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Miley Cyrus Receives Compassionate Citizen Award From PETA

Written by PETA | April 13, 2009


Credit: Star Max Inc.

The following is a guest post from peta2’s Patricia

We’ve seen tons of stories and photos of Miley Cyrus stopping on the side of the road to rescue strays. So we weren’t one bit surprised when we found out that she had rescued some chickens from the set of her new flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Apparently, Miley fell in love with one of the chickens on the movie set and decided to take her and several others home because, according to the article, she thought “they were sad to be working.” (Awww, of course they were—animals aren’t actors!) The article also alludes to the fact that she may be asked to go naked for one of our campaigns—um, no. She’s underage, for goodness’ sake! Not that we wouldn’t LOVE for her to star in any ad for PETA—Miley, in case you’re reading this, we think you’d make a beautiful “Angel for Animals”!

When we find out about celebs (or anyone!) who do nice things for animals, we like to acknowledge it, so PETA is giving Miley Cyrus our Compassionate Citizen Award.

Written by Patricia Trostle

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  • caro says:

    now i like her!!!

  • Heather says:

    Just because she’s done something nice doesn’t mean she’s doing it to make her career even better. She’s already making millions and she’s talented and she has millions of fans their is no need for her to try to do such a thing to make it better it’s already going strong. Miley rocks!

  • Laurel anderson says:

    Now she’s at least done something productive with her time. Good for her it was about time

  • kitana lynn Erna says:

    how sweet U go miley

  • Dana says:

    Miley gets my vote for big sweetie of the month. What a awaren young woman. most would care about getting home from set to go out with their friends but Miley spent her off time making a safe and happy home for some blessed chickens. What a person. I love Miley’s attitude.

  • Aussie Tania says:

    I agree that this gal is setting a fantastic example for others where animal welfare is concerned. I never really paid much attention to Miley but from now on she’s my girl!

  • Vijeta says:

    Miley Cyrus is just awesome. I love her music and she is one of the most beautiful pal…… i love you Miley………….. Please come to India.

  • Harley says:

    ive never really liked her till now like alot of other people have been saying D

  • Mimi says:

    I think that is so sweet.

  • Andreas Jahns says:

    Thanks Miley! Go on like that! Best wishes.

  • Gaby says:

    thats so nice thanks miley. i have loved her from the start as a singer song writer and actress. and now as a loving animal owner

  • Lily says:

    well i still dont really liker her but at least she did something good

  • Doesn't MAtter says:

    Ah well at least she’s done something. But like the comment below she does have a makeup line by Covergirl which is an animaltesting company. Well… least she’s made an effort.

  • Diana Marton says:

    I agree with Melissa she’s still young but she’s already doing some nice things for animals it’s a good start. We need more people like her as role models. PETA really atracts animals activists from all over the world I’m brazilian of hungarian origin living in Guadeloupe French West Indies with my husband for the last four years. We adopted several stray cats and dogs I won’t tell you how many… and I’m a recent PETA member but we still didn’t go entirely veggie or vegan although it’s a plan for the near future. So I think Miley still have time to get there too. She’s on the right track at least. Diana

  • elle says:

    i have always loved miley and now i just feel like i relate to her soooo much more.

  • jennifer carpenter says:

    that’s awesome!

  • gena noel says:

    miley is amazing in so many ways.

  • syra says:

    aww good on her we cant be too judgemental on the girl! she is what 17? i know when i was that age i was completely against animal cruelty and still ate cheese and eggs! if she really is good she will grow and realise ther is more to what meets the eye. she’s so cute i hope to see her being more active

  • Kristen says:

    Great Job Miley! And you have a great smile no matter what any goofball says.

  • Megan T says:

    I hated miley before this but now i really look up to her!

  • Sharon says:

    yay!! i like her now.

  • elly says:

    That’s quiet a nice thing of her

  • Kathy says:

    Miley”s movie was good. Hope she continues to be such a wonderful person.

  • Stephanie English says:

    I have never heard of her before I read this article but I am now a fan!

  • isabel says:

    Yay!!! something good amongst many bad things!!!

  • Sukriti Singh says:

    Her music is terrible but she’s an overall good person Hopefully she goes vegetarian soon… Then we’d all like her more. And plus this is good cuz all the 12 years old fans of hers might consider vegetarianism.

  • Maggie says:

    I never really liked her too much but that’s a really cool thing for her to do. It sets a good example for all her fans too.

