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Michael Vick Indicted

Written by PETA | July 17, 2007

Please click here for an update.

Michael Vick has just been indicted in the investigation of dog-fighting on his Virginia property. I’ll give you more information tomorrow, but in the meantime, this is PETA’s official statement on the topic:

PETA’s offices, located just over an hour away from Michael Vick’s rural mansion—where we now know dozens if not hundreds of dogs were forced to fight to the death in the pit—has been receiving vague allegations of Vick’s involvement in illegal animal fighting activity for years, sadly without much concrete evidence to back it up. While local authorities—who have historically mishandled dogfighting cases—sat on evidence in this case, the U.S. Attorney’s office was obviously determined to get the job done. The professional sports world is plagued with players who have been accused, charged, or convicted of cruelty to animals, abusing pit bulls, and dog fighting, and we hope that this indictment sends a loud and clear message to players and the NFL that celebrity is not a sufficient excuse for breaking the law, and that animal abuse should never be tolerated under any circumstances.
-PETA Director Daphna Nachminovitch

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  • terry says:

    You know I have read all this venom against Michael Vick and im sickened by it.Im not condoning dog fighting but you people need to get things into perspective. Michael Vick went to jail for about 2yrs of his life how can anyone rightfully continue to attack him? I used to respect PETA but from what I have seen of this organizations rabid attack on this man I now have lost respect for PETA or anyone that supports it. There are many wrongs that occur on this planet that is much worse than what Michael Vick have done and no one bats an eye. Michael Vick went to jail so you cannot rightfully continue to condemn the man. Who do you people think you are. I suspect that you are all against the man for reasons other than Dog Fighting. This is very disturbing. Have PETA gone to Spain to protest Bull Fighting? PETA you are very selective in what and who you protest. You are also very selective with the amount of energy committed to condemning this Man vice other people. Bull fighters are still heroes in many countries have PETA done anything to stop the worshiping of Bull Fighters? Ill say it again Michael Vick wen to jail for what he did what more do you want? What should happen is the leader of PETA should be put in jail for 2 years and have hershis name dragged through the mud to see how that feels. Then maybe shehe would believe that Michael Vick has been punished enough

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  • Diane says:

    Excerpts from Vick Takes PETA Course in Respect for Animals PETA website 03 Oct 07 1130PM PETA president Ingrid Newkirk told Vick that PETA advocates an end to all exploitation and needless violence based on prejudice including the prejudice against other species. but prejudice against NFL? Can agree with the concept of respect breathing things .. But one bad seed dont mean the entire NFL agrees with his choice but I do agree with PETA on the issue .. And dont dispute that however MANDATORY for ALL NFL players why should they all have to be punished? In the last year alone PETA has responded to more than 14000 calls and emails regarding other dog fighting and individual crueltytoanimals cases. How many of those 14000 were NFL people? Voluntary option without judgment is what it should be and if they take the course its so they can understand whatever it is that they want to obtain from it. I understand the need for awareness of the animal and the money options are tempting. But the entire NFL did not do this .. Its not a requirement for all NFL players to accept Dog Fighting is it? .. If not then why should they be punished. If it is a requirement .. Then maybe the rule book needs updating. There are so many things that should be required to the guilty. But why is it that the innocent have to do some of the same stuff just to remain themselves? Why does the vegetarian have to specify NO MEAT? Why does the diabetic have to specify NO SUGAR? Why does the believer in any faith have to back off of The StateGovt Why does the StateGovt have to back off of any believer in any faith? And the list can go on and on Instead of dealing with the personsituation at hand .. This world seems to think that if it happens to one .. Then we have an issue and we must redeem and demand equal rights but who are we to judge. The term democracy used to mean freedom .. But now you cant even throw a football without going thru a pet empathy test? And dont get me wrong .. I dont agree with Mr. Vick .. But I am only 1 person .. And my opinion is just that .. My opinion but I have to wonder .. What is next .. And we probably need to rewrite a lot of the rule books just a football pun there to allow all to accept what the other does and be held accountable. We dont get put on this earth to judge and I dont mean to .. But dang .. why is it that one major bad decision from one person .. Can spark a whole new purposerequirement? One complaint about school prayer and poof gone one child molested by teacher and child is making it up? .. All see things differently and if it is illegal then make the situation become aware but dont FORCE innocent people into doing what one person messed up.

