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Nepal Airlines Sacrifices Goats

Written by PETA | September 11, 2007
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Last week, following a technical glitch on one of their planes, the folks at Nepal Airlines went ahead and sacrificed two goats on the runway to the god of sky protection in an utterly mind-boggling attempt at crisis management. I have a couple of thoughts about this from an animal rights perspective: Firstly, while the strangeness of this particular incident certainly drives home a point about the mindless cruelty of treating animals like objects, the fact is that it’s no more senseless or cruel than some practices that are more familiar to us—like, say, shooting deer and gluing their heads to a wall (I’ll pause here for a moment so that the 15 or so hunters who are apparently avid PETA Files readers can post comments about how their little shooting sprees are actually the best thing that ever happened to animals).

The second lesson to take home from this sad story is as follows: If you have any other choice of transport—be it plane, car, rowboat, whatever—think very seriously about these options before you buy that Nepal Airlines ticket. I won’t pretend that I’m up to date on the latest techniques that they’re pushing in flight school nowadays, but I can tell you with confidence that when your pilot tells you the plane has been fixed via goat sacrifice, it’s time to panic.

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  • Rob says:

    So what? They’re just bloody goats. You guys need to get your priorities right.

  • Jibendra says:

    i feel absolutely ashamed but i have to protest this mindless act of my flag bearer. yes people i am a Nepali and i feel ashamed as well as embarrassed writing a comment for this………………when i heard this over the news i could not believe that the people with the knowledge to handle one of the most sophisticated machines on the planet were idiot enough to commit such an act of cruelty.

  • tanya says:

    if people are so interested in sacrificing something to god …they should sacrifice themselves instead of animals…its makes no sence..sacrificing an animal!… am sure god would give you many more blessing’s if u just sacrifice yourself instead …what kind of inhumane people are they to do such a disgusting thing ..

  • Ektaa says:

    Kindly let me know the process of being member of the PETA..?

  • Mohindra Singh says:

    THe animal sacrifice was done according to the Hindu tradition to appease deities and avoid any calamaties. This tradition is still prevelant in Nepal and thousands of Animal sacrifice is done during festivals. This is deep rooted in Nepali culture. There are unofficial cases of Human sacrifices too. Although a lot of Nepali people including myself are totally against this practice it is a part of the religious ceremony. The Government should take the initiative to stop this practice. PS. One of my expat friend plans to take 2 goats when he’s flying Nepal Airlines next to avoid any technical glitches!!

  • Kalden says:

    I actually have some other disturbing news. I visited the zoo in Nepal the other day and was shocked to see little live chicks where the pythons were housed. There were 4 little chicks..1 was so exhausted and hungry it weren’t even moving…just standing with eyes closed. Another was lying down eyes closed with just the faintest hint of life 1 was dead and the last 1 was being eaten.Another python wasn’t even looking at the chicks who were all the while dying of starvation. Are live chicks usually fed to pythons? It was the saddest most outrageous thing I’ve ever seen and I don’t what I should do. I bet the suggestion box is never opened and the zoo keepers just don’t care. I mean this is the country where they sacrifice animals. What should I do? Please advise. Kalden Kathmandu Nepal

  • Jessica says:

    Ana if you are replying to me as I assumed you were by using the same Cane and Abel example I think you were misunderstanding. I was using them as an example of how followers sometimes misinterpret stories through series of heresay instead of reading it themselves and it becomes popular concept. My point was the same as yours that the Christian God has never truly “required” animal sacrifice over other sacrifice but that many Christians don’t understand that. I was pointing this out in order to suggest that perhaps a similar thing is going on within whatever religion is being practiced at Nepal Airlines and that that could be exploited instead of “bashing” the whole religion together as many posters were afraid of doing. I hope this clarifies. .

  • Ana says:

    God also said he did not need the blood of “your bullocks” or goats but only love and loyalty from His children. Using the Bible to explain such violent acts against animals is really inaccurate. For example Cain and Abel for Cathoics are not real people but a story about the first murder. The Bible has been interpreted from various ancient languages and in those interpretations inaccuracies or falsehoods are conveniently written as truths. Neither the ancient Greeks nor ancient Rome were exactly kind to any animal. I am sure that parts of Jesus’ ministry especially anything connected with kindnesss to animals was conveniently deleted. I take comfort in the fact that Jesus left no directions on how to kill animals for ingestion such as the Muslims and Jews have halal and kosher. Again as I have previously written too many times culture and religion has been used as excuses to justify cruelty towards animals and in killing them. The Inquisition was also part of culture and religion but I doubt anyone wants to incorporate that activity into society again. The Inquisition being that it hurt people was eliminated but the acts that harm and kill animals in “cultures” and “religions” have not. Not difficult to figure out why. It is so easy to oppress animals in all societies when their sentience isn’t even being recognized and of course good old religion and culture are there to continue and support the violence against them. Shameful!

  • kris shulfer says:

    have you ever played with a baby goat or a lamb?? they are so fun spirited and full fo life!! but the lives they live are much like lives of the sheep no one cares!! i am very sad about this!!!!

  • Jessica says:

    The whole topic of animal sacrifice as part of a religion reminded me of something I’ve come across in the Christian community besides “God tells us to eat animals” The “fact” that in the Old Testament or prior to the Christian Covenant which made Jesus the great sacrifice negating need for all other sacrifices of atonement there was “required” animal sacrifice. Now given there were rules about what you do for this and what you do for that and I’m not going to pretend that in the Christian religion God doesn’t seem to often treat animals as objects though disrespect toward them is also punishable but the main idea of the sacrifices was to give up things of great value to you. For example Cain and Abel. The popular idea is that Cain’s sacrifice was not acceptable because it was produce while Abel’s was better because it was an animal. Not true. Cain’s offer was bad because it was just whatever he picked up while Abel’s was his BEST animals. If Cain had offered the finest of his fruits and vegetables he would’ve been in the good. Now I’m not sure what animalsacrificing religion Nepal Airlines is adhering to but I know the case is in many sacrificing religions that the main point is to give up your BEST or something MEANINGFUL which is commonly thought to be an animal. If that is the case here then it should be fine to ask them to sacrifice something else that doesn’t BREATHE. Even if it’s not the case and their religion INSISTS on the blood of animals there’s nothing wrong with boycotting a company that engages in a practice you don’t agree with even if it’s for religious reasons. Just because it’s not PC to tell someone else what to believe doesn’t mean you HAVE to give your business to a company who’s practices you are spiritually or morally uncomfortable with. It’s perfectly socially acceptable to let them do as they wish and GET ON A DIFFERENT PLANE.

  • kathy says:

    gosh some of these religious fanatics are in left field. some countries think that it is alright to sacrifice people too. look at the chinese. they kill baby girls since the parents can only have one child and most want boys. the peson who posted stating that it is okay to sacrifice animals was afraid to include their name. wonder why.

  • Tammy says:

    The term “scape goat” actually came from the Bible where Abraham was about to sacrafice his son to God who was testing him and God stopped him and told him to sacrifice the goat that got tangled in the bushes instead. I do find the practice of sacrificing animals very unappealing and it makes my stomach churn at the thought. BUT it was something done in biblical days and exists in the Bible. I am not saying that therefore it should be ignored only that people who feel bound by religion to do such a thing may not be able to help themselves. It is ingrained into them. Maybe instead of insulting these people we should be tolerant and try to teach and redirect them. It is no different than a person who likes to hunt or eat meat coming onto this website and bashing you for your beliefs…

  • Paul says:

    in answer to Kelly that is a little unfair of you. In our minds it is clear madness to sacrifice a goat to fix a plane. But who are you say it is not religion? Apparently now it is a crime because it is where you are from. Places in the world differ standards differ religions differ and you have no right whatsoever to claim these people doing something criminal. The world would be a terrible undiverse place if everywhere was the same and lived the same. You go on to say ‘excusing criminal behavior’ which has no relevance here cos they did not do anything illegal. You are of course right that it is unlikely to fix a plane but by calling them ignorant all you to is prove your ignorance about the world we live which does not simply revolve around western culture.

  • Tressa says:

    “Hunting is fine as long as you eat the meat” ??? Umm….hello? You are aware that you’re posting on PETA right Kash? A site by and for vegetariansvegans? Just wanted to check!

  • sharad singh says:

    It is wrong to sacrifice any animals to any God.”sacrificing” animals is not religion or culture. It’s uncivilized ignorant peasant stupidity.

  • M F Power says:

    Why do you people think this is wrong? It is thier culture! Who deemed yours right? Is it against the law? I don’t think so. So go ahead and keep crying about it over the internet LoL.

  • Maureen says:

    Sadly animals are sacrificed in ritual ceremonies in many parts of the world. To do it in the name of a god or gods sounds like something out of prehistoric times. I cannot for the life of me understand how such a negative action could possibly provoke a positive reaction. It goes against the very essence of nature.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Last year when this horrific Jewish practice was getting under way in L.A Calif I was given phone numbers to call. When I called the numbers to try and reason with these people they all hung up on me. This year Karen Davis who runs United Poultry Concerns tried to talk these folks into giving money instead of killing the chickens. To no avail. If anyone has any ideas please call Karen at 7576787875. This murder of chickens will start on Sept 1721. Maher and Newkirk 2008

  • Chelsea D. (Cuckoo4tofu) says:

    Exactly what I was thinking Ana people have a right to religion or culture as long as the suffering or pointless killing of creatures be they human or nonhuman isn’t involved. Otherwise religion and culture is just a cheap excuse for a person to be a cruel barbaric disgusting piece of scum that wants to be considered a civilized human being at the same time ’cause hey they’re religious after all! If Michael Vick knew just how screwed up the justice system currently is in America he could clam his dogfighting was part of his religious practice and he’d be off the hook for animal cruelty. Kash are you really so dense that you believe an animal is going to be fine with having their head blown off as long as someone eats their corpse afterwards? Poor Bambi wasn’t crying over his mother’s death kids he was crying because he worried that his mother’s dead body was going to go to waste if it wasn’t consumed. Hunting for SURVIVAL think Gilligan’s Island where all you have to eat is coconuts is one thing but when you are enjoying all the conveniences of modern civilization where you have TiVO and Youtube and that one thing I can’t quite seem to remember at the moment…hmm…what’s that called now…oh yeah a GROCERY STORE there is no excuse to kill animals for food or pay someone else to do it for you. After all there is that one stuff you can eat called VEGETABLES and there is such a thing human beings are supposed to have called COMPASSION.

  • animalfriend says:

    to kitty clarifying your questions about hinduism this terrible goat sacrifice is making me really sick! as a hindu with krishna consciousness for me this kind of attitude is absolutely condemnable! for to be short here in hindu traditions there are several kinds of directions vaishnavism vegetarian shivaism some nonvegetarian sikkhism should be vegetarian jainism vegetarian buddhism mostly vegetarian! about this horrible sacrifice here i suppose there could be three possibilities either they belong to the worshippers of the blood godess kali bhairava these people are making still nowadays horrific animal sacrifices or they could eventually be muslims or from some animistic tradition! anyhow it’s disgusting and awfull i’m very sad about it!!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    One big problem occurs if the airline actually believes the sacrifices fixed the problem. If so when they encounter another glitch they’ll sacrifice again. The plane gets off the ground for five minutes and then kaplooey. Now you have dead goats and a whole bunch of dead people. Even Uri Geller can’t use mind power to fix a mechanical fault.

  • Steve B. says:

    Kelly You Are Absolutely Right Any Cultures or Religions That Practice Animal Sacrifice Are Absolutely Wrong!..All of the People of the World Have to Realize That They Should Not Kill Animals for ANY Symbolic Reasons EVER!and That Includes Trophies Too!…

  • millie says:

    tash and anonymous i am hindu and i think that what they did was absolutely disgusting. if they were so desperate they might as well have cut off a piece of THEIR flesh like devotees would do thousands of years ago. i doubt god would be very happy to see two of his own creatures murdered. this is not religion this is stupidity and cruelty.

  • Kash says:

    There is nothing wrong with legal hunting now sport hunting is wrong as long as u eat the meat it is fine

  • Ana says:

    Using “religion” or “culture” as an excuse to kill maim brutalize or perform any act of cruelty against an animal is just a demonic ploy to get away with doing it. Jews this week are going to be abusing chickens and killing them all in the name of Judaism. Then in the same breath they shout about their deaths during WWII. Killing is wrong no matter who dies. The chickens receive the Jews’ sins and by killing them they are sinless again the goats being killed so the plane can lift off Catholic Spaniards in Spain throwing goats off of church roofs during “religious” feast days Muslims’ “holy” day spent in slaughtering animals are all primitive ridiculous cruel barbaric and just plain stupid acts. The human animal at its cruel best is more like it. It is all revolting. Santeria here in the United States along with the Jews and Muslims get away with killing chickens goats birds and other creatures all in the name of religion. That to me is not freedom of religion it is just license to torture and kill animals at will.

  • DK says:

    Kitty’s comments can certainly apply aptly to PETA

  • kelly says:

    “sacrificing” animals is not religion or culture. It’s uncivilized ignorant peasant stupidity. Excusing criminal or sick behavior as “religious” or “cultural” is part of the reason this world is in the mess it is in.

  • kitty says:

    I do not agree with what they did and I like the Hindu religion but you have to think that even though this is wrong to sacrifice animals for religious practices it is their religion after all and they were in panic. When people are in panic a lot of people turn to their religons whether it be god goddess etc for ‘help’. They were probably afraid that they were going to crash and die so out of panic they did this. Again I am not supporting what they did nor do I agree with it I’m just saying. Also just for your information Hindus generally practice and advocate respect for all life which includes both animals and plants and in the Hindu religion vegetarianism is considered godly. I do not know much about the religion other than that though. I didn’t know they had animal sacrifices..

  • Anonymous says:

    Remember people have freedom of religion so they may be doing that for a religous pratice.

  • stasya berber says:

    this sums up the meaning of the term “scape goat” sick.

  • Susannah S says:

    Is this for real? What do they keep goats in the lobby…just in case? How bizarre and how sad for the goats.

  • tash says:

    You people have to stop pushing your opinons on to others. While it may seem wrong to you sacrificing goats is part of thier religon and they see it as holy.

  • sherri says:

    I also had to read it more than once. I’m still confused and shaking my head.

  • Jaclyn says:

    This is one of those stories that I have to read twice… ok I have to read about 10 times before it sinks into my head. They sacrificed 2 goats in order to fix a technical glitch??? ????????????

  • Brandon Harris says:

    It is wrong to sacrifice any animals to any God.

  • Canaduck says:

    “…about how their little shooting sprees are actually the best thing that ever happened to animals.” Hahaha nice. You know they’re sitting there refreshing your homepage over and over and over…

  • Niranjan says:

    How stupid those people are! Is there any Action Alert on this issue? We should tell the Nepal AirLines what they have done was totally WRONG!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    And we’re supposed to be the intelligent animal?