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Mike Myers and the Colonel

Written by PETA | May 25, 2010

At PETA, we sometimes embrace things that others might call “bizarre,” like Andy Dick’s interview as Ronald McDonald with Jiminy Glick.

So when people started ringing our phones wanting our reaction to the recent news that Mike Myers is “kind of obsessed” with painting KFC’s Colonel Sanders, we might have puzzled some callers who assumed we’d be alarmed or offended to learn about his muse. We’re not. Monet may have had his water lilies but, hey, not all artists are inspired by foliage.

Besides, at the recent premiere of Shrek Forever After, the actor/funnyman/artist told our own Senior Vice President Dan Mathews that after watching a PETA video, he doesn’t eat chicken anymore.

That’s no surprise, really—after all, like art, many individual’s attitudes are ever-evolving—and countless caring people have kicked KFC’s unhealthy buckets from their diets.

So we’re thankful that one more person has chosen not to support the appalling cruelty that’s imposed upon billions of chickens, and we’ll daydream that Mike Myers might one day honor us with a gift of one of his renderings of the Colonel. If we paired it with our crippled KFC chicken statue from artist Harry Bliss, we could add immeasurable artistic flair to our Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign.

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  • Andrea says:

    Here’s another reason to kick KFC! I absolutely will not eat KFC simply because the last time I ate itI found rodent poop in my mashed potatoes. No joke it was disgusting and I threw up afterward. And if you ever see the kitchens they reek of sweat and pee and there’s gross unclean floors and equiptment. Add that to the ever growing list of KFC woes. KFCFree for about 4 years.

  • riss says:

    when others force me to go to KFC i do enjoy the fact that they have great biscuits and green beans meatfree.

  • Chloe Allison says:

    Toby no pictures are flattering of the Colonel. He’s evil even though he’s smiling in his famous logo. I’m so glad Mike has a big enough heart unlike many to kick KFC out his diet. I think if you love animals become a vegan or vegetarian or at least certified humane meat and diary which does not include Kraft or Tyson a major supplier to KFC. I live in Arkansas where the Tyson meat headquarters are located and I hate that such a great “Natural State” have a part of this cruel company. We also have animal labs and shares of Unilever and used to have a share of Kimberly Clark until they went bankrupt here. But I am so glad Mike Myers chose to give up such a cruel company like KFC and Tyson.

  • Toby Saunders says:

    Good for Myers I hope his paintings are not flattering of the Colonel.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I feel bad for Michael Myers who shares his name with the mad slasherkiller in the Halloween movies.