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New Mexico Bans Cockfighting!

Written by PETA | March 13, 2007

rooster_1.jpgAfter literally decades of work by concerned citizens and celebrities like Rue McClanahan and Bill Maher and the relentless dedication of Senator Mary Jane Garcia, New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson has signed a bill to ban cockfighting in the state. This was Garcia’s 20th year introducing the bill to ban the vicious bloodsport, so this is a massive victory for her, for everyone who worked to raise awareness about this issue, and of course for the countless birds who are forced to fight to the death for the amusement of onlookers every year.

I’d love to say that this means that cockfighting is illegal throughout the United States, but unfortunately there’s still one holdout: Everybody’s looking at you, Louisiana.

Needless to say, this is pretty huge, and a lot of people have been working really hard to make this happen. If you’d like to take a moment to thank Sen. Garcia for her dedication to helping birds in New Mexico and Gov. Richardson for his compassion in signing this bill into law, their contact info is below. And if you live in Louisiana, you can click here to contact your legislators and ask them (politely) what’s the big holdup.

The Honorable Mary Jane M. Garcia
New Mexico Senate
Box 22
Dona Ana, NM 88032
[email protected]

The Honorable Bill RichardsonOffice of the Governor490 Old Santa Fe Trl., Rm. 400Santa Fe, NM 87501E-mail

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  • Ac says:

    ITs finally surfacing that PETA is an anti american special interest group. Their leaders and bought politicians will all eventually charged and convicted with fraud money laundering and other “REAL” crimes.

  • matt tackett says:

    this is bullshit is wat it is!!!!!

  • you have no idea says:

    you all have no idea about cockfighting. these people that have chickens love their them and take wonderful care of them. whats the problem if a few people get together and fight some roosters its not harming you. you all are misinformed and you should make judgments about someting after you actually know about it. all these facts on here are bogus a game rooster will fight to the death in the middle of a field just as soon as he would in an enclosed place. and dont make sterotypes i know rooster fighters that are retired school principals of 30 years and pay their taxes and are active members in their communities. all im asking is ot please get informed before you make judgements and get informed from a nonbiased source unlike the crap they feed you on this site.

  • Lauran says:

    Thank you to the following amazing people and others who have helped to stop this bloodsport. Senator Mary Jane Garcia Rue McClanahan Bill Maher and countless others. Also thank you to you New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson for signing the bill. You are all amazing people. You did the right thing and I appreciate all your hard work and effort! From the bottom of my heart thank you!

  • johnny pinto says:

    this is another step forward i enjoy it!!!

  • KathyF says:

    This is great news for me personally as I’m a resident of New Mexico currently living abroad and I’ve long advocated for such a ban. I’m also a Louisianian by birth and visit family there frequently. Time to get busy there!

  • kelly says:

    You’ve got to have enormous respect for Sen Garcia Can you imagine what crap what threats she has had to endure from the lying cheating criminal mob of cockfighters over the years? I mean those people don’t even pay their taxes. They are antisocial kooks It is nice to see a legislator standing up to ignorance and corruption Also important to remind us all that it takes perseverance. If we keep pushing the animals will eventually!

  • meepdog says:

    NEW MEXICO’s WILD HORSE ADVOCATES are watching to see if BILL RICHARDSON WILL SIGN SB655 which is on his desk now. SB655 will protect and preserve NEW MEXICO’s few remaining WILD HORSES. RICHARDSON has supported the wild horses in the recent past. This bill was passed unanimously in the NM State House and had only one opposing Senator in the NM State Senate. This bill has been justified by two NM State Attorney generals. Bloggers are waiting for good news on this one as well.

  • yehadut says:

    Great news but cockfighting is also legal in Virginia. It’s only illegal when there’s a monetary prize and even that prohibition is unenforceable. Cockfights occur regularly across the Shenandoah Valley.

  • animal pride says:

    this is really great news thanks everybody who was involved therein! i got the impression that things are advancing in favor of the animals step by step but steadily!