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NBA’s Chris Andersen Soars for Animals

Written by Michelle Kretzer | November 30, 2011

Seeing Chris Andersen flying through the air to make another dunk for the Denver Nuggets, two things become obvious: how he got the nickname “Birdman” and how big a fan he is of ink. Seeing Chris in his new PETA ad, two more things become obvious: He’s cut like granite, and he refuses to wear fur.

Chris didn’t choose an arena filled with hoops fans for the unveiling of his new ad; he picked a homeless shelter. At Denver’s New Genesis center, he handed out donated fur coats to the homeless—the only people with an excuse for wearing them. “Animals, they don’t deserve to be beaten or slaughtered,” he said.

You can catch the behind-the-scenes video from Chris’ photo shoot and enter to win the PETA shirt that he wore and autographed here.

Doesn’t it seem like real tough guys are comfortable in their own skin, while the lame posers hide underneath animals’?

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