  • Emilee says:

    I know she did a UBER fantastic job but I still can’t stand her.

  • Samantha says:

    Yay Miley!!! I love her. She’s such a beautiful girl. Inside and out.

  • dante says:

    Miley good work

  • Melissa says:

    I have never before expressed an opinion of Miley because I am an adult with more important things to concern myself with. if i had a child looking up to her that would be the only reason to be concerned But I would like to say that I am very proud of Miley and glad to hear that PETA is acknowledging this minor’s actions. I think those of you that have negative things to say should consider her age and mentality. When I was 17 I was more worried about my hair and boys then animals. It was not until I was older making decisions on my own learning about the world that I decided to become a vegetarian and animal rights supporter. For a young woman in my eyes she is setting a great example for others her age. We must all remember that all actions that help animals are gooddon’t knock her for eating fishpraise her for helping chickens. If you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all. I’m sure as Miley gets older and more informed she will take the step to becoming a full vegetarian or vegan.

  • Gabriela says:

    Good job Miley good job. I think you are a girl with a big big heart keep on like this!

  • Jackie says:

    OMG i love u miley that is so nice of here to do that…..not everyone likes here but now they have to!!!

  • Sarah says:

    Awesome job girl! My veg kids LOVE you and it’s fabulous to have you doing kind things for animals and making you an even stronger role model!

  • Zoe says:

    Everyone is saying she should go vegan or vegetarian that’s her choice. It isn’t fair to impose your views or try and force your views on somebody. Yes you can give them the info and try to educate them but you shouldn’t force somebody to do it I don’t like the fact animals are eaten for meat but I don’t try and force other people to do it it’s personal choice. At least she is doing something to help animals!

  • Luciana White says:

    It is amazing how news travel all over the world via email.. Im from Peru and dad is from AUS… and I have always seen on tv PETA work and I love it.. I would like to help you cuz i love animals.. It is such a wonderful thing that Miley is doing good things for animals Gratz Miley.. you are growing and showing us how mature you could be. Thnak you for being so nice with our fellow animals.

  • Rebecca says:

    i think it was really nice of you to keep them rather then send them to slahter!!! all i can say is thank you

  • ACP--Chicago, IL USA says:

    I’m so happy that Miley has a big heart. People are so quick to judge but when you see someone has compassion for animals you should realize that person has higher standards than people may give himher credit for. My daughter loves her of course because she’s a tween but I’ve forwarded this article for her so she has another reason to keep Miley as her idol. People need to lay off of the bad publicity because this is so much nicer.

  • Jake says:

    Thanks Any time someone actually looks at those who have no voice or no choice and pays attention to what they are communicating…. They are singing my favorite song….. Sing on Miley…. Sing On!!!!!

  • Laura says:

    She just has to stop wearing leather boots and jackets.

  • Amanda Schunk says:


  • bonnie says:

    Is there a way we can thank her?? Let her know how we love what she does for the animals Bonnie

  • Paula Lloyd says:

    Well Done Miley! On a different noteanswer to a previous comment Don’t you find a lot of people that call themselves vegetarian still eat fish? This does annoy me as it makes the meat eaters think this is correct. A Vegetarian DOES NOT EAT MEAT OR FISH basically anything that bleeds!

  • Eilean says:

    OMG!!! MILEY U ROCK!!! I never really liked Miley Cyrus that much before now not that I hated her or anything but I just never really saw her as one of my fav stars BUT I DEFO DO NOW!!! I think it’s amazing that she did that and im behind her all the way. GO PETA AND MILEY!!!!! D XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  • Helen says:

    the first thing someone should do to be a more beautiful person is take care of the ones who cant protect and defend themselves.this kind of beauty comes from inside and shows on someone’s face VEGAN POWER 333

  • Susan Ballarini says:

    Beautiful AND kind to animals! What a wonderful kid and an inspiration to her peers! You are a very lovely young lady Miley! Keep up your animal advocacy!

  • is says:

    Lets not overestimate her for god sake! She saved some chickens and that’s very VERY cool but she should do more than that to receive some award.

  • Meredith says:

    Man what an AWESOME person to have for our animal loving team she’s such a huge celeb and so many little girls look up to her! Rope her in PeTA rope her in! Just remember guys don’t judge meateaters too harshly we all most of us used to do it too! All it takes is some education and an open heart. Go Miley! Keep up the good work.

  • Maryann says:

    Wow now I like her music even more.

  • genesis says:

    I completly expected that from miley she’s so beautiful and loves animals