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Michael Vick Update

Written by PETA | May 4, 2007
Vick drops the ball

You’ve probably heard by now about the alleged dogfighting ring that was uncovered in a raid on Michael Vick’s property last week. Vick has been vigorously denying any involvement in the operation, and I really, really want to believe him, because he genuinely is a fantastic quarterback. Unfortunately, the man’s versatility in the pocket is at best dubious proof of his innocence in this case, and things are looking even more bleak for the Falcons QB after Deadspin reported on another apparent link between Vick and the property. According to info published on Deadspin:

“A Web site associated with a Michael Vick company, MV7, LLC, professes to be in the business of breeding pit bulls and other dogs as pets not for fighting. states that, “We do not promote, support or raise dogs for fighting and will not knowingly sell, give, or trade any dog that may be used for fighting.” The property Vick owns in Virginia where dozens of dogs were confiscated last week in a dog-fighting investigation is listed as the address for the Web site and the company, 1915 Moonlight Road, Smithfield, Va.”

Um, yeah. We’re still calling on the Falcons to suspend Vick until this has been cleared up, and to release him from the team if animals on his property are found to have been neglected or used for fighting. For my own part, unless he is able to absolve himself completely of all this, I will not be selecting Michael Vick for my fantasy football team this year. It’s called tough love, Michael.

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  • Kendra Yale says:

    How disturbing and sad that this type of barbaric behavior goes on everyday in this country how even more disturbing that the NFL and Nike have not terminated him completely the evidence is there maybe he did not knwo every single fight but he damn sure knew it went on what kind of nonhuman is he I cannot stop thinking about these poor animals when I look at my dogs and I think they depend oon me for their happiness and safety and these poor animals had no one I hope he goes to jail and never has a penny to his name he should pay it is just to bad that he could not be treated the same way that he allowed these innocent creatures to be treated on his property anyone who ever does business with him again is off my list maybe that is no big deal to some comapanies but I cannot beleive a lot of people would not feel as I do Terminate him from all endorsements and the NFL he makes my stomach churn Kendra Yale

  • Diesel says:

    Some of you people sound like foamingatthemouth lunatics. Wishing harm and death on Vick before he has had his day in court is not only unfair unAmerican and unConstitutional but it is callow malevolent and shortsighted. I am not going to name names but some of you folks are crazy.

  • Diesel says:

    Wow some of you people are really sick. Animal cruelty while bad is no where near as bad as cruelty to humans. I cannot believe that I even had to type that you’d think that a reasonable person would take that as accepted fact. And to the person that said that he or she I cannot remember who it was hopes that he dies for what he has done is no better than the perpetrator of these crimes whoever that is ’cause remember folks Vick HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING. If you love your pets fine love your pets. Don’t allow your rabid affection for an animal affect your judgment by saying callow malevolent things towards a man that has not had his day in court. Some of you people are truly crazy.

  • Cds says:

    I’ve written letters to Nike Rawlings Coke who sponsors the Falsons and that’s enough for me Delta who sponsors the falcons atT Verizon also sponsors of the falcons and Home Depot connected because Arthur Blank was CEO Vick has Coke on his website as a sponsor. Let’s see if the power of the pen works!

  • Nancy says:

    I don’t watch football I didn’t even know who Michael Vick was…Actually I thought he may have been white. It is not a matter of color..No matter what race partakes in in dog fight it is wrong!! If he is guilty of this he should be prosecuted to the fullest. Pit Bulls were actually the all American family dog in the World War ll era. It’s not the breed it’s who is breeding them and owners that think that they are really cool with a vicious dog…That they have trained to be vicious. I cannot even imagine what those poor dogs had to endure!!



