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Military Stabs Pigs in Avocado Field

Written by PETA | July 29, 2009
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Please don't hurt me.

Y’all know how we feel about killing animals for “trauma training” by now, right? (Hint: It sucks—to put it mildly.)

Well, after learning that live pigs are reportedly being shot and stabbed in a California avocado grove owned by police officer David Bishop—all as part of trauma training exercises conducted by Washington-based Deployment Medicine International (DMI)—we were outraged. Not only is it unnecessary to mutilate and kill pigs—or any other animals—for trauma training, but to do so in an avocado grove may be illegal.

That’s because Bishop’s land isn’t zoned for trauma or medical training exercises under the County of San Diego’s zoning ordinances. Since San Diego County allows the director of its Department of Planning and Land Use to penalize zoning violators, we’ve fired off a letter to the current director, Eric Gibson, asking him to investigate Bishop and DMI for illegal activity.

Stabbing and shooting pigs to train medical personnel how to treat human injuries is positively medieval. With all the non-animal methods that are readily available, there are better models of human anatomy and physiology than pigs. Don’t animals—and trauma victims—deserve better?

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Angry Alpaca says:

    NOOOOOO! Poor pigs! Couldn’t they practice shooting at dummies or scarecrows? I am not a doctor, but pigs definitely don’t have the same anatomy as people. Therefore, it would be very confusing for the medics to help the pigs, and also problematic, when they do have to save a person. Pigs are cute, sweet, smart animals! Even if they weren’t, they haven’t done anything wrong. They are totally innocent. They don’t deserve to die. D:

  • Mad Violinist says:

    Thank you AH and Jared Dull for having enough of a brain to use logic here. Yes, pigs are living beings that can feel pain, but slaughtering another human being for this purpose is the only relevant alternative…which, of course, is illegal and horrible no matter which way you look at it. Not to mention that it would cause immeasurable psychological damage to every soldier involved.

  • Im surprised you peta people are mad says:

    Why are you even mad? now that the army is practicing on real pigs at least they have the experience to help save pigs from trauma. HAHAHHAHAHAHA

  • noeltopaz says:

    This is an outrage!! Pigs are smart wonderful creatures that don’t deserve this torture.

  • sunset jenkins III says:

    OKAY! Can we not have a civil discourse about such terrible and vital issues without fear of reprisal?!! Which disicple of Dick Cheney covered by selfconverted 1987 biodiesel hybrid VW Rabbit with pig blood intestines and feces?!!! I would love to enlighten you to our cause. Please email me at Or just see me at open mic night at the Akron Ohio “Sing Soy In.” Madou refuses to ride in my car. He tells me that it smells of the infidel.

  • Sunset Jenkins III says:

    LIES! LIES! LIES! There is no difference between what is going on here IN SECRET I MIGHT ADD than any other case of genocide. Created by white men behind locked doors in secret. Lets keep Guantanamo open and put the real criminals in there these so called “medics” completely different than so called terrorists we currently imprison there simply good family men trying to get back to their country. These issues and more will be addressed at our next “SINGSOY IN” at the Post Office in Akron Ohio on Veteran’s Day 2009. My spitual life partner in body and soul Madou AlJihad will be enlightening people to the truth behind Dick Cheney and other evil conspirators to rid Mother Earth of her natural bounty such our friends the swine. Madou and I have come to know each other on so many levels he calls me his “Little Sharmuta.”

  • AH says:

    Jeez…some of the people commenting here are INSANE I love pigs if you dont believe me you should see my desk but come on…putting another human being in their place? Even people on death row rapists etc. is completely against everything you supposedly stand for. As a human you are an animal. Putting another human in place of another animal is the same as killing that animal…military testing on animals is wrong and there are other methods of testing this that would be much more reliable on the field but come on…If you people are so “prolife” for animals the least you could possibly do for your OWN SPECIES is admit the fact that killing a prisoner would be the equal of killing a pig. Both are living creatures and neither should be killed by the military or anyone for that matter…..the way people speak here is laughable as I know none of you would actually be able to stand there and watch as a prisonerORpig is torn apart by another person. If you have ever seen another person being killed a million thoughts race through your head just like if you see an animal being killed. Please if you are going to “care” you should feel compassion for ALL living things including humans. Some death row inmates have been proven not guilty what happens if you watched one of them get torn apart just to find out they never hurt anything in their life?

  • I dont give a shit about animals says:

    Thank you soldiers for using animals instead of real humans all these idiots commenting on this saying to use humans can go test in place of the pigs.

  • Tempest Phebus says:

    Look Mister Jered Dull there is no need to go around stabbing pigs for this kind of training. It’s emergency medical training if you’re learning to act quick and fast while 13 other people are running around you trying to help the same guy those military doctors can find this work somewhere else oh like on real human patients that are already sick and injured. There is no need to have a pig stabbed when a man in the city was already stabbed and seeking help that doctor could be working on him instead of a perfectly healthy pig. Therefore it is NOT necessary to stab a poor pig that didn’t do anything but be born.

  • Jared Dull says:

    The training done on these animals is necessary to train Medics and Corpsmen in battle field medicine. The anatomy is so very close to that of humans. So while they are saving wounded warriors on the battlefield you people complain about a pig.

  • Sunset Jenkins III says:

    MURDER! Why add to the body count of this illegal and unjust war by the senseless murder of these innocent pigs. Why can’t the Army just shoot some more Iraqis civilians and then practice on them? Only someone as evil as Dick Cheney could fund this from his secret underground lair. These crimes against humanity should be tried in the Hague. I heard that McDonalds funds the whole atrocity so they can buy the pigs and use them to make sausage Mcmuffins and they process them while they are still alive. Me and my group will be marching on the post office in Akron Ohio on 0911 to bring this genocide to light. I also heard they are testing biological weapons on the pigs and thats where the new swine flu came from clearly seen in the photos the soldiers are wearing chemical warfare equipment to detect the new mutated viruses as they develop. Don’t let them fool you we will all reap the whirlwind of their diabolical plot to mother earth to her knees. RISE UP! RISE UP! people before it too late.

  • Yu Hsi Chen says:

    I am a Buddhist who believe that all sentient beings should be respected and treated in a humane way. Harming or killing animals is a moral crime that should be stopped as soon as possible.

  • Catherine Walker says:

    The military has obviously not progressed out of the dark agestorturing and killing poor defenseless creaturesall in the name of Trauma training?! I dare say that pig anatomy and human anatomy are 100 different what possible use for this could the military haveother than being intentionally cruelbecause after allit’s “just a farm animal”things have got to changefor the better.It’s time everyone stepped forwardnot backward.Farm animals need better protection!

  • Miriam Coultas says:

    Animal abuse is awful. As a new vegan I am just so thankful that there is good people like you guys out there!

  • Andrew says:

    we can learn to save people by killing pigs or we can kill people to learn how to save people your choice.

  • Christopher Rice says:

    This is why every country on the planet thinks the USA are a bunch of assholes! I wonder sometimes and reading bullshit like this makes me ashamed to be American. “ARMY Be all you can be.” “And torture animals too?” Hopefully the jackass who came up with this idea drives over an IED. Oh and I guess we can stop buying California Avocados too!!

  • Leena says:

    It is not nice to know how US military is training soldiers. I’m from Finland and I’ve never heard about this “trauma training” before. We don’t have such concrete training in Finnish military. Okay I can understand that your country is having many situations in other countries and your soldiers have to be prepared for the real thing. But still I hope you’d find another way for this. Because in my opinion eventhough how bad you’d need an example of a screaming patient it is not right to make animals suffer just because humans can’t live in peace in this world. Animals can.