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Missouri Puppy Pimps Take a Hit

Written by PETA | November 3, 2010

In yesterday’s midterm elections, Missouri voters approved a measure that gives dogs who are mass bred in puppy mills some long overdue relief. Missouri holds the unenviable distinction of being our nation’s puppy mill capital. The state is home to more than 1,400 commercial (or as the American Kennel Club likes to call them, “high-volume”) breeders who subject dogs to miserable lives in cramped, filthy hutches, cages, and pens.

Dogs in puppy mills are treated like breeding machines and discarded, killed, or auctioned off when they’re too old or worn out to “produce” anymore. They are not shown love or given a kind word, and they are never treated to a walk, a belly rub, or a game of fetch.

Proposition B, which goes into effect next year, will eliminate stacked cages, which have been known to cause dogs to develop “cage spins”—a condition in which animals turn manically in endless circles as a result of intensive, continuous confinement. Breeders will be “limited” to no more than 50 females, who can’t be bred more than twice every 18 months. It’s estimated that about one-third of the state’s puppy profiteers currently breed more than 50 females, so this bill should, we hope, reduce the number of puppies born, sold, and shipped out of the state to pet shops all over the U.S. (The vast majority of puppies sold in pet shops—even hoity-toity ones—come from puppy mills!)

It’s hard to believe, but the measure also had to spell out to breeders that they must feed animals once a day. It also mandates annual veterinary checks and requires that dogs be housed indoors with unrestricted access to an outdoor exercise area.

Keep cheering: Washington and Oregon have also recently toughened laws against puppy mill operators.

This is great news for dogs, but make no mistake: As long as people buy instead of adopting, the suffering will continue. Never buy from pet stores—which are basically puppy mill outlets—and tell everyone you know that those stores’ “inventories” come straight from the factory.

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Tish says:

    Full of salient points. Don’t stop believing or wriitng!

  • PETA says:

    @Concerned About True Puppy Mills – The dog breeders who are complaining about Missouri’s legislation that is intended to protect animals in the breeding industry simply prove that their interests lie in making money by selling animals—not animals’ welfare. No matter how kindly a breeder treats his or her animals, every new puppy or kitten whom breeders bring into the world means one less home for a needy shelter animal whose life depends on being adopted.

  • Nyvlt Ladislav says:

    STOP !!!

  • Pavla Nyvltova says:

    STOP !!!!

  • martina točeková says:

    I hate this people

  • martina točeko says:

    I hate this people :(((

  • Concerned About True Puppy Mills says:

    My question is this… how is this bill going to stop the true puppy mills, the ILLEGAL, UNREGISTERED breeders? This bill will put current breeders out of business. This bill will stop the breeding of dogs, which will end up making sure that people cannot own a dog, because if the breeders go out of business then there will be no dogs in shelters, except from the ILLEGAL breeders. If people would have opened there eyes and realized that Missouri and USDA laws already required exercise, feed (2x a day, not once), water, and vet care, and that Missouri had Operation Bark Alert in place to report illegal breeders or those not following the law, then maybe we wouldn’t have “needed” Prop B. As I’ve said, I don’t see how this is going to help stop the true puppy mills…

  • Eva Nyvltova says:

    STOP !!!!!!

  • Nyvlt Ladislav says:

    STOP !!!!!

  • Aneta Nyvltova says:

    Zastřelit člověka, který tohle dopustí.

  • Eva Nyvltova says:

    Odsoudit lidské bestie.

  • Petra Chalupová says:

    so sad!!!!

  • Anna Skolasinska says:

    Thanks God! Puppy mills is a sad, cruel and horrible issue… And we are called humans… Maybe this is just a start of a change coming? I do hope!

  • Judy Neuman says:

    I am glad that something is being done, but I think 50 breeding females is to many. I hope that the law has a plan in place to regulate and check on these dog pimps who only care about themselves. Any person that can treat an animal in such a cruel way is a very sick. I think if someone breaks this new law they should be shut down completely and never be allowed to breed an animal again.

  • krystal says:

    this is so inhumane.

  • Laura G. says:

    What started as a nail-biter finally turned victorious after the urban votes started to come in. As a Missourian, and a St. Louisan, you see one after another puppy mill taken over and WE support the shelters that care for these dogs so its justice that we pushed the measure through. There are some legitimate breeders in our state whose dogs are treated better than a lot of pets, but hopefully, the out of towners who’ve taken advantage of our lax & inadequate laws will pack up and go home. This is such a major victory for Missouri; you have no idea how difficult it is to convince people in this state to back humane animal laws because everything is looked at as a ultimate plot to legislate the animal food industry—like that would be a bad thing, duh. Missouri Alliance for Animal Legislation works tirelessly to block every inane law the opposition puts up and I congratulate them and the HSUS and ASPCA etal for making this happen!