  • hoss says:

    Boycott Nike according to they still plan to release the Michael Vick “Signature” Shoe.. I guess it will have a steel toe better to kick the dogs with

  • thebrattygurl says:

    I am the proud owner of a sweet and lovely pit bull. Life would be sad without him. Vick is obviously guilty and what is has done is incomprehensible to me. He is a sick twisted menace to society. I started contacting all companies that carry his products today and let them know that I will be boycotting them andor closing any related accounts with their business if they do not remove his products from their offerings. May Michael Vick have to face the harsh consequences of his actions in this life and the hereafter…

  • Jenny Kaltenbach says:

    Michael Vick is a nothing more than a criminal as is anyone who participates in dogfighting. It’s illegal and it has taken us years to make it a Federal crime. I don’t care if he’s the best quarterback or even the commissioner himself. This puts them right next to any lowlife who takes these dogs abuses them watches them tear each other apart and bets money on it. Money doesn’t buy class and this is definitely LOW class. I don’t want him in the National Football League anymore. He’s not a good example for children and he’s the worst kind of criminal. He’s a bum and deserves to be in jail with the rest of the trash! Roger Goodell had better make the right choice here..we’re definitely watching…both of them.

  • andrew poliakoff says:

    Feed him to his dogs. I’m not kidding. And kick Lavar Arrington out of the NFL for laughing about it.

  • Dog Lover says:

    Dear Vick Lets see was this horrible thing that you did not your fault.. again.. the poor me card.. I wasn’t in the house etc etc lies lies.. I hope that the Dogs that you harmed come back to haunt you like in the Steven King Book Pet Cemetery! You are the worst excuse for a human being that there ever was next to child molesters!!. I could only hope that the death penelty comes into affect for people like you and that you have to suffer what they have

  • blt says:

    hope they put his black ass in prison and throw away the key!!!!

  • Jay Goober says:

    Are you guys ready to apologize to Michael Vick?

  • Little Hawk says:

    Anyone who even suggests that if it was Brett Favre instead of Michael Vick who was involved in dog fighting then there would be no story has absolutely no clue about right from wrong. Whether pit bulls are bred for dog fighting or whether they are mauling kids BOTH ARE WRONG!!!! It was never about the DOGS! It was always about the OWNERS! Dog fighting owners are ugly criminals and mauling dog owners are irresponsible and liable for their dog’s actions! When will you uninformed people get it.

  • fred edmonson says:

    all this shit about michael vick just leave him alone. everybody has been going after him for the longest time just leave him alone he has never done anything wrong to anybody but people are going after him because he’s sweet ass hell in football and is makeing millions and people dont like that. but im a big ATL fane and a has been a fan of Michael Vick since he was at VT and people need to let him live his life and people need to stay out of it because its his life not other peoples

  • F James Dean says:


  • James Dean says:

    Who cares about pit bulls they are just dogs not humans when pit bulls maul kids then everyone wants to put them to sleep now everyone loves pitbulls leave a black man alone if this was country man Brett Farve their would be no story. F the dogs!

  • Adam says:

    you forget that Vick owned a pit breeding company that’s on the web what is suspicious is that Vick sold his house 6 hours after investigated his house with a search warrent for 60 percent less of the value that doesnt ring a bell? His nephew sold drugs at Vick’s house the government should have taken Vick’s and investigated it Vick should have not been able to sell his house while it was being investigated! Then Vick’s place get’s robbed? or was that a set up so someone can get alot of the evidence. hey you know Vick is afterall Ron Mexico!

  • JCG says:


  • eugene r. stowe says:

    please keep pressure on surry county commonwealth’s attorney gerald g. poindexter. his past history of not prosecuting people involved in dogfighting is well documented butts case id 6295. he is questioning the legality of the search of vick’s home by animalcontrol officers and will not execute the search warrant issued on may 23. there is enough evidence to convict several people on charges of fighting dogs on vick’s property. there are several witnesses that claim michael vick has been seen on his property and has purchased materials found on his property from a local supplier. poindexter will not prosecute this case until the national media and federal officials become involved. poindexter controls sheriff brown and the local media. i beg you to apply pressure on national media and federal government to prosecute this case. virginia is one of the centers for dogfighting and should be the case that will stop the practice nationwide.

  • jim smith says:

    no posts since 531?? they are just delaying and waiting for the heat to die downyou must keep the heat onkeep emailingVick is a criminalthe NFL stadiums everywhere not just Atlanta should be boycotted if they try and skate on thisdog fighting is murder!!!

