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Naked ‘Corpses’ Bare the Bloody Cruelty of Bullfighting in Pamplona

Written by PETA | July 5, 2013

In a demonstration organized by PETA U.K. and Spain’s AnimaNaturalis, four dozen kind people from around the world—wearing little more than “horns”—lay in coffins on Pamplona’s main square just before the start of the annual Running of the Bulls at the San Fermin festival to represent the 48 animals who will be killed during the festival’s bullfights

The protesters offered a stark reminder that the same bulls who slip and slide down Pamplona’s cobbled streets will meet an agonizing end in the town’s bullring. There, they will each be speared, stabbed, and weakened until, finally, a matador attempts to sever the exhausted animal’s spine with a dagger—if the bull doesn’t drown in his own blood first.

What You Can Do

Bullfighting has been on the decline for years as people put animals first. The industry survives largely because of unwitting tourists who fuel the abuse. So when traveling, please stay far away from bullfights.

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  • Ashley says:

    I thought they stopped this crap already. It’s disappointing to find out that there is still enough demand for torture and killing as entertainment that it allows this to comtinue. Matadors are idiots and they deserve every injury they get.

  • Max says:

    conscience is what the people need, animals are same of us, there is no reason to kill animals. I imagine for a while these people to experience for a moment the feelings of these animals. Which one is the rational, man or animal? I have my doubts, but a positive message, let’s go to conscience the people. I’m from Spain, I have never been on this bloody party but I think is something that people has on their genetic from generations away, then is time to talk to the child and start to conscience them. Good idea could be to go to the schools and to explain these things.

  • Michael Glew says:

    I read on my Twitter feed NY Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan took part in the running of the bulls. I was disappointed that a public figure would do so while representing such a high profile product like the NFL. I’m just happy to know that somebody else out there cares. Thanks Peta. @batty4bats

  • Maria Ruello says:

    I think it is barbaric sport. The people who go to watch it are even worse.