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Michael Vick in Disgrace

Written by PETA | April 26, 2007

Michael Vick.jpgLike most people, I love to watch the man play football, but if the allegations I heard today are true, I’m not sure I ever want to see Michael Vick suit up for a game again. According to news reports, local and state law enforcement discovered more than 60 pit bulls and other dogs on Vick’s property in Surry County Virginia yesterday, who showed signs of serious abuse that is consistent with having been used for fighting. Officials also evidently discovered dogfighting paraphernalia, including a “rape stand” on the premises. These are deadly serious allegations, and it’s immensely distressing to see such a high-profile athlete accused of this kind of cruelty. PETA is calling on the Atlanta Falcons to immediately suspend Vick pending the outcome of the investigation, and if animals on his property are found to have been neglected or used for fighting, we’re asking that he be released from the team.” You can help out by clicking here to write to the Falcons about this issue, and for more information you can read our letter to Falcons Owner Arthur Blank.

The Atlanta Falcons should be kicking themselves right now that they traded away backup QB Matt Schaub this offseason, but even a year with Joey Harrington at the helm is better than having your team led by someone with a mark like this on their record.

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  • kim says:

    My views of our judicial system have been shot for a long time but if that scum gets away with a plea deal my views are shot to hell. He needs to rot in a dog pit and every day turn a dog lose on the bastard. I shall never watch football or any other sport again. I think they are way over paid for nothing. Vick should have to donate all his money to the dogs he has abused so they can live out their poor little lives.

  • Estaban Jaunsen says:

    ..Only two words should be considered here humaneinhumane….. I choose the latter.!! Why is there any question what to do with this professional scum he took his own path and when trouble arose he blatently thumbed his nose at the american public rules of sports and our judical system. ..Just another black sports figure BondsSimpsonMJohnsonetc.. thinking they are above the “LAW”…!! ..He should get the maximum punishment allowable with NO offer of “PLEA DEALS” plus when released must complete 10000hrs. community service to the PITA Foundation along with a cash donation of $1000000 to the same. ..or spend twentyfour hours in a RAPE CAGE along with a few of his canine friends?? and invite the public to view this maggot for what he is worth!!!!!! thankyou ERJ

  • kim says:

    Every day people treat animals as if they are things. We all need to do something about it. Start by teaching your kids or someone elses kids how to love these great creatures. All animals have rights remember they were here first

  • kim says:

    Before those poor innocent dogs get destroyed for no reason. They should put Vick into the pit and turn them lose. Why should anyone have the right to treat a living creature the way he and alot of greedy people do. May he rot in hell. I also think that unlike humans animals can be taught to overcome so why should the dogs be destroyed unless they are ill and suffering. Its so ironic that if a person is killed by an animal for food they hunt down and kill that animal. But it is ok to go out with your big guns and hunt down an animal for your food. make sense NOT!!!

  • kellie says:

    Vick does’t deserve to be part of the NFL.The evidence is so overwhelming against vick I hope people will open there eyes to the amount of paintorture these dogs endured.

  • Robert says:

    Let’s see what happens to a celebrity in this. He’s a celebrity so more than likely he’ll be gently told what he did was wrong and asked nicely not to do it again but IF he does it’s okay because he’s a celebrity and as a result ABOVE the law just like OJ and probably Phil Specter.

  • RC says:

    Someone needs to do a title check on the property I just found out Vick rented the property from the owner and listed it as his primary residence. I think he rented the property just to run his dog fighting enterprise. The story that he just let his cousins live on “his” property is balony.

  • Kevin says:

    Michael Vick allegedly fought Pit Bull dogs to the death. OK thats bad its against the law and he should pay the consequences including not playing football. Ill give you that but should M. Vick be demonized by the media? I say NO! Dog fighting is cruel senseless and ugly. But it pales in comparison to other crimes like killing a human being i.e Ray Lewis raping a woman i.e. Kobe Bryant shooting a human being at a night club i.e. Pacman Jones or killing 30+ college kids i.e. that loser student at VA Tech. I cant understand why people appear to be demonizing M. Vick more than these other situations. Have people lost their freaking minds. Im starting to think that if given the choice people would save their own puppy friend before a precious human life. M. Vick did not create dog fighting nor did he fight anything along the lines of your little puppy friend that gives you your daily dose of unconditional companionship. M. Vick fought Pit Bulls a dog intentionally breed to subdue Bulls. The Pit Bull breed was created by human beings the Bull dog was breed with the Terrier dog to intentionally create a fighting dog. Heck PETA wants to kill off the entire Pit Bull breed because of this so I dont know what are they even talking about or demonstrating for. Either way killing a dog is still killing a dog to meboth ways are cruel. I dont understand how human beings can be so judgmental! Who the heck made you GOD? Why do you get to decide that a dogs life is more valuable than a deer or a chicken or even a rodents life? The only reason people are so crazy about this is because they are thinking about their own puppy friends. Toss aside the emotional rhetoric and call this like it isits a bad thing but not anywhere close to true evil. Remember the VA Tech massacrethats true evil. Fact People eat dogs in several countries even dogs that look like your little puppy companion. Fact Slaughter houses brutally cut open animals while still alive and billions of people eat food from slaughter houses. Fact Your human blood is drenched in a history of barbaric and cruel behavior far greater than what M. Vick did. What about slavery the Holocaust Roman gladiator fighting and the countless other cultures that would make M. Vicks actions seem quite tame. Fact Some people who are not evil still dont think of dog fighting as all that bad. There are even two states that have dog fighting as a misdemeanour. Why arent you boycotting these states or outraged about this? Dont be too quick to judge M. Vicks actions. What M. Vick did was stupid dumb barbaric shameless and illegal but dont make him out to be the antiChrist. M. Vick made a mistake and deserves to fight his legal battles without the pressure of you making a judgment on him. Leave the judgment to your God look in the mirror at yourself and for heavens sake stop being a hypocrite!