  • katie trageser says:

    hi my name is katie trageser and I recently went to the circus like 2 days ago…I really want to put an end to animal cruelty and I was wondering what your organization address is so that I can collect money in my town and than send it to your organization? please please email me back…your site brought tears to my eyes.

  • Michele says:

    Now that Vick has pleaded guilty the judge should sentence Vick to the same outcome he submitted his loosing dogs to. As far as I’m concerned the same sentance can be handed down to all who engage in this awful type of thing! I too would like PETA to post a list of the names of Vick’s sponsors so we can send them a message in case they haven’t withdrawn their support of Vick yet.

  • No Ones Business But My Own says:

    I was never brought to tears over what happen. I being honest. There has been dog fighting for more years than I can remember. The fact that this is about Michael Vick who has been hated since the last Great White Hope was replaced by Vick is the true issue. This could possible be a ploy against Blank. This will bring his profits down alot and someone out there knows it. Why a man with smarts would allow the few people that marched in the streets rule what happens He is not as smart as I thought he was. Ok the dogs are dead. Yes I own a pet. LET IT GO! I don’t feel anyone should lose their job and go to jail for the dogs. This proves who rules. I believe if those who speak up for Vick would March and Boycott the arena and stop supporting the Falcons because Mike Vick is not there there would be more to loose. NO! I didn’t say Mike made the right choices but the punishment is too severe. People who kill people get less tv time. It is time to see that our lives are ruled by the few with nothing to do but protest. We go out to eat and the same people dictate what fat is our food. The schools let the same type of people dictate if prayers are in the schools. How much more will the majority take? I AM FED UP AND I AM SPEAKING OUT. DOGS ARE ANIMALS. My guess is if meat haters begin to protest loud enough there would be NO MEAT. Meat comes from some poor animal that is murdered. I drink luke warm coffee because of those who wanted money for hot coffee spills. The fast food fries taste horrible now because of the people who complain that they get fat from eating them. It makes me say what are people thinking? Is this where America is headed? I said America because bulls die every day in bull fights. Send the marchers to the white house to protest the killing of the young men at war right now. They don’t care about humans. The majority that never speak out should stop these people from getting so much attention. Yes I blame the media for giving these people air time. Ask those same people to March to house an feed the homeless. OH NO!! They may not have the time. The homeless are humans. It is time to stop the madness!! Lets focus on young women that rob banks and are called Barbie. By the way Barbie got a slap on the wrist and no jail time. Matel should file a law suite for being called Barbie. The media is not talking about it.

  • Oliver Catoe says:

    The very sad part is that this “guilty plea” is simply a way to side step the long term public opinion. Michael Vick’s is not taking responsibilty for his actions I have yet to see remorse for his cruelty. He is pleaing guilty and then he will wait until some other horrible event occurs to attract the attention of the masses then back to the game he goes! The only justice that will be served…is if there truly is a special place in hell for people who are cruel to animals….Happy trails Mr. Vick.

  • Mary Kennedy says:

    I hope that this horrendous act which is high profile will finally bring attention to the massiveness of this issue. In all his loathsomeness Mike Vic may have just done a huge service to these maligned animals. Let’s keep the spotlight on it so we don’t go to sleep. DOG FIGHTING IS CRUEL AND UNAMERICAN!! We have to be more evolved than that.

  • julie murphy says:

    to chris who left a comment on july 18 about us white people the fact that michael vick and his accomplices are black has nothing to do with this or are you saying that it’s alright for black people to do as they wish? your ancesters were torutured so that gives you an excuse for toruring dogs? I’m sure those dogs grandmammas and grandpapass had nothing to do with toturing black people

  • julie says:

    It’s too bad other peoople have gotten away with dog cruelty that should not happen and it’s time we make an example of someone in this case being michael vic weather he’s rich and famous or not he needs to be punished for his crimes

  • julie murphy says:

