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Naked M&Ms Tell Mars What’s Up

Written by PETA | December 21, 2007

Now I know why my friends Allie and Virginia came into the office this morning a slightly different color than normal (respectively, a sort of off-yellow and a nice olive green). Pics from this beautiful demonstration in Times Square have been circulating around the ol’ blogosphere today—the girls were outside the M&Ms World store to let passersby know that Mars Candy performs cruel tests on animals. In violation of its own written policy, the candy company is currently funding a study at UC San Francisco in which rats are force-fed by having plastic tubes shoved down their throats, then cut open and killed. In addition to our boycott of the company, PETA is filing a legal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) over Mars’ false statement.

Anyway, enough of the depressing stuff for now. Check out the great pics below, and if you feel like helping out with our campaign, I’ve also posted the code for our anti-Mars Web banner for anyone who wants to put it on their site. You can learn more about the campaign here.




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  • Moriah says:

    this is so amazing! but does that mean that im allowed to post posters about mars cruelty outside “Dollorama” because they sell mars?

  • Susan says:

    I have posted this to my blog.

  • kelly says:

    I am disgusted with MARS candy. I will not buy any of their candy anymore. I am spreading the word to my family and friends.

  • Ssiull says:

    This continues happening?

  • X-E says:

    Excuse yourself, Anonymous. Rats and mice ARE important animals to some of us. My rat would be comparable to your dog or cat or whatever you may have. I don’t want any company to test on MY rats or any other rats just like you wouldn’t want any company to test on your cat, your dog, or you.

  • Anonymous says:

    This is really cruel, but I would probably let it go if these experiments had a point. These experiments are pointless. At least they’re using rats and mice instead of important animals.

  • kadielovesanimals:) says:

    this is a good sign that people really care about what happens to the animals of the world. people really dont know what they do for us!

  • Liyana says:

    This is a strange way to get supporters but if it’s for anti-animal testing, I support fully! 🙂

  • myself says:

    is that lady gaga in the red?

  • jemutschler says:

    I was just in Las Vegas and was surprised to NOT find a protest outside of M&M World on the strip. Why not?

  • PETA says:

    Audrey – The truth is that Mars—which makes M&M’s, Snickers, and other candies—funds cruel experiments on animals, none of which are required by law. Mars has not responded to PETA’s requests that the company follow the lead of its main competitor, Hershey’s, which has pledged that it will not conduct or fund any tests on animals. Check out to learn more.

  • Audrey says:

    this is from awhile ago, is this still the case with Mars and M&M’s?

  • Linda says:

    I can’t believe this! Why would a candy maker need to test on animals? In fact why do they need to use calves baby cows stomachs to make their candy? I just bought a bag of mini Milky Ways I had no idea about this I am sending the bag to MARS with a letter of my distaste. I am never buying their candy again unless they cange their policy. And I am letting everyone I know hear about this! ICK!!!!

  • Julia =) says:

    I’m no so sure about the naked factor. There might better ways than standing colorfully painted and lacking apparel of any kind aside from revealing underclothes in the middle of NYC to get attention. Barrack Obama created a huge surge of attention without a single such demonstration. Perhaps peta could redefine themselves and use a texting network instead. I would sign up! But as for the message go PETA! I had no clue about the atrocities being funded by Mars inc. until my friend Rachel who was researching for an oratory against animal testing found and showed me. One other thing that many people don’t know Proctor and Gamble lies to its employees. A certain p.r. rep for PG and close family friend told my mother sister father and I that PG only tests on animals that already died of natural causes testing what reaction the skin or fur had to the applied product. Even with company loyalties put into account this person would never lie to us. So clearly this is what the company told himher. I’m not disclosing anything about hisher identity for fear that heshe will get fired. But this is a serious problem that needs to get out and this seems like a good place to report it.

  • Julia Griffin says:

    I’m not so into the naked part but these demonstrators were dsoing a great thing! I had NO CLUE about the atrocities performed against animals by mars inc. until my friend found when researching for a school project and showed it to me. Good work PETA! I’m going to tell everyone I know about the horrific things mars has done. if we work as a team we can make a difference.