  • CE says:

    As a pitbull owner myself… These dogs have been misunderstood for years because of these clowns that think that its cool to fight them. As far as Vick is concerned I hope they make an example out of him. Words cannot describe the feeling i have in my stomach from the day I heard this disquisting story. I dont care who you are or where you came from or if its your property and you dont even “live there”. they are all lame excuses. A real man loves his dog! cowards dont…

  • mandy says:

    Michael Vick is a disgrace to the human race. As an owner of a pit bull I hope he rots in jail. Put of his punishment should be to donate money to homeless shelter for animals. I don’t know how a human being could be so cruel to a helpless anima. What a sicko the whole family and all who were invovled in those fights.

  • beth says:

    I heard about this blood fest on talk radio 97.1. The announcer states Mr. Vick will likely get a slap on the hand and two years suspension at best. This is just too sickening to find words for. What is wrong with this man? Is he dead inside possessed? I just can’t fathom anything so sick cruel senseless. Words can’t describe the vomit this situation upheaves. Shame on you Michael Vick. Shame on the slime that participated. Shame on the NFL if they ever ever allow you to rejoin their ranks. I will pray for all of your souls. May God help any of you defending this situation and privy to participation in it. You will need mercy come judgement day.

  • Jane Bennion says:

    this guy should be checked for styroids use. Hes not in his right minded . He should be lockedup with the other murders. Words can not express my anger for this GOOF ! From Jane in Ontario Canada where Pit bulls are banned because if GOOFS like Mike Vick

  • Anonymous says:

    Well fisrt let me say that i dont like what he did at all but for all u people to come out and say all these bad things about him is sad and the reason why i say that is because u dont come out and say anything about all these white people on TV that Kill animals everyday and get paid for it. They sit in trees and shoot all kinds of animals and dont eat the meat just cut off there heads and put them on the wall in there house and u sit and wacth it on tv. So yes i deel feel this is racist and to try to take a mans way to make a living is so wrong. But this is the way of the Damn world to bring down as many black people that have made it.

  • LOVN DOGS says:

    We can only hope that the NFL does the right thing and not only slaps him with a suspension but fires him. He is a bad example of how a well known athlete should conduct himself. I LOVEEEEEEEEE football but I love animals much more. I will sell my season tickets will not buy anything that has to do with the NFL or NIKE if this guy does not pay for what he has done to these poor helpless animals. Its digusting to know that because he is a well known athlete and a good QB that he may very well get away with this with only a slap on his wrist. Even if he had to pay a large finedo you think that will even phase him? Absolutely not. That won’t be good enough. Many people out there feel the same way I do. Most of my friends are all with me and we will do whatever it takes to make the NFL realize that we are serious. They definitely need to do something big here to set an example of what will not be tolerated. They need to show their loyal fans that love dogs that this will not be allowed and they need to show the children that look up to this uncaring inhumane punk that he is not worthy of keeping this high ranking job because of what he did.

  • Terry says:

    This is so sick they should drill holes in vick and dump battery acid in the holes. All these pro football players think because they have so much money they can buy there way out of these terrible acts. dog spelled backwards spells GOD!!! These are things that someone like Hitler would have approved of. Rot in Hell Vick you sicko!!!!

  • Cody says:

    Vick should be shot then stuck in a hole with 5 pitbulls who haven’t eaten for 5 days. What a loser. He should be banned from NFL and well shot.

