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Model Gets Inked for Animals

Written by PETA | May 17, 2010

Check out sexy Austrian tattoo-model Sandy P. Peng’s awesome new tat.


Sandy P Peng


That baby’s not photoshopped, it’s real. Sandy’s so supportive of PETA Germany’s anti-fur efforts that she sent them the pic of her “Ink, Not Mink” artwork to use as an advertisement, and she’s doing not one but five anti-fur demonstrations with a PETA Germany campaigner this week. Wow! (That’s German for “Wow!”)

Those of you who speak German (that’s most of you, right?) can read more about Sandy on PETA Germany’s brand-new VeganBlog. Check it tomorrow to enjoy the photos of her as she speaks out for animals.

Sandy joins a long list of sexy celebs who’ve posed for PETA’s and its affiliates’ “Ink, Not Mink” campaigns. Take a look, and maybe even show us your tats too.

Written by Heather Moore

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