  • Tamara Whitman says:

    “After a little research I found information that may be helpful in taking a stand against Michael Vick in retaliation for his role in the murder of dogs through fighting them. Vick’s endorsement contracts include Nike Air Tran Airways EA Sports CocaCola Powerade Kraft Rawlings and Hasbro. ” I contacted CocaCola and they sent me an email stating they have not had a relationship with Michael Vick for sevreal years. Here it is “Thank you for contacting The CocaCola Company Ms. XXXXX. We are always glad to respond to our consumers. There is currently no relationship between Michael Vick and our Company. In fact it has been several years since Mr. Vick and The CocaCola Company worked together. If you have additional questions or comments please feel free to contact us again.

  • Jacko says:

    Yes doggy it counts as rescuing. Those animals have been so abused and trained to be aggressive that they have no chance of ever being placed in a normal home. What would you recommend? Keeping them chained up and literally insane for the rest of their lives? Putting them down is the only humane thing to do in this situation and all the blame for this tragedy lies with the individuals responsible for breeding and raising them in these conditions in the first place not with the animal care workers who are forced to do the unpleasant work of controlling the damage in most humane way possible.

  • doggy says:

    All of the dogs that were “rescued” form the property are being put to death because they’re considered unsuitable as pets. Does that really count as rescuing?

  • Robert Foster says:

    Animal abuse cases like this shouldn’t be a slap on the wrist. We need to focus on the bigger picture aside from this case as it should carry a two three or even five year sentence. Vick will get his.

  • Stephanie says:

    I am not into football but would like to contact the Falcon Advertisers for their games. Does anyone know who they are so I can get on it?

  • steve says:

    As a Charger fan I am SOO HAPPY we took LT over Vick in the 2001 draft One has become a transcendent football performer maybe the best in the game and the other remains an mediocre quarterback who boards planes with pot juice in his water bottle and gets his kicks by watching dogs rip themselves apart. Vick is sick and needs to be kicked out of the NFL and sent to jail period.

  • Will B. says:

    Put the pressure on Arthur Blank not Vick. Boycot Home Depot and Vick will be gone. Also rememeber that there are a lot more good guys in the NFL than bad.

  • DogFriend says:

    I am saddened that someone like Michael Vick that has millions of dollars would use it for evil. If he was involved in the abuse and killing of animals I will no longer give my support or money to the Atlanta Falcons until he is punished and in jail. There are many cool football players that do not participate in the torture of innocent animals.

  • Jack Schitt says:

    Please keep the heat on Vick. Show him as much respect as he likes to show to helpless animals. This is a very serious issue that the NFL must deal with harshly. It’s disgusting and he can’t get away with abusing dogs.

  • VTech Vet says:

    Hey read the article where the Chesapeake Animal Control folks have Vick on tape during an undersover sting and PARTICIPATING in the dog killings. They also reported that Vick was there during the dog rescue and eqquipment confiscation process. We should boycott his football camp in June at CNU in Newport News.

  • Kathy S. says:

    Ya know I’ve been a long time VT MV fan. I believe in “innocent until proven guilty” but the evidence keeps stacking up. If this turns out to be Mike’s “fiasco” may he rot in hell for his wrong doings. Dog fighting has got to be the sickest “sport” out there. Let’s put 2 people in a plywood box and watch them fight to the death? What is this? Renaissance times? Give me a break. No more “Be like Mike”.

  • Gina McFarland says:

    This is so surprising. He is a GREAT quarter back. He needs a wake up call and fast.

  • kelsey says:

    Cruelty to animals shouldnt be treated like cruelty to people! I see it no different! In fact cruelty to animals is worse in my mind P Animals are so intelligent and always loving they dont deserve ever feeling pain or discomfort!!! People who are cruel to any animal should be put in jail end of story!

  • eclare says:

    “but even if he is found guilty i think his penalties should come from the law not the NFL!!!” Fiji I disagree While the NFL is not legally required to take action against a player who is involved in illegal or immoral conduct they have the right to disassociate themselves from individuals that do not represent them in a positive way. Obviously there are Constitutional limits to this rules against discrimination or to a lesser extent firing someone for exercising free speech. As an AmStaff owner that’s one of the three most common “pit bull” breeds I find dog fighting to be particularly reprehensible on a number of levels. I think that it’s perfectly acceptable for anyone who agrees to use their voices and particularly their dollars to make their opinions known. So go ahead and put pressure on the NFL the Falcons and their advertisers! It’s the American Way!

