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NBC Nixes Family-Friendly Thanksgiving Day Parade Ad

Written by PETA | November 23, 2009

Hey, NBC: We’d like to know … if a family-friendly announcement against abusing turkeys (who live in dark, ammonia-filled sheds where workers clip their beaks, break their legs and wings, and crush their heads) doesn’t meet your standards, then what does?

When we first submitted our newest commercial to NBC in the hopes of running it during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, the station asked us to give more information about the cruelty behind turkey slaughter to back up the statements made in the ad. But even after we sent the network this New York Times article chronicling the grisly facts about turkey factory farming, it nixed the ad, claiming that “this commercial does not meet NBC Universal standards.”


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We made this commercial with the parade’s kid-centric audience in mind, hoping to empower children to make informed, healthy, and humane decisions about their diets and to stand up for those decisions.

While NBC’s standards are a bit foggy, we’ve made sure that ours are crystal clear.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Veggluv says:

    NBC is just stupid. It seems like every commerical from PETA is banned no matter how simple and honest it is. It seems like they think veganism is a horrible thing and inappropriate, like it shouldn’t be advertised or something. What’s wrong with America?

  • Leah Sadallah says:

    thats too bad that NBC has to be so selfish and it is also sad that so many people are not aware of the torture these animals go through just for a meal…it’s disgusting to me.

  • Maria says:

    To all the people complaining that this ad was too over the top I have a question. How would YOU aptly describe the disgusting realities of factory farming? It’s so easy to sit there and slam PETA for telling it like it is from the comfort of your homes isn’t it. You’re not actually living the way a factoryfarmed turkey is. How would you like to be locked up in a cage with seven people growing filthier and dirtier by the day then dunked into a tub of scalding water while your torturers laugh as they watch you writhe and squirm in agony? Doesn’t sound very pleasant does it? So maybe now you see that there is NO “NICE” WAY to describe it.

  • Alex says:

    Well I can see why it’s banned. Make it a bit mor subtle next time although for a cause like this direct tothepoint is the best.

  • Barb Stehman says:

    This commercial is honest and to the point to educate but if you had made it a little less scary then perhaps more would have been able to view it. Go politely at first get the message out to those who fear the truth you want to entice their interest rather than reject it’s banter for the fanatical animal lover…that which I am myself…. I love the truth to how this commercial was displayed but your goal is to capture the interest of the most resistance. You do know our economy thrives off the seasonal turkey industry so if you stop eating turkey then livelihoods are taken away. This is a tuff one it’s either the pocket book or the life of a Turkey. How can we change this? By the way our household did not have Turkey for Thanksgiving.

  • Kristin says:

    while I enjoyed the ad and got a good chuckle out of it I can see why NBC would reject such a commercial to be played during a familychild oriented program. I would like to see PETA clean up its act in terms of its reputation no one will take us seriously as long as silly stunts like this occur. hopefully I can work for PETA someday and help it to find a middle ground that the general public will accept in terms of its PR.

  • Taylor says:

    To make an arguement The Superbowl is not aimed towards children. Children is not their demographic. The parade is more childrenoriented i.e. playing up Santa’s existance. There might be 2 million complaints about not showing the ad but compare that to over 50 million complaints about an ad like that. I would have liked an ad to be shown during the parade but nothing that will scare children and anger parents. Maybe use some silly slogan like “Turkeys R Friendz.”

  • Mike says:

    I think the ad probably got more publicity because NBC rejected it. Thanks NBC!

  • trixen says:

    I notice you screen comments on your Youtube videos… Y’all don’t exactly favor open debate now do you? It would lend a lot more credibility to your organization if you allowed people to speak their minds there. The way it looks now is very onesided. I’ll stop talking now since I know you’ll delete this too.

  • nicole says:

    how do i post this video on youtube? everyone is saying Happy Thanksgiving gobble gobble fcking pigs i would love to post this video

  • Patti slater says:

    I can’t believe they banned this commercial when they show all the starving children with bloated bellys and mistreated animals.

  • Warren B. says:

    I love this spot. Love it love it love it. However those who are calling out NBC for some sort of double standard are missing the point this ad is not appropriate for a childfriendly show anymore than an ad for Lucky Charms would be appropriate during a showing of Special Victims Unit. Of course NBC has no desire to ruin the “holiday mood” DURING A HOLIDAY SHOW. The spot uses the word “poop” for goodness sake. What would be a double standard is if they refused to air the ad at ANY TIME. PETA should give that a try and if THAT doesn’t work then they’d a cause for crying foul no pun intended.

