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New Video from Investigation into Hormel Supplier

Written by PETA | October 20, 2008

One month ago, we released shocking footage from an undercover investigation of a factory farm in Iowa that raises pigs who are destined for Hormel. The public was rightly outraged by the horrific findings of PETA’s investigators, who found that workers repeatedly hit pigs with metal gate rods and canes, a worker slammed the heads of piglet “runts” into the floor, and a supervisor shoved a cane into a sow’s vagina and talked about sexually abusing pigs.

Even after the farm changed ownership and management during the investigation, this disgusting treatment and abuse of animals continued.

That being said, we have just released previously unseen footage from the investigation, apparently showing the farm manager kicking and shocking a pig. Unbelievably, he is still the manager of the farm!


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In the video, the farm manager is seen shocking a pig with an electric prod and kicking her—both in apparent violation of the farm owner’s own written policy—in a prolonged attempt to make her stand, which is a requirement for pigs who are sold for slaughter. The suffering sow, who was unable to stand due to crippled hind limbs, was left in the pen for two days, bleeding from a severed hoof, until she was ultimately shot and killed.

This shocking footage of the farm manager was recorded the very next working day after PETA’s undercover investigator reported to the farm manager the abuse that he had documented at the farm.

We are seething mad that the farm manager retains his position as farm manager and has been allowed to continue to supervise other employees and their treatment of pigs. It is painfully obvious to us that all factory farms—as long as they exist—must be managed by individuals who are competent in humane handling of animals and who can lead by example. We’ll let you determine whether he fits the bill.

We stand firm in our demand that Hormel take action against these abuses, despite the company’s continued failure to respond to our attempts to work with it. Join us in renewing our pressure on Hormel. Demand that the company enact meaningful reforms to prevent this sort of abuse from occurring on its suppliers’ farms.

Update: We wanted to make sure that it’s clear to our readers that we offered several times to show Hormel and the farm’s management ALL the footage that was taken during PETA’s undercover investigation at the supplier’s farm—including the above footage of the manager. Neither Hormel nor the farm’s management took us up on our offer.

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Leigh says:

    I have blogged in before and still cannot believe what I’m reading. Did any of you really WATCH the video? Her leg was stuck! How else would you propose that they get it loose? And also you could tell that he was just poking her w the rod but it wasn’t even on. HE WASN”T SHOCKING HER!! Yes she ended up losing a toe and had to be put down but they did not leave her bleeding for 2 days! Do you really think if they had she would’ve still been alive? She would’ve bled out!!

  • Ashley Hentschel says:

    Please vote “YES” on Prop 2!

  • shelby haynes says:

    ok i eat meat but i rarely do anyway umm i didnt watch the video cause i knew i would cry and i dont need my laptop electricuting me anyway how dare this man do such a thing to this pig and all the other pigs how would he like it if someone zapped him with a cattle prod and shoved a cane up his ass! god he has no right of doing this we need to stop this sh! and u know those animal cop houston shows on animal planet i think they only do like dogs cats horses ect. not factory farm animals sadly im really sad those precious animals dont deserve to to be treated badly u know if it wasnt for like noah and saving 2 of each animal we wouldnt even be alive so animals helped us and look how much were taking advantage of the animals people need to know that there are more of PEOPLE THAN ANIMALS!!! im not trying to be mean but i think someone of should die like all of the cruel peeps! i bet god if he could and i know he can not trying to spread religous beliefs he would kill every single animal hater out there i like animals more than people sometimes i think everyone out there whos not a vegitarian should become one for a week and see how it feels it felt pretty good when i tried it !

  • jono says:

    Reading about this story makes me so sick. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the man that can stick a cane up a sow’s vagina and laugh about it. That man. I’m not for corpral punishment but maybe for this guy we should make an exception.

  • Shari says:

    Suzan…you are not reading my posts you know you COULD learn something IF you did!! Fined by WHO the meat industry’s RIGHT HAND man the USDA? Then do WHAT after he’s fired??? Hire on another one JUST LIKE HIM???? To work in a nazi campfactory farm one MUST LACK compassion self love self respect therefore it is IMPOSSIBLE to have EITHER towards any other. And David SORRY to say you’re just another one in the MASSIVE herd of sheeple!! There is NO overreacting when it comes to TRUTH I pity you for NOT seeing through the illusion of it ALL!! PEACE LOVE TRUTH

  • Shari says:

