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Mother and Baby Orca Die at SeaWorld

Written by PETA | June 7, 2010

Wild animals are dying because of human avarice, but unlike the plight of those who are perishing in oil, the carnage at SeaWorld can easily be stopped. An orca named Taima died this weekend while giving birth to a stillborn calf at SeaWorld Orlando. The baby was conceived by Tilikum, the angry and frustrated orca who battered a trainer to death earlier this year—the third time he has killed a human.

For Taima, death was terrifying and painful, but it was a release from a miserable life of deprivation. In nature, orcas choose their own mates, and the families stay together for life. Ripped from her ocean home, Taima’s own mother, Gudrun, died in captivity after a complicated delivery in which chains were used to extract her stillborn calf. Gudrun was called mentally ill and was known to be violent. Both mother orcas and their calves met their end alone in a tank full of chemically-treated water that must have felt like a bathtub to these animals, who were meant to explore the endless fathoms of the sea.

SeaWorld is a greedy outfit that spends millions of dollars on cruel breeding programs and marketing promotions. It values profit over safety and treats orcas as if they were wind-up toys. Like BP, SeaWorld can never make up for the harm that it has done. It should immediately fund the creation of a coastal sanctuary into which the orcas can start their journey back home. It can start with Tilikum.

Please, contact Blackstone Group and insist that it stop the horrors associated with keeping animals in captivity and put its money toward more humane endeavors.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Carol Naylor says:

    I feel bad I have taken my granddaughters to Sea World. My young grandson will be taken to the ocean off BC to see them.

  • shereen phillips says:

    Reading this gives me the sickest feeling ….

  • Liesel says:

    This is breaking my heart.God help us.

  • mamachulla says:

    Something must be done Tilikum need be taken out of there. I can only home that sea world doesnt do anything to him for having feelings. What I can I do to help him get out and all the other ones

  • tina says:

    i can not believe that things like this are still going on. this is outrageous and disgusting! These creatures are meant to be in the wild, NOT IN CAPTIVITY! we are killing them slowly and painfully. we have to stop capturing these animals and let people know about what is really going on in sea world and in all the animal captured attractions….

  • Sara says:

    is there a i could call to speak to someone about this?

  • Grace says:

    Curse SEAWORLD!

  • Claudia Alraun says:

    save the whales

  • andrea says:

    I truly thought we were helping by visiting because I thought they were orcas who needed special attention because they were harmed in some way.

  • Cheryl Kelley says:

    We need to help get them animals out of seaworld. This is just on right. Its like their living in a bathtub. What gives them the right. We all know its all about the money. We need to start boycotting Sea World now before anymore whales are killed.

  • Rachel Moore says:

    Hello I am hoping someone can help me. I am trying to find out exactly where the animals kept in captivity at SeaWorld Florida have actually come from who was born in captivity who was rescued and who was captured? Also I have been reading all your comments and agree with what you are saying however I am struggling to understand why SeaWorld is any different to a zoo. No one seems to complain about those anymore.

    • sea world keeps them captive in small pens that are about 30 feet deep! The sea is much deeper and zoos dont have many deaths of animals like lions or any thing and the animals arent forced to perform or being tortured! a orcas dorsal fin is supposed to be straight not falling over! and mind you, their probably being beaten no wonder their dying! i went to a shamu proformence in about 2009 i thought it was amazing! now knowing what they do to those poor creatures! I feel so stupid for thinking that!

  • Carson says:

    Listen sure some people are dumbfounded and dont know about these whales being tortured i mean sea world promotes that they treat there whales with the up most respect! Look im 12 years old live in florida and have been to sea world many of times not only that this year in school we wrote to sea world telling them what we think i think they should be released into wild life preserves to be watched over and to make sure there eating and everything else NOT for the sake of human enjoyment!

  • Rosa Lee says:

    I have never been to SeaWorld and never intend to. Everyone cares about acout the humans’ deathS and not about the whales. I mean they’re both sad but actually it wouldn’t have happened if some HUMANS locked them up practically. Whales can feel pain too. In short EITHER THESE PEOPLE NEED TO STOP THIS OR TRY IT OUT THEMSELVES!!! If you’re from SeaWorld I’m sorry but look at all these strong opinions against you. You people at SeaWorld must have dollar signs for eyes. THERE’S SOMETHING CALLED HUMANITY AND MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY IT OUT.