  • Lizzie says:

    Do I love rats so much that I wouls stand in front of thousands of people and let them see me naked? Heck no!

  • Ciara says:

    I’m SOOOOO happy they did that! I don’t give a fuck if you think it’s stupid! GO GIRLS!

  • Sarah says:

    It’s awesome that people are finally trying to eliminate animal testing. I hate the things that it does to poor helpless animals. I will never eat MMs again. Or Three Musketeers or Skittles ect.

  • nate says:

    i normally hate peta but i like this one drool lol

  • Cait says:

    im completely against Mars candy for this whole thing. theres no need to test this stuff on animals. what the hell is the point of injecting crap directly into mice jamming them in tubes and sticking the tubes in cold water? people dont do that shit so why see what happens when u do it to animals?! thats insane! this whole stunt with the naked mm’s yeah okay it was a little extreme but something needs to be done to get the word out about this sick testing stuff. i personally didnt know about any of the testing until my friend sent me a link to today. i watched the video and it was sooo sad. i didnt think i could just like stop liking MM’s but now i have nooooo desire to even think about buying a bag of them. my friend that sent me the link literally became a vegitarian. how nuts is that? but anyway my points are 1. Animal testing is fucked up and unnessesary. 2. MM’s and Kudos and 3 Musketeers and all of those arent that great so dont eat that shit til they stop this. 3. yeah some of PETA’s actions are a bit crazy but its a nessesary crazy thats getting people’s attention about this. i applaud them and most def think they should keep up the great work! Go PETA!

  • Eric G. Haskell says:

    Those girls look good and for such a great cause. I wonder if one of them would go out for a steak dinner with me?

  • Anita says:

    Liars! I wrote to Mars recently asking them to confirm that their candies didn’t have animal products i.e. whey rennet and they said yes for Australian candies which is unlike the UK. I’m bloody well not going to eat them if they test on animals. Animal testing is wrong.

  • [peace] says:

    Animal testing is wrong.

  • katie says:

    i hate animal testing!!

  • linda wester says:

    i am so disgusted i could throw up how people could get such delight out of seeing and inflicting harm and cruelty on poor animals. i will never never ever eat any of those candies anymore and i will contact my representatives in relation to tests that are being done that is not required by law.

  • lindsay tucker says:

    Stop stop stop. This is wrong

  • della says:

    WOW i can’t belive more of you are caring about the newdy than the animal. by the way Viola thats hursh.Maybe these girls do need to get a srit on but they are getting atention and support for the animals.

  • brooke says:

    i think what peta did was smart cause it would catch peoples attion c mon wouldent a naked person catch your eye then people would read the truth m and m s coulars of crulty i agree with peta

  • janis Bates says:

    to the person who said peta is stupid or whatever the comment was about not putting fat people on their magazine or the naked demonstration… do you really think that any fat person would want to bare it all? i don’t know any who are overweight that would want to. only those that are comfortable with their bodies would. hooray for those who are and to bare it for a great cause!

  • rica says:

    its really sad knowing that my favorite candy is tested on animals especially on mice! from now on i will pledge to myself that i am never gonna eat mars candy again i just hope that mars inc would change their ways

  • Tabitha says:

    I am happy to see that people are trying for the saftey of animals. They deserve to live happy lives and shouldnt be used for their fur or tusk. They feel pain just as we do and they know the diffrence between love and hate. They are here for us to keep us happy help us live through life. If we didnt need them they would not be here but they need us just as much as we need them. We can live without putting them through pain.

  • Shane says:

    screw mars candy.

  • nyudfnyubd says:

    this is not right protest protest

  • Polina says:

    Hey it might be a little over the top but thats what gets peoples ATTANTION the most. To show that the real problem is animal testing. AT LEAST THEY’RE DOING SOMETHING WHILE WE’RE ALL HERE WRITING ABOUT IT! I think it’s great those girls care even if it IS a little over the top but hey it gets peoples attention and gets points accross that animal testing is a form of cruelty and all animal abuse is horrible and wrong. Thank you girls.