    KLabord you ARE sadly ONE of the sheeple…McCain Obama are PART of the system have you NOT realized this govt corps and banks control EVERYTHING you do in life but ONLY IF you ALLOW it! WAKE UP as they’re intentions for you AREN’T good either believe you me and JUST around the corner NOW that they have STOLEN all our money which sits in Europe now Home Base for the Illuminati. Dear God this country is doomed there are WAY TOO MANY ‘programmed’ sheeple who have LOST their way… PEACE LOVE TRUTH

  • Adrian says:

    This honestly makes me want to shoot myself in the face. I cant understand how we as humans think we can abuse animals…that cant speak except for make gruesome noises when being abused.. that should tell you something right then. I don’t care what kind of animal it is NOTHING deserves this kind of abuse and it makes me ashamed to be a Human.

  • david says:

    your all over reacting!!!

  • Shari says:

    OH BARBARA DUKE…Actually shooting an animal between the eyes is the ONLY humane way to kill an animal IF an animal NEEDS to be killed. It’s how the “EXTINCT” small family farmers killed their animals as they CARED for the wellbeing of their critters. The animals don’t die a SLOW agonizing painful death this way but the FILTHY RICH meat industry finds this method too expensive as it would cut into THEIR profits $$$$$ Hell McDonalds FLAT OUT REFUSED to put BACK into the SEVERE suffering of their animals by NOT paying just a little bit more for a little bit more humanity in the treatment of their animals they PROFIT HUGELY on and their Ronald McDonald Houses I FIND hypocritical to a T! It’s ALL for show as this corp and ALL others could give 2 CHITS about ANY living being! They FEED on the consumer the ones who line their pockets NICELY with $$$$ Yeah friends we are in a pact with the devil can’t you see it?? Don’t worry Barbara like I ALWAYS tell everyone What GOES around COMES around ‘ As a matter of fact it’s ALREADY here. Turn On Tune In and WAKE UP!!!!!

  • Suzan says:

    The farmHormel should 1 be fined up the whazooand 2 the farm manager should be fired immediately indicted brought to trial convicted for animal abuse fined and jailed and then when he is released be made to work with animal caregivers in his community who will hopefully show him how one is SUPPOSED to treat ALL animals. If he does not do this or fails to comply in any way he will then be stomped and kicked with steeltoed boots electroshocked and left to bleed and die. Hopefully he will then know what it feels like. I believe in second chances but if the farm manager fails once then he deserves the harshest punishment.

  • Barbara Duke says:

    People who are abusive to any of God’s creatures should be forced to experience the same treatment as those they abuse. This man not only should be removed from his position but forced to experience the same torture as that poor sow did. And left to bleed and then shot right between the eyes as the poor pig. As it states in the bible “an eye for and eye and a tooth for a tooth. Maybe if people would start to demand the same treatment of the abusers as they abuse it might change the world. I’d be glad to use the shock rod step on this man’s feet and ankles as he is trapped in a fence or gate tearing off a foot or two and watch him lay there and bleed and then pull the trigger myself. It may sound cruel and some may say I’m crazy but no one one this earth has the right to abuse one of God’s creatures. We are all his created family.

  • Aneliese says:

    How come PETA did not release this “previously unseen footage” earlier? Why are they waiting? Is there even more horrific cruelty caught on film from this investigation that we won’t know about for another month or so?

  • faust says:

    So if Hormel really detests this kind of treatmentas they claim how are they expressing their gtatitude to PETA for uncovering the torture of their supplier’s animals ?

  • keith says:

    ” Shari” is so so right forget letters to these Corp. They end up in the trash. Thanks ” Shari” just been viewing the web site you fantastic every Peta member should take a gander.

  • James Reinert says:

    I agree that this person acted inappropriately and that he should be disciplined and counseled so that he understands that what he did was wrong and that any future recurrence of this behavior would lead to dismissal. I am also astonished at the amount of hate and self righteousness that is contained in the many comments posted on this site. There is evidence on television and in our communities on a daily basis that shows how terrible humans both male and female young and old can be to one another. Obviously this bad behavior extends beyond human to human contact. My concern is that many of the people posting want retaliation or an eye for an eye. This is an option but we need to remember that one day we may act out inappropriately and will be in the market for some understanding.

  • linda beliveau-anthony says:

    oh my god i couldn’t watch this abuse i turned my head but heard the pain being inflicted on this poor helpless animal and i cannot stop crying when is this cruelty going to end i couldn’t stand to be associated with anyone who could do this to make a living no human family is worth this cruelty i feel the animals pain god bless all these innocent animals linda from RI USA

  • marthaFRESH says:

    this has to stop…I cant stand to see this goin on..and im tierd of people turning the cheek..

