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Mouse Fight Club

Written by PETA | July 9, 2010

“The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club.” If, however, the fight club involves forcing mice to battle one another in a stupid and barbaric experiment, you know we’re going to talk about it.

Recently, vivisectors at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (sheep abuse ring a bell?) studied the effect of brawling on chemicals in the brain by creating a fighting tournament for mice. In the experiment, pairs of male mice were provoked into fighting while spectators experimenters watched. The “winning” mice didn’t actually win: After three consecutive victories, they were killed and their brains were cut up.

Making unwilling participants fight in staged matches? Sounds more like Gladiator than Fight Club to me. Or a laboratory version of dogfighting in which our tax dollars fund the fights and the perpetrators are called “Doctor” instead of Michael Vick.

Forcing rodents to rumble is only the tip of the animal-testing iceberg. Anything goes in U.S. laboratories. Tens of millions of mice are burned, poisoned, cut open, and killed in laboratory experiments each year. There are no federal laws protecting mice (or rats, birds, or cold-blooded animals, for that matter) in laboratories, so these animals are often forced to endure excruciating experiments without being given any pain relief at all.

Mice are smart, sensitive, affectionate animals who feel pain and deserve consideration. To learn more about these exceptional animals, watch our video Who Cares About Mice and Rats?

Let’s fight for the rights of mice and take action against cruel animal experiments today!

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Hastaroth says:

    Yesthe mice were dead when they were examined.But did they agree to be killed by the experimenters after they won?I don’t think so.

  • mousketeer says:

    What I understand from actually reading the paper anyone else do that? the mice were NOT forced goaded or otherwise provoked into fighting. They just did what comes naturally. They fought over territory. They weren’t poked with sticks or anything dumb. And this experiment that involved no vivisection of any kind the mice were dead when examined explains a lot about the bullies I grew up with. The paper states that winning causes the victors brain to be more sensitive to androgens steroidsand results in an increase in the potential for fighting and winning! Every time some jerk pushed me in the hall and I didn’t fight back he won and received chemical encouragement from his brain to do it again. The results are even more pronounced if it was somewhere he considered his territory.

  • Hastaroth says:

    What was the scope of this experiment?to determine what substances regulate the will ofsaya box athlete to win?Finethere are hundreds if not thousands of martial art athletes all over the world.Make them volunteer in projects where they will give blood samples right after a win and analyze this bloodit’s more moral because the “cobayes” will participate to the experiment with their own writen and informed consent.

  • Joren says:

    Another example of university corruption and money mishandling connected to animal abuse Emory University gives grants to people linked to dog fighting to produce KKK embroidery that glorifies dog fighting as a wonderful tradition. For those who may be unaware the KKK has been breeding and fighting dogs to raise money for their activities for many years. httpblog.dogsbite.org201004jerealexanderslynchedkukluxklan.html Yes this is your tax money paying for this.

  • Joren says:

    This is an example of WHITE COLLAR CRIME going on in our universities and colleges. These researchers get our tax dollars and grant money that they PROFIT FROM to set up ridiculous spurious “fake science” experiments that waste time and money. The only intent and goal is for the researcher to PROFIT from monies received. This is fraud. If an average citizen committed fraud like this they would be jailed. But the large pool of individuals with degrees have parlayed these activities into a kind of organized crime that cheats ALL OF US as well as being mindlessly abusive. The university and college systems have become corrupted with this kind of fraud. It’s nothing more than stealing or a con game.

  • Zak says:

    I am new to being vegan I have been for three months now and I have always cared deeply about animal rights. Articles like this just fuel my passion for standing up against animal cruelty. You guys have made it very easy for me. I don’t even think about eating meat.

  • maureen says:

    This is becoming so unbelievable these days I am by far past the point of surprise with what the government will do with my hard earned money while I stay at home because I cannot afford to go out.Someone needs to be dissecting their brains when they retire from researchI would love to be the one doing the LOBOTOMY. I wonder how much sicker man can be but when I question it there always seems to be an answer on how.As gruesome as it seems sometimes I think I’d rather be stripped of my fur than to be made to fight over and over again or burned or tortured but then again I am being tortured when I hear of these insane experiments.