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Michael Vick, Repent!

Written by PETA | November 25, 2008

This morning, Michael Vick appeared in court to enter a plea of “guilty.” Of course, PETA was represented as well. PETA members were on the scene with new posters reflecting Michael’s embrace of Christianity. The posters displayed horrific and tragic images of injured dogs used in fighting along with the words “Dogfighters, Repent.” The message was that anyone else who’s involved in dogfighting needs to stop—now—before they, too, end up in jail, with no friends, no money, and no respect.

Photos from the demonstration are posted below. Let’s hope that Michael Vick’s fallen star will be a permanent lesson to all would-be dogfighters: just don’t do it.




Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Truth says:

    This is ridiculous you talk as if he killed someones child what he did was wrong but he has done his time and deserves to be released and back in the nfl. He was in prison with real hardcore criminals who intentionally do things they no to be wrong. So yeah vick did his crime and his time. so when he is released just leave him alone. And also those pictures where unnecessary because Michael vick going to jail has done more to prevent people who see nothing wrong with dog fights from stopping than Peta ever will. Just stating facts

  • Maya, C.V.T. says:

    I think that’s a really good point Martha but what concerns me is that Vick is completely disingenuous about his remorse. He will most likely say something like “don’t get involved in illegal activities like dogfighting” that’s code for “okay young impressionable kids if you do something bad you’ll go to jail and you don’t want that”! And THAT is code for “I’m sorry I got caught” and “I still like hanging dogs who don’t bring money to my wallet”. I guarantee you that’s the Public Service Announcement we’ll see.

  • Martha says:

    What Michael Vick did goes beyond cruelty however he can relay a message to those that partake in the dog fighting culture that is better said than by white middle class yuppies. I beleive we need to use him and urge him to make public service announcements and to go into Inner City schools to discourage youth from this barbaric activity. This will reach far more of the youth that engages in this than any PETA ad campaign webcam or mailing. Let’s try to make him do someting positive from all the awful negative that he has done.

  • Krista says:

    Good job PETA this issue deserves as much attention as it can get!

  • Joyce says:

    I disagree with you. So what he has had to pay fines and so forth? If he is given the chance to play again eventually I feel that alot of people would once again focus on his football and forgive and forget the ‘trouble’ he had gotten in. Then he would be back to making alot of money and being promoted by top name products and he would be right back on top. The dogs would still be dead and I would feel at that point he really didn’t get what he deserved. I bet ol’ Vick would even chuckle deep inside and think to himself.”I beat this”…His prison stay hasn’t been that long and he could be right back in the big leagues. Other dogfighters might think ‘Hey man we can still do this the penalty is light’ I also feel coming from the streets and the people I have known that a short prison stay may also be a status thing for some. Not all but some. Alot of street people can do a short time in prison standing on their heads. Its nothing to them. BUT if an example is made out of someone they may reconsider their actions. I feel if Vick gets a chance to be back on top all justice that has been served in my opinionwouldn’t be the same anymore. Just a slap on the hand. And its not like Vick has been in some bad ass prison….I was really hoping other inmates would beat the crap out of him!

  • roxanne says:

    This coward is in protective custody why doesn’t he fight like a man? He had those poor dogs fight and maul each other to death. Vick makes me sick.

  • Brian says:

    I like that everyone says “Make an example of him”. I think that’s actually already been done with the fines imprisonment etc. If you really wanted him to be an example you would actually want him to play in the NFL rather than fading away into obscurity. He will never be an elite paid athlete or the face of a franchise as he was in Atlanta. This will follow him the rest of his life. The more visible he is the more visible the issue is. I guess you all have to think about what is more important being spiteful and continuing to punish this person or keeping massive attention on dogfighting which I guarantee you is bigger than just one idiot who isn’t even all that good at football.

  • Robin Lynn says:

    Michael Vick is not the VICKTIM those poor animals are ones used as bait and ones used to fight. At the leats here is a sick coward of a man who had almost everything in life and could find no other way to enjoy it without harboring promoting participating encouraging aiding and abetting enjoying illegal deadly dog fights on his own property then initially lying about it. And no way in HELL which is where Vick should visit for a long time as part of his afterlife repentence do I believe he didn’t know anything about PETA animals rights or that animals actually feel pain and what he was doing was wrong. This is someone who thought he was above it all and did as he pleased and got caught. It was his high priced saavy lawyer who told him to walk into PETA and pretend to show remorse repentwhatever so the court will give him a lesser sentence money and timewise in prison. I would have believed Vick if he had turned everyone he knew in who approached him to participate in anyway in these dog fights and he just said NO prior to the first dog fight he knew about. The only message he ever sent was heyI’m all about me your all about me and me can do as I please. He’s only sorry he got caught. Don’t fall for it he’s getting what he loves by doing this more media. And no I don’t want to see this devil as a PETA spokesperson. Just take his money and run with it saving all the other animals in this world. Let Vick rot in jail.