  • curious says:

    How do you know this person still works at the farm?

  • Shari says:

    Letters aaahahahahahaaaa these corps will NEVER change their ways no matter WHAT they hear from a consumer well maybe depending on how much pressure is received but it’s NEVER enough since it’s NEVER revealed on ‘the tube’. EXAMPLES AGRIPROCCESSORS and Chino CA consistent offenders and continue on as a type! Yep they SLITHER right back into their EVIL ways the factory farm was founded on with the HOPES PETA or HSUS won’t apply for a job ‘. Nope NOTHING GOOD comes out of factory farming. Write ALL you want as the corps are WELL AWARE the majority can’t stop eating their meat they have become addicted and amused by food it is NOW considered entertainment all with the INTENT to keep you coming back for more no matter WHAT the cost to the victims sheeple usually just turn a blind eye and continue to fill their desires incl their lazy fat faces with THEIR products because of LACK of self control or conscience which is the intended creation of the govtcorps! It SURELY worked as I would say the majority of this nation are self centered it’s all about me gluttons this trait will ALWAYS produce EASY praysitting ducksunaware of when and what to stop eating yeeeaaah SAD IT IS but NOT for THEM $$$$$! PEACE LOVE TRUTH

  • Shari says:

    Denise WAKE UP!! Do ya REALLY TRULY THINK he’s going to be absolutely HONEST with you? C’mon NOW…THEY will tell you WHAT you want to hear and it’s been this way for a LONG time with the INTENT to keep the consumercitizen IN THE DARK! It works this way with EVERYTHING including our “SO CALLED” liberties…which is ALL an illusion!! Denise you won’t see this video or any other of this sort on TV because it’s govt corp owned! If you KNEW the truth they wouldn’t be able to SELL YOU their fast food OR their drugs which is basically ALL you see?? TV is a TOOL used to KEEP the masses COMPLACENT! TIME to turn off the tube as ALL it accomplishes is brainwashing mind control AND distraction from the REAL world…REALITY!! Hey LOOK they managed to STEAL all our monies and give it to the EXTREMELY RICH because only a FEW of us KNEW what their DIRTY dealings were behind closed doors. A FEW isn’t enough to fight the machine! Soon you will NOT be able to view these videos up here as THEY have already started work on controlling the internet how about THAT? Our ONLY tool left to communicate the truth and their taking THAT away too ‘ WRITE your congressmen representatives FLOOD their eMails tell ’em you’re MAD AS HELL and you won’t take it anymore ‘ just KEEP ’em flowing strong When you don’t rely on the tube for world news only on instinct and common sense then you’re FREE but SADLY sheeple don’t possess EITHER because they have ALLOWED their minds to become poisoned controlled by the evil doers and DO what they are TOLD out of fear of retaliation. Basically sheeple do NOT have instincts NOR senses of any kind mere slave machines ‘ for the EXACT reason this country is IN the shape it is today…turn off the tube and Turn On Tune In WAKE UP Peace Love TRUTH Vicious Vegan ‘

  • Shalynn says:

    I’m so shocked by the video I just watched. I was told about this investigation by a coworker of the hog farm that i work at. He was as sickened by this video as I am. I agree that that man should be punished and removed from his job. He should also be banned from owning or working around ANY animals. I used to be an Animal Control Officer and have seen many forms of abuse but this TOPS them all! Makes you wonder how he treats his kids if he has any? The farm that i work on DOES NOT treat our hogs like this. They are considered like living breathing creatures that feel pain and have the right to be treated with kindness. Some of them i consider them as my kids. I’m sad and care if something happens to them and do my best to help them. As with any livestock sometimes things just happen and injuries do happen. It’s the way things are but there is NO REASON that the hogs should be treated like that. I’m disgusted. It makes all farms look bad when there are good ones out there that really do care about the animals we are responsible for.

  • KLabord says:

    Why aren’t these issues thrown up to McCain or Obama on the campain trail. It is appauling that these abusers get nothing more than being fired sometimes or a small fine. What a country!

  • Denise says:

    I cannot remember the guy that I had talked to from the hormel company but he had told me that everyone that were abusing these animals were terminated from their jobs. Well now I know that I was lied to once again by these sick people.