  • Henry says:

    I totally support PETA’s mission. While I eat meat I strongly oppose the cruelty of factory farming. That being said this is my message to PETA in response to this blog post You’ve got to do a better job of communicating your message! You’ve also got to do a better job of arguing with NBC! The “article” you cited from the NYT that “proved” turkey were being mistreated was an opinion piece! You cant use an editorial as proof of something it is by definition an opinion! I’m sure PETA would be able to find some concrete documentation of the accuracy of your commercial’s allegations about turkey farming. That way if NBC continued to shut you down you would have a leg to stand on when complaining to the FCC. Get it together guys! Don’t be to righteous to be effective!

  • Shannon says:

    Thank you PETA for creating an antianimal cruelty ad that does NOT degrade women. It is about time! I am so happy to see this type of ad as a veg woman and feel that the message made in this commercial will resonate with more people than any misogynistic ad of your past! Right on!

  • Jen says:

    This absolutely disgusts me. A post by Mary Scott beat me to my point. NBC has standards!??! They won’t play a commerical about what happens to turkeys on factory farms in order to enlighten the public about atrocities to animals in the hopes of stopping them but they’ll play a commercial for a website that let’s you cheat on your spouse as discreetly as possible. What a bunch of fing losers!!! Please be sure to throw that point in their faces. You don’t condone animal abuse by not airing a harmless commercial that provides facts but condone infidelity by airing one that does nothing but appeal to selfish wanton that will destroy families and marriages. NBC execs need to have their heads checked! Morons! They need to get their priorities straight. I will not watch NBC again! Keep fighting PETA!

  • Janet Chung says:

    Love the commercial I thought NBC was open to all opinions. Guess not… Don’t watch them often enough to care anyways. Might watch the parade if my hubby will let me and we are not too busy. Sad he’ll miss out on that one.

  • Mary Scott says:

    So NBC has standards do they? Well how about the ads on NBC for Ashley The place to go to have an affair for those poor people in a bad marriage! Some standards NBC!

  • Miriam says:

    Thank you for not using naked women to get your point across. As an animal rights advocate and a feminist I have been deeply troubled by many of PETAs attention getting tactics over the years. I congratulate PETA on using a more creative way of getting their point across and shame on NBC for being scared of the truth.

  • Robyn says:

    The commercial is awesome! It’s too bad NBC can’t grow a set and play it during a high ratings time and get the knowledge out there.

  • Kevin says:

    Family friendly? I wouldn’t exactly consider that family friendly. While I understand the need to express the truth I think there are better ways to do so than disgusting people.

  • lynda downie says:

    Cowardly NBC gotta stick with the status quo wouldn’t want to ‘ruffle any feathers’. Thanks Peta for trying to bring awareness of the sufferings of birds who truly do have alot more than their feathers ruffled.

  • Vic says:

    Two words NBC sucks in these present days. OK that’s more than two words but besides the point. First NBC rejected the “Veggie Love” Super Bowl ad because it “did not suit the familyfriendliness of the Super Bowl”. Uhhh last time I checked NBC you air Victoria’s Secret ads Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction and even Marlboro miles all during the Super Bowl. And you have the gall to call THAT familyfriendly? Oh and NBC is so surgically stitched to Murder King and McCruelty and KFC that NBC gets by on nothing but chicken fingers. If I set up my own TV station I’d allow PETA ads and PSAs to be aired all the time including “Veggie Love” and “Grace” to name a couple. I’d even set up a blacklist of people who support animal cruelty e.g. Kylie Minogue. Anyways about the ad a very neat ad. Too bad the sucky NBC execs deemed it “inappropriate” when it actually isn’t. Can they SEE advertisements? Maybe NBC should relocate themselves to a country that bans seeing advertisements since they won’t be affected by any laws there. gets to work on sending off a long letter to NBC ordering a staff relocation based on their poor review of the “Grace” advertisement Boy is NBC gonna get it…

  • Sandra Kirchberger says:

    PETA…you once again have outdid youself!!! Please never give up on your fight to save these brilliant animals!! NBC you should be ashamed of yourself once again!!!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    NBC is just another branch of corporate America led by carnivores and destroyers of the planet.

  • Jackie says:

    I know this is difficult for you to understand. Animal torture is never a family friendly or kid friendly subject.

  • Alicia says:

    That is fantastic!!!! So sad NBC is discriminating against the cruelty free members of society. Now that is thinking outside the box good job PETA! Heck even if it was aired Friday you could get people to put down their leftover turkey sandwich.

  • Brandon Joule says:

    yeah it is a funny commercial and yeah NBC allows way too innapropriate meat commericials but why don’t you guys try to make a commericial that you know will actually GET on tv.

  • Rochelle says:

    I love the commercial! Guess people just don’t want to know what they are putting into their bodies. Good job PETA! Love it love it love it!

  • Casey says:

    What is wrong NBC? Too much truth for the public? Good job PETA! P.S. I like the new blogger…Logan…he’s great!