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Motorists Get a Fill-Up From a Pin-Up

Written by Michelle Kretzer | April 15, 2014

It’s almost Earth Day, which means that people will be thinking about more ways that they can help protect the environment, such as carpooling and turning off unnecessary lights. So throughout the week, PETA’s “Petrol Pin-Ups” are touring Canada to help motorists get a jump start on their Earth-friendly efforts.

Sexy Petrol Pinups© Jenn Pierce

At each of their stops, the pin-ups are giving $5 in free gasoline to the first 25 people who try vegan jerky―just one of dozens of scrumptious faux-meat foods that even die-hard meat-eaters admit to liking. The gals want drivers to know that what’s even more effective in combating climate change than switching from a standard car to a hybrid is switching to meat-free meals. In fact, the United Nations concluded that a global shift toward a vegan diet is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change.

Sexy Petrol Pinups© Jenn Pierce

Saving animals, saving the planet, and saving your health? There’s something to get pumped about.