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Model Ts Set to Replace the Horse–Again!

Written by PETA | February 9, 2009
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Horse drawn carriage

I had occasion to ride my bike into downtown Houston one evening last week. While it was great to see a lot of nightlife happening in this once-dead part of our fair city, there was one sight that wasn’t so welcome: carriages drawn by sad, exhausted horses.

Frequent PETA Files visitors know about our work to help horses in New York City, but the problem isn’t limited to the Big Apple. Case in point: According to news reports, Chicago authorities recently impounded six horses from carriage ride operator JC Cutters. The animal control manager reportedly said that the animals’ body weights and the condition of the outdoor tent in which the horses were living were factors in the decision.

Did you get that? The horses were reportedly living in a tent, which the Chicago Tribune described as a “tarp-covered plywood barn near the Chicago River.” In the Windy City. In winter. Nice, huh? Maybe Liam Neeson should set up some new digs there.

Now, it’s great that Chicago has addressed this immediate problem, but these situations will keep happening as long as we keep putting the horse before the cart, so to speak—and not just in New York and Chicago but everywhere this sad excuse for “entertainment” occurs.

Meanwhile, with Valentine’s day coming up, it’s worth remembering that horse-drawn carriage rides are anything but romantic (or, as Will said of them on Will & Grace, “It seems romantic at first, but eventually you realize you’re cold and you’re staring at an ass that craps right in front of you”).

Fortunately, New York City Council Member Daniel Garodnick of Manhattan has taken up our suggestion to replace horse-drawn carriages there with environmentally-friendly electric replicas of the classic Ford Model T and is running with it. The current carriage drivers might even be able to make the transition to driving the new cars—you gotta love a win-win situation like that.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Courtney says:

    Why does every city feel like they need to have carriage horses? What the heck? The horses hardly have any room on those busy streets! They need to stop it!

  • Pepsi One Is Fun says:

    NYC Resident I lost faith in the New York State Government the minute a soda tax was ever considered a “good” idea.

  • NYC Resident says:

    Council Member David Weprin is pushing for a bill that not only increase their rates from 34 for 12 hour to 54 for 12 hour even though the national average hourly rate is under 19 dollars per U.S. dept of Labor. Also it will remove oversight from the ASPCA since they don’t want the ASPCA since it spoke against the industry but the ASPCA did it job and spoke against the cruelty and inhumane conditions. It’s no wonder that Weprin would rather talk about the carriage drivers than his record dealing with financial issues facing taxpayers. Under his watch New Yorkers faced the highest tax burden of any American city for years and the cost of municipal government consistently went up each year. No one including Weprin had the courage to automatically adopt last year’s budget and spending levels. There was no real fiscal reform to restrict any new spending below the rate of inflation or adopting the principle of pay as you go. Weprin never developed any plans to reduce municipal longterm debt. In addition to not paying sales tax the industry is cashonly. What other revenue are the taxpayers losing? Why isn’t Weprin representing the interests of taxpayers? Only a limited number of the 400 workers 30 as reported by the Daily News were able to join the union. Are the rest independent contractors? If so is this in accordance with labor laws? Weprin supports a bill that would require city money for independent oversight by a thirdparty organization when the ASPCA is currently doing it at no cost to the city. During this downturn in the economy the last thing taxpayers need is more oversight costs. The bill will weaken accountabilitythe industry will be selfregulating if the ASCPA’s oversight is taken away. Weprin has a problem with firefighters who save lives yet he protect these rotten carriage drivers???

  • lynda downie says:

    Right Liam should jump at the chance to be housed in a tent blown by strong winds off an icy river in the winter after being on his feet all day hauling fat asses around the noisy streets of Chicago. Seriously thank goodness those 6 horses are being properly cared for now. Kudos to Daniel Garodnick for taking up Peta’s suggestion to replace the carriages in NYC with electric Model Ts.

  • Pepsi One Is Fun says:

    If meat is the leading cause of global warming I say gas those suckers up and let the nostalgia rev freely.