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Miley Cyrus Receives Compassionate Citizen Award From PETA

Written by PETA | April 13, 2009


Credit: Star Max Inc.

The following is a guest post from peta2’s Patricia

We’ve seen tons of stories and photos of Miley Cyrus stopping on the side of the road to rescue strays. So we weren’t one bit surprised when we found out that she had rescued some chickens from the set of her new flick, Hannah Montana: The Movie.

Apparently, Miley fell in love with one of the chickens on the movie set and decided to take her and several others home because, according to the article, she thought “they were sad to be working.” (Awww, of course they were—animals aren’t actors!) The article also alludes to the fact that she may be asked to go naked for one of our campaigns—um, no. She’s underage, for goodness’ sake! Not that we wouldn’t LOVE for her to star in any ad for PETA—Miley, in case you’re reading this, we think you’d make a beautiful “Angel for Animals”!

When we find out about celebs (or anyone!) who do nice things for animals, we like to acknowledge it, so PETA is giving Miley Cyrus our Compassionate Citizen Award.

Written by Patricia Trostle

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  • Tina Max says:

    I also never like her but now I do sort of she should go vegan next

  • Kathleen says:

    Are you kidding? The internet and tabloids are covered with pictures of her shoving cheeseburgers down her throat and PETA gives her an award? While you’re at it PETA why not give ChikFilA an award for sparing so many cows and pigs!

  • titannica says:

    Eurgh! ‘Scuse but moral ethics matters here…why don’t you try getting Tom Cruise to pose n instead? This is just sexual bias. Why convert to vegetarianism if you don’t observe moral ethics first? This is the wrong image being portrayed here…Miley Cyrus is a model for tweens and posing n isn’t going to do her career any good. Is PETA an organisation that is trying to achieve their goals through underhanded morally wrong and discriminated ways? I hope not. Then why display such a degrading view of feminity? Cyberporn and discrimination is bad enough without anyone aggravating the situation. And isn’t Ingrid Newkirk a female too? Doesn’t ANYBODY believe that “sexiest veg” is a completely underhanded way to catch the public’s attention?? Why DEGRADE the name of females??? Go degrade someone else PETA!! George Bush maybe. He started the acceleration of global warming in the first place. Why didn’t Al Gore become president?!?!? Why oh WHY!!! I just hate politics. PETA would win more people over if they stop trying these underhanded methods out. And BTW I’m quite sure that EVERY grownup wears either eudecologne or perfume or whatever. And I have this really stunning announcement to make!!! Drumroll please… And here it is! THERE ARE ENOUGH MICE IN THIS WORLD. Don’t think so? Well then go volunteer yourself to be the test subject for Covergirl. And I TOTALLY agree with Zoe. It’s her choice for everything. Don’t try to force her or influence her. Don’t agree with that? GO LIVE HER LIFE. But Miley what were you doing with those chickens anyway?? Getting your “brother” to run around trying to imitate them? Haha XD lolz. Anyway it’s a start. But remember it’s one thing to be on the right track but yet another to be run over because you’re sitting still. See it’s not good or bad. Just is. Just is. Titannica.thx!

  • Anik says:

    way to go Miley!!

  • Kathleen says:

    Does she eat meat?

  • Rosie says:

    Chickens don’t have the capacity to feel “sad” and that statement just proves Miley Cyrus’ idiocy. I’m from Africa and in Africa meat is considered a delicacy and vegetarianism is completely unfathomable. The spoiled rich people in North America refrain from eating meat because they treat animals like humans but that is going against human nature and being extreme about something that doesn’t derserve as much attention as human adversity. It makes me sick to see awards given to such petty acts by celebrities when so many non celebrities that are truly compassionate and ethical towards the starving and destitute HUMANS in the world go unrecognized.

  • phyllis says:

    keep it up there are alot of animals that need your help

  • alondra says:

    i am so happy for u i am a gig fan of ur

  • max says:

    Cool! I always thought she was a great person. Shes a nice girl

  • Hmm says:

    Ok pep seems to forget that she’s already posed from some pretty steamy pics. But that’s beside the issue. The issue is the animals here and it’s great that people are considering the well being and proper treatment of the lesser creatures. It would be even better if people were to start treating each other as well as they expect animals to be treated. I can’t believe that some people treat animals w more respect care and love than they do a human being.

  • Leaf says:

    It is really kind of Miley to do this! Kinda expected cos’ she’s so pretty and she loves animals I dont think she has any other motive for doing so other than truly wanting to help the chicken so… yeah dont accuse wrongly Go Miley I love your songs x Esp ‘True friends’ Hehee it’s so true .