  • Janice Grounds says:

    I am not sure what the future holds for him but I have heard that he’s been working with the Humane Society and trying to learn from not just the mistake but a broader understanding of this planets fellow travelers. I am not a football fan and think they make too much money anyway. There are lots of ‘players’ who kill or beat up their gfriends gamble do drugs have DUI etc. What happens to them if they are convicted? Do they get to play again? If so are there leagues of people opposed to that? I think what the vick case did was simply shine a light TEMPORARILY on the practice of dog fighting. Nothing has changed in the law or anything else. People in general don’t care because their attention spans are about 30 seconds long. We all need to work together to change how we ‘use’ the resources of this planet or your grandkids will REALLY be in for it.

  • Tammy says:

  • Minnie" says:

    To “simply blessed”… Why would MV possibly deserve a “second chance”? A second chance at what? He has no remorse and so for him it would only be a “second chance” to do more of the same and worse and not to get caught!! Makes me wonder if you perhaps feel guilty over how you raised a child who then “got into trouble”? I would say MV family are also victims but in this case seems they’re only concerned about him money…not him.

  • April says:

    I think Vicks ‘admiration’ days are over. What he did to those dogs was awful it was also illegal. He let alot of people down. He deceived the public and knowingly did so.Especially the young children that looked up to him. I think it would be a disgrace to ever allow him to be anything in the public eye except someone who shows how sorry he is.He should go work at a shelter that rescues pitbulls or something.I will never accept that he is truly remorseful. He is a con. He has lied to you once and I feel he is doing it again.

  • Lisa Smith says:

    I just watched the documentary on Animal Planet about Michael Vick. Death would be an easy punishment. If he could inflict torture on these pure innocent souls what wouldn’t he do? If you will hurt an animal you will hurt anyone. He needs to be placed on a logging chain starved made to fight for his life electrocuted drowned slammed to the ground repeatedly. Our society has made this man into a “god” because he can play a game. Not one time during his public apologies did he ever show remorse for the suffering of the animals. He was sorry for the hardship placed on his family. Why does he deserve another chance? Because he murdered an innocent dog does it not matter? Dogs cannot vote earn money they do not count. The sight of Michael Vick makes me sick. Satan is beguiling. He comes in many forms. Never free Vick. Leave him in a crate starve him. Execute him. Forgiveness comes with repentance…

  • Jose says:

    I agree dogfighting continues with or without Vick but Vick should be made an example to the other dogfighters out there! You choose to do this and you pay the price! I am afraid if Vick gets to play again other dogfighters will see thisVicks short prison stay as a slap on the wrist and continue this horrific sport. Maybe if an example is made other dogfighters out there may think twice about it and hopefully it can be stopped for good in the future.

  • Beth Hazen says:

    Personally I hope Vick rots in hell and I truly believe he will. I cannot believe the state charges were dropped what a disgrace. The whole court system in Surry VA is a joke and was obviously bought and paid for. I say let the animals have at him.

  • Cate says:

    Kanab Utah is the home of Best Friends the largest nokill animal sanctuary in America. So it seems ironic that a pastor who lives and preaches in Kanab has summarily concluded that in Gods eyes animals have no eternal value. Doug Hounshell an independent fundamental Baptist placed an advertisement in the November 26 2008 issue of the Southern Utah News entitled What If Vicks Dogs Were Children Instead? In this ad Pastor Hounshell says If only Vick had been a doctor killing off unborn babies instead of doggies he wouldnt be sitting in the jail right now but rather living life large off the blood money of the innocent! Regarding the time and money spent rescuing Michael Vicks dogs Hounshell says We need to direct our financial resources from causes with no eternal value meaning animals to a cause that God values dearly innocent human life! Reverend Hounshells advertisement lists his contact information as Cliffview Chapel Baptist Church P.O. Box 186 Kanab Utah 84741 Email

  • Anon says:

    Lets throw Micheal Vick in a cage with Charles Manson see if he like’s it.