  • Shara says:

    I hope that people WILL realize that pit bulls are good dogs. DOGS DO WHAT THEY ARE TRAINED TO DO. I hope that Michael Vick is harshly punished for his crime. I hope that the government continues to investigate these illegal actions all over the US and prosecute these criminals harshly. Because it is wrong to blame the dogs and not the trainers. The TRAINERSOWNERS ARE THE CRIMINALS…NOT THE DOGS. And I know that someone is going to say “but they are too aggressive by nature” but so is the rottweiller german shephard doberman and so on but if a dog is properly trained and socialized they do not have to be. PSI am an african american and I WILL NOT make excuses for someone just because they are african american. WRONG IS WRONG AND RIGHT IS RIGHT PERIOD. Please stop making excuses for people who don’t deserve it. Yes it is hard being a minority in the US but that is no excuse for criminal and destructive behavior. Thank you and have a good day.

  • Jason says:

    You people kill me for thinking killing an animal for fur or food is the same thing as animal cruelty. We dont beat the animals before we kill them you f.. idiots. Vick should be beaten and raped!!

  • Jennifer says:

    I am so overwhelmed by this. Knowing how widespread dogfighting is makes me look at people differently wondering if some people I cross paths with are animal abusers. I feel afraid for myself and humanity that anyone thinks dogfighting or animal cruelty is okay. I read some people think dogfighting is family entertainment. I can’t imagine what kind of rehabilitation would be required for such a mentality. Or is there hope for someone engaged in that unconscionable thinking and lifestyle? This whole thing makes my heart ache and my stomach twist in knots.

  • Me says:


  • Jackie says:

    What an ignorant ass!! Who cares whether he’s black white blue purple the guy needs to be hung by his balls and electricuted!! Oh and by the way maybe his cousin could sit and watch for his turn next!!!

  • Lauren Kulle says:


  • Mikevick Izascumbag says:

    Where are all the morons and A holes from back in April saying everything was an exaggeration? This whole asinine “thug culture” needs to end. All the apologists will make excuses and blame whitey for the prosecution of these despicable and cowardly crimes but I am waiting for the Rev .’s Jackson Sharpton to explain this one to us. I am assuming it is the fault of all us white folks but I haven’t yet heard why….

  • angela says:

    im very disappointed in this whole situation with vic dogfightinganimal cruletyand the way those dogs were treated and god only knows what they went through before they died. if the nfl lets him off on the charge with no outcome they are just as gulity as he is.further more i have a pitbull and i would never think about getting off on watching him die or kill another pitbull. it makes me sick to think that nothing is going to be done to him. i belive that he knew what was going on and someone with that sick mind should be punished. If he gets off on this charged AMERICA is not what i thought it was. But all in reality god will make pay in some form or anotherit may not be like we all want him too but he will have to answer for this in the end. i will pray for this man and all the other involved because they are very sick and twisted people.

  • NP says:

    MICHAEL VICK IS A DISCRACE! They should tie him up to a rape stand throw water on him and then electrocute him. An eye for an eye.

  • Stefani says:

    Michael Vick should be shot like the animal he is

  • lisa stemmer says:

    I hope someone strangles beats and shoots him.

  • kristin says:

    Yeah FalconFan I’m sure he is innocent and knew nothing about it…get real…how could you really beleive that?

  • Mary Callaway says:

    There are other aspects to this crime as if the dog fighting isn’t enough. Wherever you have this sort of thing there are other crimes that go with it…..gambling prostitution drugs illegal weapons etc.. These dogs and equipment were also transported across state lines. Michael Vick is up to his eyeballs in this mess and should be held accountable along with anyone else associated with it. If you have ever seen surveillence tapes of dog fighting you would understand the horrific brutality displayed for “entertainment”. The dogs are the ultimate victims.

  • Angela says:

    A murder is a murder. If you own the property you own the property I do not care if you live there or not! I would like everyone to take note. If he gets a slap on the wrist I will loose what little faith I have left in our judicial system!

  • Angela says:

    A murder is a murder. If you own the property you own the property I do not care if you live there or not!

  • Amy Bergeson says:

    I’m so disgusted by this story I’m just in tears thinking about those dogs. And to make things worse they were using kittens and puppies to train them.! I think we need to use the “rape Stand” on Mr. Vic and then let dogs have there way with him. The man he is not a man has so much money and this is what he does for his amusement! KARMA what comes around goes around He will have his day!

  • Brenden says:

    How can Michael Vick not know whats happening on his property when he is gambling thousands of dollars on these dog fights?

  • rubus12 says:

    Mr Vick sould not get away with just 5 years in prison. Their needs to be a clear message sent out to dogfighters everywhere.THAT THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED HERE IN THIS COUNTRY and should not be tolerated anywhere. There is something bad wrong medially with someone that spills the blood of Man’s best Friend.