    I think Michael Vic should get the maximum conviction and should never be allowed to play football again The statement about drunk driving and killing someone has nothing to do with what he did Yes it’s wrong to drink and drive and end up killing someone however although it’s a death it is accidental and not deliberate what vic did is unforgivable and deserves severe punishment lock him up and throw away the key

  • Marjorie Fagan says:

    I truly hope this disgusting individual meets a most horrible fate. I pray that he suffers physically and financially. I doubt anyone like this would suffer mentally…sounds like another O.J. Simpson. To think he can plead guilty for a lessor sentence is not tolerable. This disgusting slime would get out of jail and probably repeat his heinous acts. He has no respect for life. He should be stoned and tortured. Nothing can bring back those dogs he tortured and he does not deserve to see another day and to share a breath of air this thing referred to as a man should get a death sentence!

  • Britt says:

    Michael Vick needs to go into the same catagory as O.J. Simpson. Throw him out of football forever. Here’s a man who has everything he ever dreamed of…more money than he can spend in 10 life times and fighting dogs is his hobby??? It’s monsterous.Vick and his friends have no soul. Anyone who is connected to Vick and took part in this… should be punished also. Please post the sponsors names so everyone can boycott them.

  • jackie kilpatrick says:

    I hope your organization goes after Michael Vick. I am so upset and angry of his actions and the horrible way these animals were used and abused and put to death. What can I do to help and to see that Michael Vick never plays football again. Please do whatever is necessary to see that this heartless cold sick abuser never sees the football field again. He needs to be in jail and left to rot.

  • Hans Joseph says:

    I love sports and dont need them to be ruined and darkened with garbage like this. Vic and whomever was involved have tainted more of what is left that is good in the world. what an incredibly selfish act. I don’t need my kid seeing him out on the field knowing full well what he was involved in. And I dont want to hear the commentators on monday night football ever say his name again. He needs to be behind bars for what he did.

  • kathryn says:

    Are you people serious? It seems everyone cares more about animals than they do people which says alot about this society. Let those who are without sin cast the first stone I am quite sure that some of you have done things that you would not want to be made public. I believe a person is innocent until proven guilty but as we all know a person is guilty until proven innocent. Lets talk about the numerous dogs who are killed looking for bombs or dogs who are kiled and maimed for medical research. How many people who have left negative comments have furs or eat meat. Furthermore where anyone of you there? Did you see him? Everyone always want to believe the worst why not give him the benefit of the doubt.

  • Lisa aaron says:

    Me as a incredible animal lover feel that michael vick should be put to death for his actions against those innocent could someone do such a thing like that? it is beyond belief and makes me cry. he is the scum of the earth and should most definately get the death penalty.

  • delores says:

    Since PETA seems to be so upset and concerned about the so called treatment and abuse of pit bulls by Vick and OTHERS is PETA going to offer the remaining pit bulls for pets to whoever might want them since they will be euthanized if no one wants them. Here is an idea WHEN peta protest again bring the remaining pit bulls that are at the humane society to the protest since you love animals so much.

  • reil says:

    Just to clarify for those who said to boycott Home Depot there hasn’t been a connection between Home Depot and the Falcons for over 7 yrs. The people started HD and are connected to the Falcons left HD back in 2000

  • Kevin says:

    There was a case in MaconGA where a teen burned two dogs to death. The teen only got 60 days in a detention center. Where was PETA? its al about the money it seems like. its cases like the one in Macon that need the focus of PETA…

  • M.S. says:

    Who Cares????????? This whole Michael Vick thing has been blown up waaaaay to much. There are far worse things going on in the world than this foolishness. Yea his involvement in this still baffles me… but I think that if this was some random hick living in the backwoods of VA… no one would have cared and it would have been swept under the rug after a week.

