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Michael Vick Released From Prison

Written by PETA | May 20, 2009


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Michael Vick

Michael Vick was released from prison early this morning after less than two years behind bars and is headed back to Hampton, Virginia, where he’ll serve the final two months of his sentence under house arrest.

In January, after a U.S. Department of Agriculture report on Vick’s dogfighting activities revealed that Vick had enjoyed placing family pets in the ring with the pit bulls he’d bred, raised, and trained to fight, PETA called on NFL Commissioner Goodell to require that Vick undergo a full psychological evaluation before any decisions were made about the future of his football career.

Until Michael Vick undergoes the rigorous psychiatric tests now available to determine his ability to experience remorse, there’s no way to establish whether he will reoffend. Someone who trained dogs to torture and kill one another for sport, who drowned and hanged dogs who wouldn’t fight, and who laughed while watching his own family dogs fight for their lives as they were maimed and finally killed does not deserve to be rewarded with a multimillion-dollar contract or be given the privilege to serve as a role model to millions of children. PETA will not take anything off the table when it comes to any team or league that may sign Michael Vick.

In the meantime, PETA has increased our efforts to get other athletes on board to speak out against dogfighting. Houston Rockets forward Ron Artest, mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz, and world welterweight champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley, who shot an anti-dogfighting ad for PETA this week, have all spoken out against this cruel and illegal blood sport.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Jeffro (The Father of Moses spelled differently) says:

    Vick was severely wrong in his conduct and his lack of compassion for the dogs and by extension his lack of compassion for many of us who love all living animals including humans. PETA was correct to go after Vick. However what is PETA’s ultimate goal? If a dog mauls a child or another human being or living soul would the dog taking into consideration its past treatment automatically be a candidate for a death sentence? I don’t think so. Vick’s ultimate treatment should not be to terminate his future. It should be to rehabilitate him now for a prosperous future. He has a unique skill set and a unique position in our society to serve especially at this point in this process and his life and to tell his story as only he can. Everyone makes mistakes. And as a counter to the person who said that “my bible condemns the sick perverse behavior of Michael vick. the slaughter of the lambs indeed” the Bible also talks about redemption. Let’s work to recover this lost soul.

  • Tae says:

    well let those who haven’t sinned cast the first stone dante stallworth killed a person drunk driving but i guess thats ok because he didn’t kill a dog ray lewis killed someone i guess thats ok and they are role models and you people seem to overlooked people getting killed but i forgot animals are more important learn to forgive people i don’t agree with what he did at all i have a pitbull and i love my dog but i’m a forgiving person and to the people who’s not you people wonder why the world is crazy now

  • Karon Morin says:

    If Peta doesn’t protest his return I will be very disappointed in them. If Michael Vick had fought dogs but after the fights taken care of his dogs I HATE DOG FIGHTING MAYBE I would say give him a second chance he served his time. BUT to electrocute or hang or drown or beat a dog after a fight because it didn’t win is completely barbaric. I would love to electrocute him when he throws an interception. If he’s allowed to play GOD FORBIBlet him make 10.00 an hour and give the rest of his money for animal shelters for abused animals. PETA don’t allow him to return to football. These guys are suppose to be role models.

  • chelsea stuebner says:

    To berk anderson. This is not a blog on helping children you ignorant bastard. This is for people that WORK for animal rights not just own pets. Like seriously I hate kids. I do not want to better a kid’s life I do not want to be affiliated with them. And also I was just so mad so I’m not saying that you’re mentally disturbed. However I do think you have a severe lack of priority and I’m guessing since you’re a high school football coach you must have the intelligence of a door knob. See at least I admit to being a jerk instead of defending myself with no real point behind that message.

  • Jack says:

    All the people who think Vick should not be able to play in the NFL are wrong. He did his time in jail and like other people said football is not a privilege for him it’s a job. People who get out of prison have the rite to work. There are some NFL players who killed someone while driving under the influence and are still playing. They took a human life not a dog’s. So Michael Vick has should play in the NFL.

  • a. Williams says:

    dante stallworth killed a man while drunk and got 24 days in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dante stallworth killed a man and got 24 days ……… hello

  • C.L says:

    i personally thought the penalty was too harsh. If you are going to crusade against dogfighting then go to the country and stop cockfighting go to the dogtracks and stop greyhounds from racing. sport is sport…whether its bloodsport or not….unfortunately you only as good as your last…and if you are not better then…you are done. I personally think Mike made a bad choice in bankrolling the operation…but lets be honest…if he weren’t in the NFL….would this even be a big deal?

  • Angelina Cantela says:

    He is truely a heartless man if that’s what you really want to call him. I have absolutely no resepect for him and anyone like him.

