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Naked Demonstration in Thailand

Written by PETA | March 22, 2007

Former PETA intern Ashley just sent along these great pictures from her “All Animals Have the Same Parts” pro-vegetarian demonstration yesterday for PETA’s Asia Pacific affiliate.

It seems like the whole thing went over pretty damn well. The photographers in particular look really pleased with themselves for some reason. Anyway, I just wanted to give a shout-out to Ashley, who’s always willing to go that extra mile to help animals (e.g., “Hey Ashley, would you mind going to Thailand, getting naked, and painting yourself like cuts of meat to point out the absurdity of treating any living being like an object? Great, thanks.”). Ashley—you’re amazing. Check out the pics:

Ashley 1.jpg

Ashley 3.jpg

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  • Jazmin says:

    Why is it that peta never actually goes naked for these things? like seriousely anyone can go out on the street in a bikini or underwear and hold a sign. why not try to really get theyre attention?

  • rakesh mishra says:

    hi iam rakeshi want join to peta

  • doug says:

    good job Lindsey!

  • lindsey says:

    If you truly cared about animals you wouldn’t work at a zoo. Zoos are awful places that take animals out of their wild natural habitats and exploit them for human entertainment. What about a vetrinarian or something that helps animals lead better lives instead of taking care of them while their lives slowly become meaningless to them and they become depressed and neurotic until they die because they weren’t meant for zoos? I have no doubt you have good intentions I think you just need to educate yourself a little more on what happens to animals and why you shouldn’t support some place like that.

  • Natalie Gomez says:

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  • Lord of the Apes says:

    With my compliments of the season this is really an amazing action specially in those eastern countries where many people are still considering animals just as food! Thank you Ashley this is a great thing!!!!! and for my family and me another reason to feast on vegetarian!

  • Canaduck says:

    Hey Ashley you rock and look awesome too! We miss you in BC!