  • Patricia in Atlanta says:

    PETA stands to gain millions by capitalizing on Michael Vick case and his name. I want to know where was PETA in the following casing below? They just need a high profile person to get their message out and Michael Vick is that person. Where was the letter to Roger Goodell and Tennessee Titans owner Bud Adams after numerous Pac Man Jones fiascos in Atlanta Nashville and the most serious fiasco in Las Vegas in which three people were shot and wounded including one who was left paralyzed from the waist down. Where were Al Sharpton Russell Simmons PETA and the Humane Societys letter when Qyntel Woods made headlines in 2004 after he was arrested for animal cruelty relating to his pet dogs? He pled guilty to firstdegree animal abuse for staging dog fighting at his house. Where were their letters when Jonathan Babineaux who currently plays defensive tackle for the Atlanta Falcons was arrested on charges of felony animal cruelty to his girlfriend’s dog Kilo in 2007? It has been determined that the dog died of blunt force trauma to the head which leaves some inconsistencies in Babineaux’s explanation of the events as an accident. But PETAs not at the Falcons training camp to protest against Jonathan Babineaux theyre there to protest against Mike Vick. You never wrote a letter to Jonathans sponsors oops I forgot Jonathan is not a high profile athlete and neither was Woods which meant PETA and the Humane Society had nothing to gain from going after these guys. How self righteous can you get!

  • Barbara Lempicki says:

    As a Pitbull ownerhearing what happened to these”unworthy dogs” broke my heart. These are loyal and loving dogs despite bad publicity. It’s people like Vick that give these dogs a bad reputation. I think Vick should be terminated from the NFL fined and jailed for what he’s alledgedly done. This is s cold hearted person who needs to be taught a lesson.

  • Jesse says:

    Yes if he is guilty of the crime then he deserves to be punish. But look all around us we allow humans to get in a ring and do the same thing and we call it EXTREME FIGHTING so who is going after those who are sponsoring these types of events? I’m sure some large corporation is making tons of money in the socall sport. Let’s be real and stop the hypocrisy. Everyone deserves a second chance!!!!!

  • Charley says:

    Just to put this out there On iTunes Michael Vick is featured with an “athlete inspirations” playlist that he created and made comments about each song on. His 13th Selection Air it Out by Jadakiss… What did he say about it? I Listen to this “just when I’m hangin’ in the backyard with my pitbulls.” maybe he should change it to “just when I’m hangin’ pitbulls” just a thought if you don’t beleive me look up nike sport music on itunes

  • NeVeRMoRe says:

    Knowing this will not hit your posts. Has anyone even thought about due process. Innocent till proven guilty? As a true Falcon Fan I have many animals at the house I wish no harm to or any other animal. But is it possable he is not guilty? Or are we just going to hang him now?

  • svnfordelta says:

    I dont know what is wrong with you ppl but in all commonsense pits have different characteristics that lower end breed with the lock jaw and square head was breed years ago purposely for killing. You don’t tamper with nature and think results wont come about. Even pits turn on their owners and so do dovermans but I don’t hear you talking about thsoe animals when someone has a sign in their yard saying beware… bc they have trained their dog to attack anyone or anything that enters their “priavte domain”. face it we let those stupid taco bell rats bit ppl and poodles they can vicious as well. But why is Vick so important they’re are hundreds of cases of dog fighting and trust me they didn’t need an this sucks I hope no chrsitians are on any of thses message boards lord forebid you place the creatures and things of this world before man. Put all that same energy into the education of our kids… Protest these actors vick better serve only a few days like paris

  • MARCO PLYLER says:


  • Marcus says:

    I am so sick is of the MIke Vick Bashing.. None of us were there so we do not know for a shadow of a doubt if he was involved.. Let the courts handle this since you do not know the entire story. If he is guilty he will be punished. But it seems like most people have already tried and convicted him. Remember what happend with Koby and at the Duke Lacrosse. We need to stop judging before we know the entire story. I am sure everyone would wnat the same. But I guess in America you are guilty until proven innocent. PETA always jumps on bang wagons when its a celebrity. But its funny how people wanted Paris Hilton free and she was guilty.

  • jerry mckenzie says:

    my wife and i have spent 4k in the last year trying to save the sight in our cocker’s eye to think that some superstar kills puppies for fun really hurts. let’s put him in a pen witn 10 of the winners and see who’s starves first. jerry

  • lj huddock says:


  • ali says:

    darold there will be a special place in hell for you as well right next to your lover michael vic

  • Dr. Gad Saad says:

    As an owner of two Belgian sheepdogs and a lover of all animals I urge you to do the right thing and terminate the contract of Michael Vick. As an evolutionary psychologist and behavioral scientist I can vouch to the fact that Vick would most undoubtedly score off the chart on psychometric tests of psychopathy. Be honorable and get rid of this monster. Regards Dr. Gad Saad Associate Professor

  • Linda Stith says:

    Michael Vick needs to do community service for at least 5 years taking care of animals and their excrement. He needs to be supervised as he is morally bankrupt and depraved.