  • sukme says:

    they kill and eat dogs in china

  • lisa says:

    I used to visit Mike’s house in Atlanta. I was a friend of the family’s. I never ever knew this type of action and cruelty was going on. I walked into the basement one day and found 3 pit bulls inside a cage in the dark in his Georgia home. I was told to close the door. One of the dogs was named CORRUPT. I hope he goes to jail for this. He was close to his family and believe me he knew about this. He deserves the worst.

  • selwyn marock says:

    This SCUMBAG should be jailed and the key thrown away.Hopefully the police will be trying to prove his GUILT not his INNOCENSE

  • Anonymous says:

    Lets put Vick in the ring with his pit Bulls and the owners of the Falcons as well.

  • mare says:

    What has happened thus far re. this case? So many dogs a very large operation going on here. He and anyone else including his “cousin” should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. It sickens me to think of all the money he’s being paid the allstar status he has and then this. Truly disgusting. More public awareness more people need to speak their mind and hit them where it hurts in the pocket!

  • Joanna Siokou says:

    this is dreadful unbelievable persons like Michael Vick must be punished severesly!

  • Barbara Teague says:

    I have heard from people who have attended these dog fights and they have told me that the actual is only part of what is going on at these events. Other forms of gambling prostitution drug use and dealing are all part of the “party”. It is pretty well known that Vick is part of it and that it is all so common place that people in those circles believe they can never really catch him at it and if they did he would get off because of the amount of money involved. Thosands of dollars maybe millions with all the other stuff put in. This is a lot bigger than a rich football player with low brow taste in “blood sport”.

  • Victoria says:

    Ok. Now I just read some of the above comments I am ticked off even more. THIS IS NOT A RACIAL THING FOR EVERYONE THAT MAY THINK IT IS. WHITE BLACK PURPLE OR GOLD MICHAEL VICK IS HAVING PIT BULL FIGHTING AT HIS HOUSE AND ANIMALS ARE GETTING HURT!! I also could give a rat’s ass if he was a professional athlete or not he is commiting a felony. Not for a second can you make an argument that he doesn’t know what’s going on at his property if he isn’t there. Quite certain his cousin or whomever watches over the residence informed him what was happening. Just like any other AMERICAN he should be charged he also should be kicked out of the NFL. People should think before they act he knew what the consequences were before he had arranged for pit bull fighting at his residence. He IS an educated African AMerican right? Guess he couldn’t outgrow his thugish ways.

  • renton says:

    I am more pushing for Vick to go to jail not just get suspended from football. After watching some video of dog fighting I have come to the conclusion that it takes a sick person to be involved with this. And it was Vick’s property his responsibility his tenant. No excuses.

  • gary gielish says:

    Hey what are all you Vick supportors saying now since they have released new information from a known dog fighter that Vick is not only involved with dog fighting he is one of the heavy weights in it. Do you still think that this is ok for him to do? Vick should be suspended by the NFL dropped by his sponsors and kicked off the Atlanta team by the owner. He has no more business being involved in this any more than if he ran a whore house. He’s a loser and an idiot and the only difference between him and the rest of the dog fighting idiots is his money. Go rot in hell Vick.

  • Lawrence Ramos says:

    Football fans are lunkheads.

  • crazybusone says:

    Vick you’re a cowardeven tho he “didnt Know” I have yet to see where he offered any help to these poor animalsonly the sickest of people would approve of thisand let it slide. I want to see him in “the pit” with only one way out!!!

  • B says:

    You know what would be awesome? As retribution Michael Vick should be pumped full of drugs made to endure agonizing physical conditioning and forced to participate in an brutal barbaric bloodsport against superhuman steroidenhanced killers while fat intoxicated retards scream and throw things at him… wait that’s his chosen profession. No wonder he doesn’t care about anybody or anything else. Then again not all NFL players are total douche bags.

  • Patrick says:

    What scares me is that there are more NFL players out there that don’t think there is anything wrong with this. Clinton Portis and Chris Samuels have both come out and said this is no big deal. Please contact the Washington Redskins immediately and let them know this can’t be tolerated either. Thank you.

  • Crystal says:

    I think its funny that all these people are defending him. Yeah he wasnt there and his family member was there. But He had to know about it. Its not like his eyes were covered on the situation. He had to know what was going on. I’m sure he knew about it but i’m sure he is going to try to act like his is the innocent one involved. If there is a dog fight location on your property you are at fault just as the people that live with you. Maybe he will be smart next time and make sure his dumb a doesnt get involved with stupid things like this. Honestly it actually is really sad! Dogs dont deserve that! They are great dogs. Pits get bad raps cause of fools like those guys!

  • Pat says:

    Clinton Portis is an idiot and low life to boot. He commented to Wavy TV 10 that Vick’s house and dogs are his and he can do whatever he wants to do with them. I have been a Vick supporter and Redskin supporter however BOTH Portis and Vick should go perhaps we can tape razor blades to their feet and hands and let them enjoy one another.