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Mozza Vs. Madge

Written by PETA | July 12, 2007

This Monday, Morrissey played a sold-out show at the Norva, a few blocks from PETA HQ here in Norfolk, Virginia. I tried, desperately, to get tickets—but that’s another story. According to my more fortunate colleagues who did attend the show, Morrissey stopped three songs in and announced, to thunderous applause, that he was “very gratified.” He continued, “You haven’t even heard what I’m gratified about yet. I’m very gratified to be so close to the international headquarters of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.” The audience responded with enthusiastic cheers, which is a good sign that Morrissey’s fans are all either exceptionally animal-friendly or just very polite. But the best part of the show came near the end, when Morrissey started riffing on Madonna and her fondness for fur:

“I wouldn’t be surprised if she made that African boy into a coat and wore him … for 15 minutes, and then threw it away.”

Zing! The story found its way onto VH1’s The Sizzler last night—you can check that out here.

Just in case you weren’t aware, our Morrissey’s a big fan of animals.


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  • emilyfetch says:


  • dolphin girl says:

    well these are hard words from morrissey to madonna but madonna deserves a correction! as an adept of the mysteries of kabbalah she should behave better and as far as i know she is a hunter and opens her land to hunters! i hope that she stoped this as she promised some time ago but i’m not her fan anymore all this and her fur addition makes a too bad image of her. i love morrissey because he really loves animals and support him!!!

  • Maya says:

    Ugh. How can such a compassionate message be crapped on so much by badmouthing someone else? Shame on him. I don’t know Madonna and neither do you. Maybe she’s evil or maybe she will keep her promise made during the concerts to live a more sustainable life. Either way Morrissey looks like a brat having a tantrum when he badmouths another artist. Maybe he’s just ticked because she’s making more money than him. Be creative be shocking. But don’t be a three year old.

  • Moshe Guggenheim says:

    As a Jewish Orthodox I say that this is not kosher and after seeing this horrible undercover video me and my family shall be vegetarians and we are a big family!!!

  • Meghan says:

    I saw Morrissey on Tuesday night at the Tennessee Theatre. He rocked! He didn’t mention animals there but a few songs in he stopped and said “Folks I beg you not Hillary Clinton.” It was pretty funny.

  • Rania Benghazi says:

    I love Morrissey because he is a top artist and a great animal protector! We need more people like him!

  • kelly says:

    He’s right about that! Madonna is one of the most selfish people in existence

  • Michael says:

    He’s a good mana real warrior for the animals and a damn fine musician. Thanks Big M! The article is sensationalistic though since it says Morrissey was “lashing out” at the boy when it was only Mad Donna he was addressing.