  • Shari says:

    To work in a place like this nazi campfactory farm one must LACK self love self respect therefore IMPOSSIBLE to have EITHER towards others. To work in a place like this one MUST be desensitized and with OUT a soul…like I ALWAYS say WHAT goes around COMES around. The victims in the video and ALL others are considered MERE commodities $$$$ nothing more nothing less…the EXACT SAME way our govt views us! For the 50 years I spent on this planet and from what I’ve seen I have acquired FAR MORE respect toward the non human animal than I do the human animal as humans see oppression VIVIDLY when THEY are the victims otherwise they victimize BLINDLY and with OUT a thought. Another example? Look at what our govt who are NO longer Americans have DONE to us!! SHEEPLE Turn On Tune In Because there IS a war on FOR YOUR MIND! The truth WILL set you FREE and NO truth comes from govt controlled TV media WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! “If a group of beings from another planet were to land on Earth beings who considered themselves AS superior to you as you feel YOURSELF to be toward other animals would you concede them THE RIGHTS over YOU that you assume OVER OTHER animals?” I think NOT! Peace Love TRUTH

  • Danielle says:

    Everybody should do something about it nobody should buy anything from this cruel company.


    This soul and heartless jerk deserves to burn in hell for eternity!

  • 4 the Animals says:

    I hate these people that do this. How can we get rid of these jerks? I’d love to do the same thing to him and more. I can’t believe people treat animals this way.

  • Milly says:

    In response to Josephine the more I see violence around the world and throughout history the less I think it is the human race and the more I think it is primarily the male sex. It needs to be said. Jails are filled with men wars are perpetrated by men and institutional violence by men towards women exists in many parts of the world. Science agrees with me that due to our different biology and brain structure most women have more empathy and a tendency to less violence than most men. Empathy is what makes us cringe at the thought and sight of others’ pain because we feel it as our pain. The only solution I see for this is for equal numbers of women to be in positions of influence as men throughout the world. We are a long way from that at the moment. But if a country like Liberia in Africa can have a female president because women were helped and physically brought to the polling booths then it shows that it is possible. It also shows how far behind most Western countries are. One way of speeding this up is by looking to some of the Scandinavian countries where equal numbers of men and women are mandated in government and on company boards. Only with women’s equal voice will we have less violence in the world.

  • Luis Colon says:

    I don’t know if this guy was betten when he was a little kid but he has somes serious issues………….this is starting to piss me off.

  • Kavetta says:

    I wonder how these people treat their families at home?

  • AusVeg says:

    I could only watch half of the footage it was so disturbing. I can not believe people think it’s right to hurt animals in any way. That man should be put in jail for life. I agree with both of the above comments and i also would love to be able to rescue these poor creatures from torture.

  • Halie S says:

    This is disgusting cant he see she the pig is in pain?? I wish it was him and i was holding the stick. Heartless barstard.

  • brad says:

    so sick. i think i am going to write a letter to the editor pretending to be a disgusted meat eater who won’t eat hormel until the guy is fired

  • Shari says:

    Just exactly WHAT type of people would you EXPECT to find employment in a nazi camp factory farm? Animal lovin’ ANGELS I think NOT and nobody can convince me otherwise ‘ Once again friends the ONLY way to stop the unGodly crimes against the animals in corporate factory farmsslaughterhouses is to STOP contributing to their GREED which I consider blood money or BETTER YET CEASE to eat it or you’re just as criminal as the farm manager in the video! If you eat meat and CONTINUE to especially after ‘tasting’ corp greed on film don’t EVEN comment your defenses because YOU are the perpetrator that CONDONES the CRUEL conduct onto the defenseless which is what keeps it in existence… Basically YOU are as EVIL as the criminals in the videos and behind the scenes who KNOW exactly what is going down on their turf don’t let the corp CREEPS fool ya as $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ IS the root of ALL evil where SADLY in THIS fckn’ industry it’s the animals who are paying DEARLY and WITH their PATHETIC lives!! SNEAKY EVIL corps answer to a higher power the meat industry which OWN you AND the USDA! They can buy bribe their way out of all the HIDEOUS crimes committed against the defenseless so basically it’s UP TO YOU the meat addict consumer. CHEW ON THIS… Either you GO vegetarian OR leave your comments to yourself… As long as there are factory farms slaughterhouses there will be prisons wars. PEACE LOVE TRUTH VIVACIOUS VEGAN ‘

  • David Tremain says:

    Apparently neither this farm nor Hormel has any principles to speak of. I haven’t bought any of their products for years and I’m going to make sure that my family and friends understand the reason for my decision.

  • Geof says:

    People need to see this… I was never one to force my beliefs on others but how can we raise awareness when people don’t want to see or know?



