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Naked Truth, Part Deux

Written by PETA | March 9, 2007

The thing about the truth is that it just never gets old, especially when there’s nudity involved. The truth about the chicks raised for KFC is that they’re horrifically abused and often scalded alive. The infinitely more palatable truth about these two chicks, who happen to be colleagues of mine, is that they don’t have any clothes on. The hope is that the one truth will make the other truth easier to process, and, based on the reactions of some folks in KFC’s hometown of Lousiville where this protest took place, it’s working like a charm. Be careful not to get the two truths mixed up though—there’s absolutely no good reason for boycotting naked chicks.

Louisville, KY KFC Naked Truth Protest 3-8-07.jpg

There are 19 more photos where that came from in The Louisville Courier Journal. The photographer just couldn’t stop for some reason …

Naked Truth demo.jpg

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  • Lori says:

    I couldn’t watch the video but just reading about it made me horrified. Thumbs up to the ladies very bold step ladies! I hope soon people will be educated even without the nude protest lol

  • harland says:

    Corbin KY is the “hometown” of KFC. Louisville might be the corporate HQ.

  • veganlove says:

    those gals deserve a medal of valor for that! not quite sure i could do it maybe if i work out a little more LOL. and the slogan is great…”KFC tortures chicks” yep they really do.

  • Joseph says:

    Jeez how many of these demos does Nicole do?! I wish I was that brave to go around scantly clad!

  • Josh says:

    Wow. What can I say? Hot nude chicks and animal rights involved in the same story? That’s an attention grabber! I only hope people listen to the message instead of just gawking at skin. These two girls bared all to bring attention to an immense problem that has been overlooked for WAY too long. We are talking about animal cruelty. It has been here since the beginning of time but seems to get much worse as humanity prospers. Odd relevance isn’t it? It’s just a subject that most people are used to and they just ignore. I would love to see the end of animal cruelty. I bet that if the whole world were like this there would be a lot less depression crime violence anger and apathy. This little escapade gives a more positive vibe than many previous animal rights protests I have read about. I like this trend. Positive stunts like this one will play better for our cause than negative ones. BTW I am vegetarian and made that choice on my own no influences. It was for both animal rights and the “meat is grossing me out” factor. Seven years now and holding! Not a minute of regret. Plus my palate and cooking skills have improved tremendously!

  • kayla ham and cheese. says:


  • hadley says:

    these girls are hot . . . but not as hot as jane austin. i have her action figure . . . yeah i know i’m cool!!!

  • Becca says:

    Aww…I live in Louisville but I couldn’t go because I had class. The CourierJournal has covered the protests several times