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Moving Forward at Sanchong Shelter

Written by PETA | August 14, 2008

A few weeks ago, we exposed the horrific conditions that our PETA Asia-Pacific affiliate found at the Sanchong animal shelter, including untreated sick and injured animals and a building structure in such bad shape that it could not protect animals from the natural elements. We asked for your help in urging Sanchong to make vast improvements for the animals—and as always, you rose to the occasion!

PETA Asia-Pacific has just met with the mayor of Sanchong and has inspected changes made at the recommendation of the local government. A new floor has been installed, preventing floodwaters from seeping in and keeping the dogs from drowning. The puppies housed at the shelter have been moved to a more suitable area, and the dogs now have individual pens in order to prevent fighting. If workers don’t forget and bunch them up again, this is good news. Water bowls have been installed (although it’s in such a way that they can’t be cleaned and must now be moved) and a new roof (that is too low and also must be moved) has been erected to keep out rain.

While this shelter has a long way to go to be acceptable, we are pleased with the efforts made by the government. PETA Asia-Pacific will stay on top of the situation, and we will continue to update you.

Thank you to everyone who has written in and contacted the city of Sanchong about this. Below are a few photos depicting the improvements that have now been made for these homeless animals.


The mayor with PETA Asia-Pacific director Jason Baker
Sanchong Shelter


New floors at the Sanchong shelter
Sanchong Shelter


New floors for the puppy area
Sanchong Shelter


Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Jenny Hsieh says:

    Thank you guys so much for helping these poor animals! Please keep monitoring them as they usually don’t maintain their standard consistently…. . I also found a press release on their website Is everything written on it true? I also found many stray animal problem such as selling dog as livestock unregulated bear traps turn hundreds of dog into handicaps every month and bad conditions and high skilling in several public shelters. How can I do to help these poor animals? I been emailing and calling to the authorities but nothing seems to be working….

  • jf says:

    maybe it’s time to boycott all products “made in china” I’m going to do that

  • lynda downie says:

    That’s incrediblenot just a few caring citizens but the government too getting involving in your initiative. Rock on Peta AsiaPacific!

  • CB says:

    WOW that is truly horrible. PETA has to set up an alert to the state to change the laws on this one. This is just brazen in your face cruelty that cannot go without being addressed. Please PETA.

  • Niranjan says:

    This is why PETA is so cool so successful! Keep up the great work PETA hats off to Jason Baker!

  • NT says:

    I am all for improving conditions at the shelter and thank you Peta for giving these dogs a more dignified existence. However the Mayor should consider a free or low cost spayneuter program to control the pet overpopulation in his city. In the long term the investment in spayingneutering pets will pay off big time.

  • Carla says:

    Like you said Jennifer it’s a start and a huge improvement from what we saw a few months back. I would have liked to see a bed pillow in each pen space though. Considering what these animals have been through they deserve every amount of desent care. I still have an eerie feeling alot of those adoptions from there might be winding up on someones plate. No way to find out forsure?? Right!!