  • NT says:

    Someone capable of such cruelty to animals is DANGEROUS to society!!!

  • Theresa Huskey says:

    I want to know why this person is still working there and does any one know the name of that farm so we can send letters and call them to complain. i personally dont eat pigs or any animal i never realized that this was going on before. i am praying for all the animals that are on peoples dinner plates.

  • WOLFSOUL says:

    this is so sad. i have a pet pig and pigs are very intelligent animals and good pets. my missy wow i couldn’t imagine this happening to her. there should be rights and proper care of the food u eat if u eat meat. god will some how get even and those that eat abused meat will probably get sick from some kind of illness and die. please stop the torture and care for ur product if u are going to eat it. have respect and give thanks dont be soooo abusive or allow this kind of inhumane treatment.

  • KLabord says:

    I really dont know how the person secretly vdeotaping this from Petacould have done so without intervening. My God that is one of the sickest things I have ever seen. Hopefully that manager will get his I pray he will!

  • mary says:

    It would be a great idea to publish the names and photos of the sickos who torture these poor animalsisn’t there a law in the US against animal abuse?why isn’t it enforced?seems the culprits are getting away with it allHormel is avoiding it’s duty and ignoring the anticruelty lawsa crime here

  • jonelle muncie says:

    omfg that is soooooo mean the guy should die. i think if you hurt a animal you get hurt how ever they hurt them.

  • Gina says:

    So now what? We will vent our outrage on this blo9g sign a letter of complaint be good little animal rights advocates and nothing will change. It just puts me in such a deep funk to see photos of the cruelty then read this piece of infectious human waste is still a manager is allowed to come in contact with any animals much less be in charge of them. Where is justice and when will we get fed up enough to actually do something of significance to make a difference? If anything there are more slaughter plants now than ever so where do we go from here?

  • anonymous says:

    go to because it tells about the horrors of factory farms while also being a spoof off of the matrix. it is so gruesome and horrifying that people can be so mean to animals. why don’t we all just petition congress and tell them to STOP ALL FORMS OF ANIMAL CRUELTY although we may need to me specific. hmm let’s seecommercial livestock farming puppy mills dog fights greyhound racing animal testing animals in circuses animal dissectionhmm that’s a lot to work oni wish i could save them all!

  • Tania says:

    Oh my god it’s a shame!! Won’t somebody be able to do anything?

  • Sheri Piano says:

    okay this is super sad that this guy is still the manager. where is the animal cops? shouldn’t they arrest him for animal cruetly? or does hormel have in their rule book to be cruel to the animals? i see all the time on aniimal planet for dumb people getting arrested for animal cruelty. what’s the difference w this guy. NOTHING. i just don’t like the comment on the edn…”if you eat hot dogs and bacon and whatever elseyou support the suffering of these animals” how can you hate like that? real talk PEOPLE WHO EAT HOT DOGS SPAM AND WHATEVER DON’T NO WHAT THESE JERKS ARE DOING. WE DON’T KNOW HOW THEY TREAT THE ANIMALS AND IT AIN’T OUR FAULTS FOR THOSE PEOPLE’S ACTIONS. YOU CAN’T BLAME THE PEOPLE THAT WE SUPPORT THEM WORKERS CAUSE WE DON’T. SO YOU GUYS SHOULD WATCH WHAT YOU SAY IT CAN OFFEND ALOT OF PEOPLE. YEAH WE UNDERSTAND THAT YOU GUYS ARE TRYING TO PROTECT THE ANIMALS CAUSE IT’S JUST REALLY MEAN BUT TAKE IT TO THE POLICE CAN’T THEY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? SHOULDN’T THEY BE ABLE TO ARREST THEM. CAUSE THOSE WORKERS JOB IS SUPPOSE TO BE TAKING CARE OF THEM AND KILLING THEM IN THE RIGHT WAY FOR FOOD PROCESSING. IS THERE A BOOK THAT HORMEL HAS TO HURT THE ANIMALS TO TORTURE THE ANIMALS? DO BE BLAMING THE PEOPLE FOR OTHERS FAULTS.

  • nAv says:

    that manager is sick and twisted i cant believe this is still on going today and this was only in september so that really shocked me i would have done anything to save that pig

  • Jennifer Tryon says:

    This is so sad. It breaks my heart that people can be so cruel.

  • Josephine Lackie says:

    This is absolutely disgusting. This so called Manager should have been kicked punished fired. What is the matter with the human race?? I wish i could have taken the poor pig home saved its life. I would do anything to have a sanctuary.