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Is Your Mutt the Cutest of Them All?

Written by PETA | December 2, 2008

The tabloids are constantly filled with breathless speculation about who various celebs might be sleeping with. But we already know who a few lovely stars are taking to bed: their mutts!

Some celebrities who are hooked on rescued mutts include Sandra Bullock, Simon Cowell, Kristen Bell, and—hopefully—even the next president of the good ol’ U. S. of A. And according to ecorazzi, actor Kate Bosworth is so used to sharing her sheets with her mixed-breed rescue dog that any man who can’t deal with those sleeping arrangements will find himself bounced. Of course, mutts are so cute that it’s hard to resist a snuggle.

Even if you’re not a star—and so many of us aren’t these days—you can still get in on the mutt-loving action by entering your mixed-breed dog in PETA’s Cutest Mutt Alive contest. PETA is celebrating mutts because they are typically healthier and live longer than their purebred cousins who are pumped out by puppy mills and other breeders. Plus, every mutt is one of a kind!

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Calyn says:

    I own two mutts or at least I am owned by two mutts. Nike I picked up from our local shelter “Wet Nose”. He is a Dalmatian X Daxie and he was confiscated from someone who was trying to sell him on the side of the road. Nike has an exceptionally long black body and tell tale while spots on his paws and chest that make him look like he has a tuxedo and cufflinks on. Puma is a Staffie X Daxie. My dad found her at the SPCA and traveled 700km to get her to me. She has the heart of a lion like most Staffies and is somewhere between a long Staffie and short Daxie in body length. She has a stocky body like a Staffie and a tongue like a Lizard. Both of them sleep on my bed with me. Nike is under the covers no matter what the weather and Puma on top.

  • Fiona says:

    My lovely little doggie definatly. She’s 12 German Shepard and 12 Border collie OK so she’s not exatly little called Roxy. She has a black coat with tan markings and the most beautiful face that has huge brown eyes that follow you everywhere and two ears one sticks up and one flops over. She’s friendly with everyone canine and human alike and just loves simple pleasures like a good game or a bit of fuss. She’s 10 still as frisky as when we first saw her as a can’tsitstill puppy and people assume she’s still a puppy when they see her. However she is 10 and as most dogs only live a few more years then this I wonder how much longer I have left with her?

  • sam says:

    I think it’s great you have a mutt contest! My last dog was a mutt rescue and he was adorable. However please don’t send the message that unless a dog is a mutt it is from a breeder or pet store. My current dog is not a mutt yet I rescued her from a shelter.

  • Aneliese says:

    My kitten should win this. Yes I know she’s not a dog but she sure acts like it and is adorable. I got her from a pet shelter almost a year ago and she is the sweetest thing. She Lola loves belly rubs dog toys dog food and even plays fetch. She drags her toys around the house and drops them at my feet to show me. I hope PETA does one of these contests for cats!

  • Saucy says:

    Oh my doggie’s got this one in the bag. When he was a puppy he was soooo cute he could stop traffic in the middle of Manhattan. Thats right who would have thunk it a doggie causing such a stir. At eight and half he so cute they still think he’s a pup still plays ball like a pup. He is what is known in the doggie kingdom as a “ball expert” And you thought humanforms thought up all those ball games. All they do is complicate it. It’s very simple just throw the ball throw the ball throw the ball throw the ball throw the ball. Kick the ball kick the ball kick the ball. He’s stylin too in black and white uhm fur with that squiggly white line straight up his nose all the way to his ears. I call it his stubborn streak. He’s a beauty for sure albeit stubborn and willful. But this is a beauty contest not a personality quiz. What he lacks in snuggles and cuddles he makes up for sportsmanship. So there! If and when we accept this honorable award we have only one requirement my doggie gets a playdate with Ingrid Newkirk. Shucks he’s already had a couple PETA staffers throw the ball out for him. Its only right he should get to play with TOP DOG. SHH don’t tell. He knows you guys only as People for the Ethical Treatment of Doggies.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    My huskyshepherd mix Rex that’s his name in my signature is 9 years old and weighs 86 pounds. He is a rescue and we have had him for 8 years. He is a very handsomecute dog. He still acts like a puppy and loves to play with his toys. He even plays fetch with himself. He will throw one of his toys and then runs after it! He loves to have his teeth brushed which I do once a week. I only used “doggie” toothpaste and a “doggie” toothbrush. He loves to sleep on the couch a lot and loves going for walks. I will really miss him when he’s gone.

  • Kelley says:

    My friend Skye who passed away earlier this year was by far the most beautiful mutt in the land. She was a shelter dog with incredible blue eyes. When we adopted her the shelter said they thought she had husky and lab in her but weren’t really sure. She had more personality than most people which made her even cuter. I love her so much!

  • beth says:

    my mutt Dixie is the cutest mutt alive! hands down. he’s 12 black lab 14 sheep dog and 14 cocker spaniel. we found him when he was a puppy wandering the streets. we took him to the vet and he had 10 kinds of worms and a heart problem the vet said he’d probably only ever eaten dirt his whole life. SO sad!! so we got him healthy again and now he’s 13 and happy and wonderful. i hope he wins the contest! MUTTS ROCK!!

  • Chris says:

    Are the canine friends of PETA staffers eligible? If so the lovely Maggie Conant of Norfolk VA will win in a landslide! Chris H of PETA’s campaigns dept

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