  • Danton Scholle says:

    This comment goes back some as I haven’t kept up on this most important subject. Making this story available helps alot in terms of those who care about animalsand to break it down furtherour beloved pets. Truly so wonderful and rewarding to have in our lives. This post is to “United States of America”U may have chosen this name but in no way do U represent the USA.. Can’t you just put your name?…… Let’s seeI’m sorry my friend for the sad tales of woe in your early yearsThen it seems u discovered Vick who became a major character in your life. Firstly why did you pick Vick and give him so much power and influence in your life. I mean who is Vick? Yeah he’s a decent football player but he’s more of a good lookingimpressive stature kind of guy. United can’t you see now that now you are older and perhaps wiser things are not always what they seem. And people are not always what they appear to be. For gods sake find yourself another idolclearly Vicks does not fit the bill. He’s a criminal and an animal I know this jams you up abit. But be a better man and take my word here. Jesus have you seen all the tape and charges against Vicks.

  • annamaria sette de paolis says:

    Hello J.O. May 20 09 1244pm I fully subscribe your clear and sensible comment in response to taross thomas. Priorities’ remind me ‘those’ who used and sadly still use the principle ‘first whites then coloured’ or ‘ first men then women’ etc. And more … there is a red line between animals and human species. As soon as the first are cruelly ‘touched’ i.e. to torture kill etc by the second i.e. homo sapiens ah! ah! the latter is ready ‘to touch’ to torture kill etc his own specie annamaria sette de paolis

  • Farnoosh says:

    I posted a little while ago and I was very angry I will admit that I apologize if I was rude to anyone. However I do want to say to some people that have responded to these comments. Corey If I knew where you were talking about that serves dogs you can put your money on it that I would have it shut down by the end of the week! To everyone that thinks he has learned… A lot of other people have written what I wrote as well…. Someone that could torture a creature whether it be a dog cat etc. in such horrible manners is a high risk to harm a human being. I have one question for all the people that say that dogs and humans aren’t the same thing….and so on. Well if you don’t want to talk about how he tortured them and murdered them then lets talk about the fact that he did have all of a dogs teeth pulled out Don’t forget he actually did have this done nowso she couldn’t fight off the dog he was trying to mate her with…that is taking a defense mechanism away from a female woman like her teeth or her finger nails… and when you strap that dog to a rape stand… that is like tying that same woman up and then raping her. And he did this for profit to his dog. What part of that did the dog deserve. Please inform me all of you supporters that think that he deserves another chance… Plus the things that he did to these animals whether it was for money or fame or what not are still horrible things to do. And the reason that he is targeted is because of his status and you are correct! Even if he was not famous he would still have the wrath of the people that do care for animals. But for some reason I don’t know why people don’t get it. He is the example because of his “status” the message will get out that dogfighting for one and animal abuse is not tolerated. Oh and someone tried to blame one of the organizations for at first wanting to put the dogs to sleep…. well we put to sleep the humans that murder other humans. Well these dogs unfortunately had no choice but to obey the guardian that was unfortunately placed upon them. And had to fight for their lives and to survive their owners….that would be Vick for all you in denial. Also another statement I would like to put out there… you are on the PETA website….Just in case you forgot. And I think I can speak for a lot of the supporters that we do have strong feelings for how humans are treated and how rapists and murders and so on are being punished…. but then again we would go to another website to state our opinions on that or pass laws and etc. for that. I do not hate the man or the men that hurt these animals. I actually feel sorrow and pain for people that could hurt something that was created by God. I feel so sorry for his children because when they want a puppy they might have to worry if Daddy is going to feed it to the fight dogs. I don’t think hate anger and insult is going to bring an end to any debate let alone this one. Vick supporters you have nothing and we have heard you all over and over again. So if you don’t want to make the world a better place for all of God’s creations we get it and we will try to pick up the slack for you as well. And well if you don’t like what we are saying…..well here is a brilliant idea don’t come to this website!

  • Lori says:

    I am a PETA supporter. I donate money wear tshirts and I am a vegetarian. Now with that being said I feel that Michael Vick served his time in prison lost millions of dollars in endorsement and salary. He has done what the state and federal governments asked him to do. He should not continually be punished by not being able to resume his career. Playing in the NFL is a job and has nothing to do with fighting dogs. Michael Vick is an athlete. He is not a role model to kids.Playing in the NFL was his job. He paid his time and should be allowed to move on with his life. He knows what he did. No athlete singer etc. should be. Parents you need to be role models to your children. You should be teaching them right from young and leading by example so your children won’t have to go outside your homes to find a role model.

  • shannon roden says:

    he may have spent 2 yrs in prison but thats a very small price to pay for all the animals blood shed by his own hand.He should not ever be allowed back in footballshould have Drs check his brainand be ordered to pay.They should make an example out of him for the whole world to see.

  • Andrew says:

    No he shouldn’t play. Any cop firefighter doctor or any other kind of public figure like that got caught doing what he did probably wouldn’t be able to get their job back. Why should he? Because he can throw a ball. Like I wish him luck and comfort cuz he did do his time but my God its just bad OF the NFL maybe not bad FOR them but lets pretend he did make roster for my Vikings…I dont think I could keep supporting them. Im not one of PETAs supporters or a Vick supporter. Just wanted to say what I did.