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Molly the Cow Inspires Barbara Walters

Written by PETA | May 8, 2009
Watching The View / CC

When a cow named Molly escaped from a New York City slaughterhouse on Wednesday, she managed to get a mile away before she was corralled and brought to Animal Care and Control to await her fate—but don’t worry! Fate was smiling on Molly. The lucky lady, whom some feared might be sent back to the slaughterhouse, has instead been sent to a farm sanctuary on Long Island, where she will be able to live out the rest of her days in peace.

Inspiring, no? Of course, we already know just how amazing animals are, but thanks to Molly, even more people are making that discovery—including none other than Barbara Walters! On The View Thursday morning, Barbara said that Molly’s adventure has inspired her to lean even more toward a vegetarian diet—and that she’d be bringing her own veggie burgers to the next White House dinner.

This is, of course, awesome—although I do hope that the White House will be able to offer up something a little fancier! Hmm…maybe it’s time to hook them up with our Fine Faux Foie Gras challenge

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • connie farr says:

    Molly is alive and well and has been living on my farm for over a year. Thank you all for your concerns.

  • chiranjit karar says:

    I beg to all the conscious celebrities to promote the principle of LIVE and LET LIVE. Barbara Walters is indeed a compassionate soul.

  • Felicity Brach says:

    This is the first I have heard about Barbara Walters her feelings about Molly. Awesome!! It really might wake people up more when they see hear a celebrity speak up for animals. Many people I know do not seem to read about the important things but will watch their favorite TV programs. I hope Barbara will continue o speak up shout down those other two on their program.

  • Cindy Weitoish says:

    Thank you Barbara for being such a kind woman I often wonder about the cold hearted people who could keep killing these animals all day in a slaughter house. What’s wrong with human beings they are NOT the superior race…animals are. Thanks again Barbara!

  • suzanne busch says:

    kudos to you barbara walter for her change in diet. animals do have feelings .molly knew what was going to happen to her. she was not wanting to die the creul early death of the slaughter house. if more people would think of becoming vegans we would have a better world for humans as well as the animals.

  • carla says:

    Ditto on your comment Terri S. I could not have said it better either. People need to wake up and realize that animals are not OURS!!!!! Not for food not for entertainment not for clothing and not to abuse and torture!!!!!!! Human Beings wake up this is NOT our planet!!!!!

  • Wendy says:

    I really liked Terri S. comments. Thank you! That was very neat! I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!!!!!

  • Amy says:

    I love this story! I know that it will inspire others to go veg.

  • NT says:

    This is great but what is taking people so long to realize that animals too want to live!!!!!!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    Barbara Walters could be a major addition to the animal rights and vegetarian community. Paul McCartney could convince her. He’s always compelling regarding animal rights and going meatless.

  • Aneliese says:

    Inspiring? More like bittersweet for me. While Molly will face a rather nice fate millions of others cows won’t get the lucky chance she did.

  • Saucy says:

    That was so awsome. After a sleepless nightmarish night thinking about the horrors of hog farms I woefully turned on the tv to watch the morning shows. I normally do not like to watch the VIEW because of all the insensitive comments about animals mostly from Whoopi and Shari. They just can’t seem to shup up about their lust for blood. But Barbara now there is a smart lady. Conscience intact. Heartbeat steady. She was clearly very moved by the plight of that darling cow Molly. And who wouldn’t be apart from a very hardhearted insensitive cold callous individual. Whoopi? Sheri? Please understand the impact that you have on the very impressionable very naive Amercan Public. Barbara you’ve done it again. You are a great lady. My sincerest admiration and thanks. You made my day Barbara.

  • Shannon says:

    Barbara Walters is an amazing woman. I’m overjoyed when talented and intelligent celebrities can make a change for the better.

  • Terri Sedillo says:

    I hope that all people realize that animals have feelings to they sense the danger. I don’t know why people have no regard for animals I just don’t understand it. I wish all the animals could escape and I would help them. STOP EATING MEAT!! HELP THE ANIMALS!!!