  • eli says:

    It’s good but not enough.50!!!females in cages.breeding twice!!every 18 month. this is sick…you guy’s should ban shops from dealing with animals. this will eliminate this breeding madness.

  • Shelia says:

    Thanks to the 52% of the people from Missouri who voted for prop b. It really amazes me how and what people will do to make a living. It should be a law nation wide.

  • Margaret Desjardins says:

    I rescue dogs from shelters here in S. California and the situation is horrific.Just too,too,too many dogs.To breed anywhere is tragic.Puppy Mills make me embarrassed to belong to the human race.

  • Corey says:

    I think these mills should be shut down.  I mean how would people feel if they were subjected to that?  We actually did and still do have that going on, its called human slavery.  Still humans can be the biggest enemy to the earth and the animals which were here before our start.  I think that I bought a puppy mill dog, without knowing it.  He is very unrully at times.  Still I have had him for almost 2 years and he is apart of the family.

  • Carole says:

    Gov. Officials just don’t get it!! STOP ISSUEING BREEDING LICENSES!! Make it unlawful to have more than six dogs per house!!

  • Martina Sudová says:


  • Petra Hazuchová says:

    I have no words….:-(((

  • Jana Fridrichová says:

    Stooooooooooooooooop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Simona Titlova says:


  • Martina Titlova says:


  • Wendy says:

    This is just the ti of the iceberg. How is it acceptable to allow someone to breed 50 females continuously. This amounts to thousands and thousands of pups from one female alone. The horror is beyond comprehension.

  • Kelly says:

    This is so wonderful…’s about time.

  • JOSETTE says:


  • Elaine Himes says:

    50 FEMALE DOGS!!! Oh my gosh, THAT IS EVEN TERRIBLE!! 5 – 10 Would be enough. How terrible!!! How is 50 female dogs breeding every 18 months going to stop the puppy factory production? Elaine

  • trumanpaul says:

    i am from missouri and voted for prop b, however i am sad to say large puppy mills are planning around the law. i have heard of mills planning to split their operations onto separate properties. as i understand it the law states 50 dogs per property. the fight has just begun.

  • Animal Advocate says:

    I’m also from Missouri and I’v got to say that I’m terribly embarrased to be a Missourian since 48% of people here voted no to Prop B. I’ve been a volunteer for Prop B, collected signatures and worked the polls on election day. Now, hooray for the educated 52% that voted Yes. Let’s hope that they all, as I will, continue to press animal issues with our elected officials. If the elected officials hear enough that you vote For Animals – they will listen. Because the ass-backwards ones that are so afraid that this will affect their livestock are hammering their elected officials. And, for the record, I hope the next step is to make them treat all animals including “livestock” better !!!!!!!

  • Joanna V says:

    I was glad to be able to vote on this issue. It’s not a perfect law but at least it’s something. It was a real nail bitter, it looked as if it was going to fail when I went to bed. Sad that just “slightly” over half of the MO voters care about how puppies are treated.

  • George says:

    The puppy mills also sell through websites where they pretend to be “good” breeders. Because there is no regulation, they can get away with it. NEVER buy from online ads, websites, or classifieds. Those are how puppy mills sell.

  • George says:

    The chairwoman of the High Volume (Puppy Mill) committee arm of AKC that arranges the nusiness between AKC and the brokers. AKC not only gets money from registering puppy mill dogs, but things like microchipping them. The puppy mill money pays for things like dog shows. If you hate puppy mills, avoid the dog shows.

  • Emilee013 says:

    I am from Missouri and I am proud to say that I voted for Proposition B. I live in a city in northwest Missouri and the disgusting things I see happening to dogs here cannot be put into words. I am so glad that this passed because I know now that puppy “pimps” will no longer get away with what they are doing. I would also like to say that I adopted my dog Bella about two years ago and she is the most perfect dog ever 🙂

  • Lori says:

    Great news! I hope they have someone to visit these puppy mills to make sure that the owners are following the new laws – which seem to be common sense on treating dogs. I hope that puppy mills won’t exist in the near future, because it’s sickens me to know that people treat dogs this way.

  • Mary Ripley says:

    Puppy mills should be outlawed all together.Millions and millions of animals are killed each year because no body wants them. Why do we need inhuman puppy Mills? There is no shortage of dogs. And if anyone thinks they are o.k. they should be forced to spend a day at one. Only the ignorant, uninformed would think that puppy mills are ok.

  • CarolC0702 says:


  • Loredana Braun says:

    Please Helppppppppppppppppppp OF THIS WORLD IS PEOPEL AND ANIMAL; MORE NOT! I must cry, sorry