  • Tamara Taylor says:

    SeaWorld is a greedy outfit that spends millions of dollars on cruel breeding programs and marketing promotions. It values profit over safety and treats orcas as if they were windup toys. Like BP SeaWorld can never make up for the harm that it has done. It should immediately fund the creation of a coastal sanctuary into which the orcas can start their journey back home. It can start with Tilikum. Please stop the horrors associated with keeping animals in captivity and put its money toward more humane endeavors. Thank you Tamara Taylor

  • Pattey says:

    Ironically I would see this when my husband and I are planning a 4th of July weekend to Sea World with the kids. Proud to say we won’t be going. They make such a great show as well as Ringling Bro’sthat you think all are happy to be in such a fine happy and nurturing place when really thats not the story at all. Shame on you Sea World!

  • Rose Marie says:

    Seaworld has to close the doors!!!!! This is the only way!

  • Bette says:

    I would never go to sea world the circus or even watch a TV show that has an animal in it. People don’t realize what they go thru when they have to perform. I don’t blame the whales…….how much can they take just like the poor elephants in the circus. It is disgusting the government let people do this.

  • tiziana says:

    Che tristezza! Tiziana Italia

  • bähn says:

    i hate people tthy are doing this. they make the money and the animals must grievous.

  • Ellyn Sutton says:

    TELEPATHY AND THE EVOLUTION OF HUMANS By Helioah and Chief White Eagle through David Miller From May 2008 issue of the Sedona Journal of Emergence pages 2728 We have talked with you about the whales and we have pointed out that they have a particular and very high telepathic ability. Some animals and mammals are not as advanced telepathically. These whales are not the only mammals that have telepathic abilities. But their telepathic abilities are tied into very ancient energies. These energies are particularly related to a powerful force within the ocean that is directly related to what you have called Earth changes magnetic energy shifts weather patterns global warming and the melting of the icecaps. Whales have the ability to telepathically communicate with the Earth and bring forth knowledge to those humans who are sensitive enough to work with them. The knowledge that they bring through could provide a key ingredient into the stabilizations of the biosphere. they also are demonstrating or modeling the need for you to accelerate your telepathic abilities. What is interesting is that when you look at the changes on the Earth at this point and we will generally refer to this at Earth changes you will find numerous opinions about what needs to be done. Some of these opinions are based on interesting scientific data about changing the amount of greenhouse gasses for example or growing or changing some aspect of the forests. Even some people believe this just needs to take its course. I Helioah say that the way to understand the Earth changes should start with those who are able to connect telepathically to the spirit of the Earth and understand what needs to be modulated in the feedback loop of the environment. In particular the feedback loop involved in the Earth changes needs to start with the oceans and not necessarily only from the greenhouse gasses that are released into the air.

  • Nancy Freyer says:

    Please Stop using these animalsfor entertainment! They cannot be kept healthy in captivity. Please Stop injuring these wild creatures for selfish monetary reasons!

  • brigitte says:

    PLEASE STOP DOING THIS! Whales are beautiful creatures ALL animals are! They don’t deserve being held in captivity! The people who act like this in such bad manners hindering the animals who belong in the wild are the REAL ANIMALS! They should be ashamed of themselves! I am appalled. I will never go to any of these circuses or aquariums knowing how they keep the animals caged in and with very little space to roam freely! They deserve to be happy!

  • Rui Viegas says:

    I’m just too enraged for words.

  • Maria Orozco says:

    Set the whales free for heaven’s sake. When will human beings act human. These gorgeous creatures belong in the ocean where God put them. Don’t go on destroying nature there will be nothing left for the coming generations.

  • Pixie says:

    Will never go to Seaworld!!

  • James says:

    Taima is free at last and her calf saved from a life of exploitation. May they both rest in “true” peace…

  • pat decristoforo says:

    is sad to see these beautiful creatures swim in circles and do tricks would you like to be forced to do tricks? it is horrible to see these creatures tortured by this kind of life

  • stephanie says:

    save the whales set them free they belong in the ocean

  • Scott James says:

    I went to Sea World once in the 80’s. I was appalled. As evil as Sea World is not only because of what they do but the scale on which they do it that is nothing compared to the way the dolphins at Marineland near Saint Augustine Florida are treated. I visited once in the 90’s on assignment for a magazine I worked for at the time. I was disgusted. Tiny tanks where the obviously agitated dolphins had nothing to do but swim in circles and perform stupid “tricks” for food. I couldn’t come up with anything positive to say about Marineland. Sadly from their website they appear to still be in business. These marine “entertainment” business need to go become extinct. It may take awhile for the human race to sufficiently advance to make this happen.