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The Naked Truth!

Written by PETA | January 8, 2007

KFC employees who are used to seeing PETA’s crippled chicken hobbling across the street or watching Colonel Sanders burned in effigy in front of their restaurants are in for a pleasant surprise: The KFC Campaign is finally going naked, with our brand-new “Naked Truth” demonstrations. The bad news for the company is, unfortunately, that the “naked truth” about KFC is that it’s gross and unethical and abusive and, seriously, don’t even think about eating there. Even if there are attractive naked girls outside. Our first Naked Truth protest was immediately picked up by the Associated Press, proving, once again, that taking your clothes off really is a great way to help chickens on factory farms—though that line never works for me for some reason.

naked truth girls.jpgnaked truth girls 3.JPG

naked truth girls 5.JPG

More pics after the jump.

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  • matthew says:

    i whant to see thim naked

  • William Baker says:

    Id still go inside i dont really like naked women i dont know…it just makes me think they are sluts….

  • Anonymous says:

    PETA Girls are SMOKIN HOTT!!!

  • Kyle says:

    If I saw some half naked chicks standing outside KFC I’d go inside and grab a bite to eat while I was checking you out. I think I could go through an entire bucket especially now that there are no transfats. See the Colonel understands that eating healthy doesn’t always meaning eating nasty… You can still eat good foods that have nutritional value… Like steak tartar even though it’s raw beef it’s still good for you.

  • jamie says:

    ew it would be ebtter if we got 2 see other parts of their body!but other than that it rocked!

  • Joseph says:

    Rock on Nicole!