  • samantha says:

    i think somtime you must take big measures to stand up for what you belive in..i however am a veg..but its not for peta..i just hate the taste but i dont belive you should stop eating meat its the way of life animal eat other animal do you see any of them protesting? animal cruelty is just wrong.. i care about every living animal and to make animals suffe for a test you dont need is just stupid.. if no one cared about animals and only humans peta would not exist. i think you girls did a great jod and i support peta but i dont think they expect you to be vegan. sence i know some of them eat meat themselves.. animal testing is wrong and cant be dignafied but eating them can hate to tell you but vegans live shorter lives and you can die with out meat your body relies on proten we are not rabbits who make there own proten we reliy on other animals as do other animals who also eat other aniamls to survive.. i dont have to be a science major to know that all vegans have proten substutes in there food in other words fake proten some people bodys arent easly tricked and can not survive with out the real proten eating aniamls is not wrong but hurting and torturing them is..

  • Katherine says:

    I am all for this protest. It doesn’t give PETA a bad name at all in my opinion. It shows that some people at PETA will do anything to save animals and that we are committed. It was there decision if they wanted to go almost naked. Way to go! Also to ctyankee if you eat MM’s you aren’t a vegan. Read the ingredients.

  • rashonda says:

    i did not know mars did this to animals.i am so disgusted by this. i buy my daughter mms all the time but i can guarantee i wont anymore. i cried when i seen the video.i have told pretty much everyone i know about this and they wont buy mars candy anymore

  • Karen says:

    Haven hate to disappoint you but there is such thing as a fat animal lover. mapashhe and what about you? What you done to stop it? I also think it was stupid that PETA has had women protesting naked not once but twice. It makes people lose respect for PETA. Protesting is good to let people be aware of the problem but after you guys do that you should then take the problem to the law. With so many supporters PETA may be able to pass a law against animal torture. But naked women protesting would only make people aware of one problem PETA goes over the top.

  • Tara says:

    Julia you just think that you cannot be veg. Once your body adjusts you won’t even miss meat. That meat is a poison to you… a drug. Your just feeling the repercussions of your addiction like any addict would on getting clean. Your body will adjust and then be healthier. If you’re still sick then you’re probably not eating what you should be. It’s not hypocritical. You can’t be an animal lover and eat meat. Your dog or cat is no different than that cow or pig that you had slaughtered so you could eat it. The only reason you think different is because culture has told you that it’s okay. The proof is in other cultures… They may think it’s ok to eat your dog but not that hamburger. IT’S JUST OUR CULTURE. But it’s not okay to eat any animals. They have a right to life just as we do. That ham sandwich you just ate it could have been just as good of a pet as your dog. If you love your dogscatshampstersparrots why not love the pigsfowl cattle and goats too? Treat them equally because they are all the same. If you don’t believe me then go raise one of these animals. You’ll see that if they’re treated the same way as a pet they will be just as good of a pet. THEY ARE THE SAME! Love them all or love none of them. It’s your choice.

  • nicholeNIGHTMARE says:

    Nichole Well I think this is possibly the greatest protest in the history of protests. Props for the effort in trying to raise awareness about the horrible truth about Mars Candy. I’ve been off of it ever since I found out about it almost a year ago. My friends think it’s stupid to care so much and eat it anyways. But really though what makes an animal’s life less valuable than ours? But really though I wish I was that brave to do that. So way to go girlssss. Keep up the good work.

  • Julia says:

    For one of you who said people who are animal lovers and not vegan are hypocrites Get a life. I am a meateater dairy eater and I still love animals. I NEED to eat meat. I get very sick if all I eat is veggies and things for more than a day. My mother is an animal lover and she gets sick if she only eats veggies and stuff for a day. You have to realize that some people NEED TO EAT MEAT. Stinkin’ idiots. PETA is crap.

  • breanna says:

    Great way to protest except i think its kind of disturbing for children