  • darold carter says:

    i think everyone involved in this mike vic thing are hypocrites. if you care so much about the safety of our animals then dont eat that tastey hamburger from mc donalds. animals go through alot of torture for you to eat them. so all of you pet owners that eat meat…. wake the hell up. the man shouldnt lose his livelyhood over this but he should be prosecuted and sit out for a season. thanks.

  • Ashley says:

    Let’s contact Snoop Dogg and see if he will speak out.


    FIRST OF ALL… How is it that you PEOPLE can scrutinize this man in the media without knowing the full story? You animallovers give higher regards to the life of a dog than the life of a human being who HAS NOT been convicted of anything. Since Mike plays ball in Atlanta it would be very difficult for a man that makes $6 mill a year without batting his eyes to go from Georgia to Virginia to buy some stupid dogs. He hasn’t been convicted of anything and anybody can be ACCUSED of something. For PETA to protest in front of the training camp and call for his suspension is RIDICULOUS. Let’s talk about Lindsay Lohan and her drunk driving for a minute. She gets to keep her movie contracts despite being a fall down drunk but Mike Vick gets ACCUSED of something and he has to lose everything. I don’t care how much America loves animals. Americans should love people more than a creature that can provide nothing for society other than poop for other people to step in allergy triggering dog hair and a few laughs during a family moment. Michael Vick is a person and deserves due process like anybody else.

  • Tas says:

    What goes around…comes around…This should be without a doubt an automatic dimissal by the Falcon and his Sponsors. Unfortunately he is not the only persongroup coordinating these types of underground events. However we should make an Example of him. Mr. Vick and his entourage are clearly disturbed people if all evidence point to them for even having such a thought of harming anything that is living. The Universe works in mysterious ways and has been brought to our attention and we should now act on it.

  • Chlothilde says:

    Hey MIguel Thailand Don’t they eat dogs in Thailand Why don’t you get over yourself This MONSTER MAGGOT VICKS has a horryfying indictment they don’t have indictments on empty promises Get real

  • Anonymous says:

    Everybody is passing judgement. Judge him not until it comes out. Just shutthehellup!! So what your kids hate him now..Life goes on. He’s still the best at whatever he does. Your comments and prejudging cant change that!!!HA HA My kid still loves him and he has 2 dogs. Why?? Because I taught my kid innocent until proven guilty…Maybe YALL parents should have taught YALL the same!!! If he is innocent I will love and respect him for the game not for his mistakes…that’s GOD’S job!!!All YALL Kiss ASS!!!!

  • Cori says:

    Wow! Listen to the anger in your comments. How can one say they stand for life of an animal or a human? I get angry about alot of things but my anger doesn’t blur my vision.

  • Scott Hill says:

    Does anyone know where the actual indictment can be found? Thanks

  • Jackie says:

    Money might equal power….but wouldn’t you want to use your power towards something positive in society and not something senseless and cruel? Hurting things should never be fun…I really hope that Michael Vick finds a new appreciation for life and learns to spend his free time and money doing something positive for society. You have been given a gift of being able to play in the NFL. Come on…….GIVE BACK.

  • Clyde says:

    Why are you convicting him NOW when he has ONLY been accused. Why should his sponsors drop him when he has only been accused that does not seem fair. I agree if he was a Percipient he should be under the jail. Why cant you wait for the Trial. We dont know if it is True or NOT. Does anyone remember the Duke lacrosse case

  • :) says:


  • sunny says:

    Michael Vick is the epitome of evil.I will forever associate his face and name with unspeakable acts of violence and animal suffering.. surely there will be a special place in hell for the likes of cannot cause suffering and pain of this extent and not expect to pay either in this life or the next.. I just hope to be able to see him pay in this one..

  • JaneElliott says:

    Mike Vick my children hate you now.