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Music Icon Sings for Seals

Written by PETA | May 24, 2010

What was the grooviest thing about having hippie parents? Growing up listening to Donovan. Seriously, my mother almost named me “Jennifer Juniper.” Instead she went for something more mainstream—Skylark.

And I’m sure he hears it all the time, but I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m Donovan’s biggest fan. Star-struck? Yes, consider me struck. What’s even more striking is that this folk/pop legend lent his anti–seal slaughter anthem “Celia of the Seals” to this heart-wrenching new video:



Here’s what the “Sunshine Superman” had to say about his song and putting an end to the war on baby seals:

“I wrote this song to show what’s going on. And the song is influenced by Celia Hammond, the great 60s model who is such a Green Goddess for all the creatures of the Earth. Shortly after I released ‘Celia of the Seals’ back in the 70s, I was glad to see a reduced demand for seal products worldwide. It’s now disappointing to see that the Canadian government is doing everything it can to prop up this dying, violent industry, including challenging the EU’s recent compassionate decision to ban seal pelts. Instead of trying to salvage this cruel slaughter, the government should listen to the court of public opinion and ban the massacre on ice.”

Celia of the Seals, we know just how you feel. So for the love of Donovan, help us get the word out by showing this video to everyone you know!

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • robin elms dvm says:

    As a vetI have personally treated many species of pocket pets and reptiles that Petco sent to our NJ clinic. The employees did show sincere concern. Since however seeing the truth about how the suppliers treat the hamsters and one can only deduce also other speciesI will take my business elsewhere when i purchase food for my dogs and cats and I will inform all clients who are likeminded that patronizing Petco means sponsoring suffering.

  • laila Elkellali says:

    How can someone be so cruel against animals. If someone did this to his children or family. How will he react? Those seals are for us like our family our children. I hoop that people who do something like that will go to hell or live hell for the rest of their lifes.

  • Alexx says:

    Seal hunters make me sick.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    This was one of first animal rights songs that I can remember. Celia Hammond was also a logtime girlfriend of guitar legend Jeff Beck and she helped him to become a diehard vegetarian in 1969. When together they humanely housed hundreds of cats and dogs in Beck’s British Estate. Jeff Beck still takes care of an array of animals and Celia Hammond is in charge of her own proactive animal rescue organization.