  • Sharon says:

    And he owns the house and does not know anything about it? RIGHT!!!!!! But being a Football player he thinks he is above the law like the rest of them that get CAUGHT!!!!

  • Robert says:

    After a little research I found information that may be helpful in taking a stand against Michael Vick in retaliation for his role in the murder of dogs through fighting them. Vick’s endorsement contracts include Nike Air Tran Airways EA Sports CocaCola Powerade Kraft Rawlings and Hasbro. With his NFL contract and endorsements Vick ranked 33 among Forbes’ Top 100 celebrities in 2005. The website for his kennel operation is

  • Robert says:

    I see a bit of sad irony here. Vick is a product of VA Tech the scene of the worst mass murder in U.S. history. He is less than human if he doesn’t get the big picture and ask forgiveness for this abominable act. At present and if this is all true he should be stripped of every award he has ever received. If the Falcons continue to allow him to play then shame on them and I hope that every sponsor and season ticket holder refuses to support them in any way.

  • angei says:

    there is no way he can say yhat he had no idea what was going on.he knew thay were fighting the poor not like some on could haev that many dogs say thay were pets.he should have to pay.just like the dog will .its just not right!

  • pattie hargis says:


  • kelly says:

    ALL the dog fighters that are public in any way about their breeding activities ALWAYS claim to “sell as pets” or not to sell to fighters or they say they are “show dog breeders” or “pulling dog breeders.” It is ALL a scam. ALL a lie. All a front to fake out the authorities. No one in their right mind is breeding pits these days. It is ALL fighting dog breeding.

  • Fiji says:

    Okay so if this is all true and Michael Vick was involved or turned a blind eye to this thing then he is a bastard and i would never use him on Madden 2007 again or 2008 and so on i’m still reserving my judgment though but even if he is found guilty i think his penalties should come from the law not the NFL!!!

  • alisa says:

    It’s amazing how he is denying all the allegations! He’s either guilty or he is a serious doggy lover. Um…yea right!!! He is guilty and he needs to be prosecuted in the strictest way possible. He cannot get away with this just because he’s a celebrity. And as for him being black…I don’t give tiny rats ass what he is the man needs to be put away for a while where he’ll become someone else’s bitch for a change. He should rot in hell for what he did!

  • Jimmy says:

    Does anyone have a valid email address for the Atlanta Falcons front office or the NFL Front Office?? I sent a complaint to this email and really didn’t recieve a reply back! We need to let Falcons Management know that this kind of behavior in an NFL organization cannot and will not be tolerated by NFl fans! I’m asking that Falcons Owner Arthur Blank take action immediately against Michael Vick! As an NFL Fan I’m repulsed and if nothing is done the NFL will lose me as a fan just like MLB did after the baseball strike!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Kacie I recieved the same email. Now we need the help from the powers that be of P.E.T.A. My husband says we need to get ahold of the Falcon advertisers for their games and tell them we shall no longer shop for their items. Hit them where it hurts. Judith

  • Kacie says:

    I recieved an email back from the CEO of the Falcons arthur whoever or whatever his name is. I’m sure its automated to go to all of the PETA emailers but it said they can’t do anything until the investigation is complete..

  • kelly says:

    Doesn’t this guy have a history of committing criminal acts? Just can’t understand anyone who gives their money to the NFL in any way. It’s like organized crime there.

  • doug says:

    In the world which he is in it is “cool” to have dogs attack each other. There is somethig macho about having wild animals growling and snarling. I hope he gets suspended!!!

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    This monster needs to do a little time in jail. All you need to do is look in his eyes when he’s speaking their all untruths. He is now playing the race card saying I am black no one likes me. Get over yourself Mike. You are a terrible person. Judith

  • Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh! And he is still denying it? I hope he gets what he deserves! And I hope those dogs are in a way better place now…