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Monkey Business at Yale

Written by PETA | October 17, 2008

Four monkey-masked PETA members paid Yale a little visit yesterday in honor of National Primate Liberation Week.


Yale Demo


As motorists passed underneath the banner-wielding monkeys, they were reminded that “Yale Murders Monkeys.” Well, specifically, Yale imprisons monkeys in tiny cages, mutilates them, injects them with poison, forces drug addiction on them, and eventually kills the animals as part of the experiments—but “murders” pretty much covers it, don’t you think?

That’s right—the more than 160 primates who are locked up in Yale’s laboratories are the subjects of many cruel experiments, several of them drug-related. Some of the more heinous abuses include injecting toxins into monkeys’ brains so that they can’t walk, move or eat, addicting the monkeys to PCP to induce schizophrenia (excuse me?) and addicting them to nicotine by giving them the equivalent of smoking 17 packs of cigarettes per day. Because, ya know, exposing a monkey to 17 packs’ worth is really reflective of an average human smoker’s habits. Right.

The vivisectors at Yale are even killing pregnant monkeys and removing their fetuses in order to cut out their brains. If this were happening anywhere else, it would be condemned as psychopathic, murderous behavior—but because it’s done in the name of “science,” we’re expected to accept this.

Well, forgive me, but this isn’t the kind of thing that we at PETA tend to accept—and neither, I think, would most reasonable people. These monkeys are being tortured and murdered at taxpayer expense, but who said the taxpayers approve?

If you don’t approve, please write the National Institutes of Health and ask them to end their policy of funding animal experiments like these.

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Scarlet says:

    I know this is going to sound crazy. But my mom is a Vet Tech. Who a while back was looking for a new job. She came across a job at Yale for animal “care” at the lab. She thought about taking the job and investigating the place then sending info to PETA. But later decided she wouldn’t be able to handle it. Crazy right! I am glad to see someone did it.

  • Christine Carrales says:

    Inflicting horrible abuses towards animals is only a true indication of what the human being and the human heart really isblack and evilan extension of the devil himself.What goes around comes around.

  • Crystal says:

    This are the people teaching the next generation? How gross! It sad that they put such amazing animals in such a hell there is no reason to justify such actions. Shame on Yale!Go Peta!

  • Gerry says:

    Hallo Thar You do not know the facts. When it comes to new drugs and pharmaceuticals the Animal Testing phase has a TOTAL failure rate of 99! This makes people less safe NOT more safe.When it comes to disease study this type of research is done on the molecular level where the differences amongst the species are in the billions! Aspirin can kill cats tylenol can kill dogs and cyanide does nothing to owls. Wakeup and see the pure facts. You are clueing noone your ignorant words reveal that it is you who needs the “clueing”.

  • Hallo Thar says:

    There are three reasons why animals may be used in scientific experimentation. The first is to ensure the safety of new drugs and other pharmaceutical products. The second is to see whether such products might be effective in humans. The third is for general research into the biology of an animal or the function and action of certain diseases within its body. Just thought I would clue you tossers in that some of that data helps vets care for the little buggers.

  • Gerry says:

    Folks Animal Research once had limited beneficial uses in the 1600’s right up to the early 1930’sapprox.Just think of the several hundred or more buildings devoted to this”cause”in those early days. The simple reason this research continues is because noone wanted to change their jobs and lose the social contacts etc. that they had formed. A good example follows I just sent literature to the famous Dr. Bernie Siegal now retired. He is well known for challenging the medical diety establishment. He gets several unedited editorial letters printed by the local New Haven Register each year.He worked at Yale for several years. He completely agrees with Petahe told mebut refuses to speak against Yale despite being financially welloff and being almost 80 years old now. He gave me a lame excuse that his letter quota was filled for the year. The real reason is that he personally knows hundreds of people at Yale and thousands at Yale in turn know of him. Just think of the flack he would receive at his next alumnus or conference he attends. He could actually be banned or not invited to various types of social gatherings there. Despite his amazing track record of bucking the status quoa in many ways he adheres to total silence when it comes to Animal Research. Peta should put pressure on him to speak out. No offense but Peta will only use tactics thought of by their own staff it seems. Can someone relay this idea to Peta administrators?

  • lasenoraroja says:

    just an FYI for Connecticut residents Yale is not the only university in the area committing otrocities. Quinnipiac University still performs dissections on pigs and other animals. For those interested I’m drafting a letter and possibly organizing action to get them to stop so if you’d like to help out hit me up.

  • anonymous says:

    how can you guys here at peta work here for so long? you must go to bed sleepless every night thinking of all the atrocities people do to animals! why don’t you guys petition congress? see my comment at the “new video from investigation into hormel supplier” entry.

  • Wanda Perry says:

    We need to write letters to our SenatorsRepresentatives etc. and let them know we do not approve of the way our tax money is spent. This insane cruelty to animals has to stop.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    “Is it just me or are they just looking for a reason to torture these animals so they can keep asking for cash?” You hit the nail right on the head Jess.

  • Corey says:

    This is just disgusting. I’m writing my letter immediately. Perhaps there are a few people at Yale that we could harass in the name of “science.”

  • Jess says:

    These animal experiments are completely arbitrary. Humans and monkeys are not the same speices we don’t have the same DNA there are lots of factors that can skew the results. Does anyone remember the “sweetlow” scandal where people refused to eat it because they heard it caused cancer? Then it came out that it only caused cancer in rats. Why even test on rats if it doesn’t apply to humans? Is it just me or are they just looking for a reason to torture these animals so they can keep asking for cash?

  • Aleah L says:

    The problem here is that Yale as an Ivy League school needs to be a role model in the area of animal or nonanimal laboratory testing. When major schools like this are supporting inhumane practices it makes it much more difficult to push smaller universities to do the same. We need role models not the opposite! The faculty at Yale should be ashamed of themselves. I definitely am.

  • NT says:

    I can’t even imagine the torture these beautiful creatures go thru. I can’t believe experiments like these are still LEGAL in the 21st century!!! Thanks Peta for showing the world what a waste of money and life animal experiments are.