our world is shit now look at what we’ve become

  • Cari says:

    Gosh that really brakes my heart it makes me have tears and cry ya well if i lived in that part i would go there with a bunch of gangsters and people aand kill him to death and make him suffer more pain and curse him out he deserves to suffer what the heck they need to do something bout this this is wrong and horrible wait isnt animal abusecrulity illegal though?? u can go to jail for it cant u?? well it is were i live in Nebraska man this world is so cruel i feel so bad it just makes me want to go and gang up on him to make him suffer it is just so heart breaking im so sorry piggy ur in my heart and never 4got srry for what had happend I care 4 u and u will be missed r.i.p love u lotz ur in my prayers once again im so sorry dont listen to them guys ur not fat keep ur head up they will suffer one day!!! u know what they say what goes around comes around so he will get something bad back but i care and miss u lotz i love u animals u shouldnt be treated like diz so sorry friend u animals are my friends

  • gracie says:

    can we just shock the manager using the same tool or perhaps a sythe…

  • Danielle says:

    There is something terribly wrong with humans today. I dont understand why so many people think they have the right to abuse these innocent animals….it is such a sin to inflict this horrific pain on ANY living thing. These poor animals live such a terrible life on many of these farms why would any human being with any heart at all ever want to make that animal suffer? I hope that these videos enforce people like us to take a stance against this violence. If we dont help put an end to it who will?

  • sara says:

    im tearing how can aybody be so horrible dont they care about anything starting now i am going to become a vegetarian!!!!!!!!! i hate that guy

  • Jacquie says:



    if u didnt notice the pig got up and walked away and as a worker at one of these “hell holes” as u guys call them i am only 17 years of age and i love my job u guys would not have any pork if u try to shut us down. this is the best paying job for a teenager trying to get money for college and those hogs in those farms have the great life getting food and not starving. if you guys are going to complain about something complain about the illegal alians taking our jobs! i hunt i fish and i farm and i bet u wont like me for that either but i could care less wut u people think. i hate u guys because you are trying to take work from hard working citizens of this beutiful country

  • Krista says:

    That is disgusting i would fire that guy and take all the pigs to somewhere where they would be treated right the most disgusting part is that he was talking about sexually abusing the poor little piglet

  • Chris Sabo says:

    I couldn’t watch all of this video because it just me sick to my stomach and angrier than hell seeing this defenseless pig being beaten up by this bastard! I hope he gets his in the end!!

  • MA Moore says: