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No Need to Thank Us

Written by PETA | July 26, 2010

Obesity rates are climbing across the country, with one exception: Washington, D.C., is the only area in the U.S. to see a decline in the adult obesity rate. Some people may cite Michelle Obama’s healthy eating challenges for D.C.’s flab-less makeover, but it seems that PETA’s work to encourage the city’s residents and visitors to adopt a vegan diet is having an impact. Check out other ways PETA is getting involved in D.C.:



In addition to having more than 60 stands for our vegetarian/vegan starter kit around D.C., PETA also organizes more than 15 animal rights outreach events per week. There have been patriotic vegan food giveaways outside gross, flesh-filled barbecues; volunteers have served vegan food to the homeless; PETA’s “cow,” “chicken,” and “pig” mascots have handed out free vegan recipes; we’ve dispensed more than 250,000 pieces of animal rights literature over the past year; we’ve put up banners; and that’s not all. We are also promoting buying cruelty-free products, stopping NASA’s cruel monkey tests, and helping make D.C. free of fur, leather, wool, and silk!

Written by Katie Arth, PETA’s D.C. area organizer

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  • Sean C says:

    oh PETA it never ceases to amaze me how many pictures you all get of my junk through tight pants…

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    There are no more dangerous people in neighborhoods now than there were then we are just more aware of them because they are feeling free to exploit the children left unguarded by decent adults. PETA I am thankful for…not Mrs. Obama and her husband.

  • BB says:

    It’s hardly the president’s fault that there aren’t enough jobs. There would be more jobs if Americans chose American made products when shopping. That has been OUR choice. We will never have the same neighborhoods our parentsgrandparents had with this environment of electronicscomputersso many dangerous people etc. But if both parents are lucky enough to be working they can go jogging or walking with kids when they get home. Or the sitter can take them to the playground or get out and play ball with them. And feed them a healthy and hopefully nomeat diet of fruit veggies nuts seeds etc. And thank goodness we have a First Lady that is getting involved and setting a good example for everyone. Thanks to PETA they are managing to move us in the right direction where others have failed.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I give PETA credit for the results in D.C. not Michelle Obama. If Michelle Obama wants American kids to move her husband should correct the financial crises so parents can go back to work. The economy should be strong enough and salaries should be high enough to allow one parent to stay home if he or she chooses which would allow kids to go out and play in the neighborhood under the watchful eye of dozens of parents keeping a lookout. When I was a kid during the summer I’d leave home in the morning and not come back until the streetlights came on and somehow my mother knew exactly where I’d been and what I’d done all day even though I’d not said anything to her about my plans. My sister and I called this “The Mommy Network.” If there was a stranger in the neighborhood the Mommy Network made it their business to find out who he or she was and call the police if necessary. If somebody was late getting home the neighborhood organized a search in minutes to find the lost or missing kid I remember one little boy who was found on his way home from the store…he’d gone to buy gum and lost track of time. The point of this is we were not locked in our homes forced to watch t.v. or play video games all day because there was no adult left in the neighborhood after 730 A.M. we were riding bikes running in sprinklers ah the days before everyone worried about water shortagesswimming in our neighbor’s pool the one parent at home to watch us thing again swimming in our own pool along with a dozen friends with Mom watching or playing at the park. Believe me we moved. We were never still.