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Milk Gone Wild: Live at Miami Beach

Written by PETA | March 20, 2008

By this point, the entire world knows that Eliot Spitzer’s call girl was on Girls Gone Wild, but I bet she never did anything quite like this. While I focus my full attention on resisting the urge to make a joke featuring the word “udderly,” please take a moment to enjoy these pictures of Cassandra—star of PETA’s Milk Gone Wild 2: at the Carwash—baring it all for the Spring Break crowd at Miami Beach. She reeled them in with the free soy ice cream and the prosthetic udders (who could possibly resist that combination?), then hit ‘em with the “Milk Sucks” information. According to Cassandra, one photographer was so moved by the Meet Your Milk video that he stuck around to help her pass out leaflets. Well played, young lady. Well played.



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  • sarah says:

    Have you all ever tried rice milk? It has no soy so none of the harmful effects and it tastes good with cereal!

  • chris says:

    why do you care if heshe drinks milk? and if you think soy is so much better why dont you drink your soy n you drink your milk. youre both entitled to your beliefs p.s have you ever tried having cereal with soymilk? it sucksssss lol

  • Tabitha says:

    Cruelty free? Not so much. A very large percentage of soy over 90 is genetically modified and it also has one of the highest percentages contamination by pesticides of any of the foods we eat. Soy can lead to abnormality in infants as well as contains a natural chemical that mimics estrogen. If you feed your baby soy milk you are feeding it get this the equivalent of FIVE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS A DAY. It contains a clot producing substance which interfers with your cardiac health. It contains a growth surpressant which cannot be completely eliminated no matter how you prepare it. That’s pretty cruel to me.

  • Jack says:

    Actually you’ve got it a bit backwards Jessica. Like humans cows only produce milk when they’re pregnant so on dairy farms they’re forcibly impregnated on “rape racks” and have their calves taken away from them to be made into veal. It’s true that they can develop mastitis and other ailments as a result but the cause of it is farmers keeping them in a constant state of pregnancy without any calves to drink the milk that was intended for them. They’d be just fine without milking if this wasn’t happening. P.S. Soy milk is tastier better for you and 100 percent cruelty free. Just saying.

  • jessica says:

    do u know what happens if cows are not milked?? the develop mastitisyes it is a real diseasewhich can lead to death

  • Ronixis says:

    Consequently milk does not suck. Ideas like this are humorous however.

  • rojo says:

    CC so what happens in the wild? Cows have contraception? Predators ignore the young? Producing milk unnatural? I’m more than sure genetic engineering could provide cows that don’t have to undergo pregnancy to produce milk if people didn’t actually choose to eat veal. You wouldn’t seriously suggest that veal production would end just because dairy ended would you?

  • CC says:

    This is awesome!!! Mother cows kept continuously pregnant with sore infected udders their babies ripped away immediately to become veal all so that adult humans can continue to drink breast milk the dairy industry is the most perverted femaleexploitive animal industry there is. This is the perfect parody. Kudos PETA!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Whether one likes the promo or not Cassandra still deserves full credit.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Judith well said!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    A bit much.

  • Sarah says:

    Dude you guys at PETA are totally awesome. Cassandra you are just amazing.