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Monkey See, Monkey Do(D)

Written by PETA | October 12, 2011

Victory: As a result of PETA’s campaign, the Army announced that it is ending its cruel use of monkeys in chemical attack training exercises and will instead use advanced human simulators!

On Monday, dozens of PETA members greeted the 32,000 attendees—who included Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta and Army Chief of Staff Ray Odierno—of the annual meeting of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) in Washington, D.C. The protesters were there to urge the Army to stop poisoning primates in a cruel training exercise at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Many veterans and former military medical professionals have already joined PETA’s campaign, and the protesters received more encouragement from men and women in uniform attending the meeting.

The Army’s exercises involve injecting vervet monkeys with a drug overdose in a crude attempt to recreate the effects of a nerve-agent attack. The monkeys suffer from uncontrollable twitching and seizures, and some even stop breathing. One monkey suffered gaping lacerations, a torn lip, and bitten- or torn-off fingers in fights with other monkeys caused by the stress of the constant physical abuse and confinement.

Other military courses already use human simulators, which can mimic the effects of nerve-agent exposure. Tell Congress to take action now to save monkeys and troops by replacing animals with advanced non-animal training methods.

Written by Heather Faraid Drennan

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  • Michaela says:

    Stop any animal testing!!! I want to belive that the world can be better.

  • Lynda says:

    Good news indeed. I’m sure people who have been involved in these atrocities will sleep better at night. There are no acts of cruelty, at whatever level, that don’t harm the soul.

  • jzaggas says:


  • Ross Martin says:


  • MARCELLO says:

    It inacetavel ue in the 21st century continue cenda animals used in testing or vivisection is a test of military weapons, technology or science is there time to do the voice that calls for ethical treatment of animals Thank you!

  • Karen A. says:

    I am very happy to hear that they will end the use of monkeys in their experiments. My only concern now is this: Is there a plan in place to save and rehabilitate the vervet monkeys that are still at the facility in Maryland??

  • keena says:

    Stop any animals testing! We are human, you have your kids, family. They also, their parents didn’t take them to this world for your painful selfish testing. We citizen needn’t any cruelty source from animals!!

  • ginette grégoire says:

    Please be respectfulll of your own Nation that is suppose to be a role model. Stop hurting what is part of you in the global dynamic. You’re killing the soul of your own country and you’re creating a futur with deconnected humans. Don’t think what you’re doing doesn’t affect yuor futur and the rest of the univers….quantum physic would tell you otherwise.

  • Cecilia says:

    This is such joyess news and yes I wish too that events and news such as this would occur around the world. In universities and pharmecuticle companies also have to stop their cruel and worthless experiments. Hope they see this. Thanks PETA

  • Marliese Backaert says:

    Please stop these cruelties immediately. Shame on those who practice these terrible methods on poor innocent animals. Please put this terrible animal abuse to end. Thank you!

  • ml houniet (louise) says:

    i have read the last newsletter of peta.iam a dutch member so all the cruelty to animals whosoever do this is going round the world.i see that the american army have(thank God)stopped the experiments regards nerve gas on humans by way of dispensing this to primates.primates who are after all closest to the human primate.if the us army wanted to find out what nerve gas does,all they have to do look up the history of the second world war.auswitz,birkenau etc springs to mind.examples enough i would think!but ofcourse defenceless animals are easier.however,i wont dish out any medals.i see just as a decent thing to do.

  • Alexandra says:

    O, I’M SO HAPPY TO LEARN ABOUT THAT!Thanks God, little animals and creatures of God I think that are also very happy for thattoo, in Heaven! Let us pray also for salvation of ourselves for ever.


    thanks for changing your policy.

  • clare crum says:

    It’s time to stop hurting animals.

  • Lisa says:

    If the rest of the world get together and help to stop this hopefully we can help save these monkey’s i say this because recently i made a comment to a video i watched on youtube which showed a group of american soldiers screaming and scaring a puppy in afgan i said that they were a disgrace to the rest of the world ive had emails calling me allsorts of names and hope i die, but since that many many americans have come to my defence and have said what they did was soo soo wrong and just because they wear the uniform they should have respect for humans and animals, i think because im British and not American they didnt like outsiders saying something against them. Just shows do’snt matter where you are from if we all pull together we can make a difference.