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Michael Vick Comes to PETA

Written by PETA | October 2, 2007

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  • says:

    Michael vick comes to peta.. May I repost it? 🙂

  • Connie Karstedt says:

    I imagine that Vick would do quite a lot of things to get the million dollar salary offered by the N.F.L. He most likely laughed about going through this program. Are you really that naive?

  • Denise says:

    Every decision we make carries a consequence. I guess Vick should have thought about it before he engaged in making his dogs fight.

  • Erika says:

    Even though some people might be asking WTF is PETA doing helping a monster like him. Its the right thing for PETA to do. no i dont think Vicks actions were right and think he should get full punishment including No contact with animals for life Anyways… PETA is doing what its job is educating people on animal rights.

  • sue spraker says:

    wgt doesnt peta request that all military personnel also participate in the Developing Empathy for Animals in light of the current case against the Marine who threw a puppy off a cliff?

  • James T. Hall says:

    Since the goal is to get all people to give animals proper treatment I support PETA using Vick in Public Service ads to be shown on school inclass cable networks as well as regular cablebroadcast channels. Whether or not Vick “has changed” doesn’t matter as much as getting the PETA message to children and teenagers the potential future mistreaters of animals.

  • Just some guy says:

    Hey you idiots.. and the other half that aren’t so idiotic.. Remember that Mr. Vick is an animal too. If you found out that some asshole locked up a dog for the rest of it’s natural life and fed it only bread and water you would be pissed. In fact you would probably have a little army of idiots that would find a way to break hime out. Dogs cats and yummy farm animals can learn. That’s what all of you PETA and me love about them. They can think reason and become better. Give Mr. Vick a chance at the same. Punish him Yes. Ruin him No. Use your heads besides something to put a protest logo hat on.

  • Anonymous says:

    Give me a break people we are comparing the life of a dog to the life of a man a tax paying citizen. I know what he did was wrong but do you really think he should sit in jail when people wear fur coats everyday and no one is trying to lock them up. The real case is this Vick is a VERY rich Black man in America and we all know that if he was a Very rich White man in America we would not have even heard about the case. People spend too much time nitpicking about the wrong thing this should not have happened and I don’t care how many dogs they killed the number will never surpass the damage we are doing in Iraq that is the real story period.

  • Anonymous says:

    do not belive him he is a terrible person who has no morals. those poor dogs what he really should do if he is so sorry he should give police information about all the dog fighting rings and donate alot of money to groups that try to stop money any body who acually thinks he is good should go to jail with him because you apperantly love him so much and i would like to see how you feel if your dog was put in the position of those dogs.

  • Stacy says:

    I am truly surprised by PETA’s naivety. Dog fighting is not simply done because one is not educated on the information about animals thoughts feelings etc. This stems from something deeper anyone with basic psychology courses could tell you this. It took years and years for him to fight his dogs and finally get caught what makes you think that it will only take weeks or months for this man to change? And perhaps he will never change he was obviously raised with a certain perception about what he was doing. PETA really needs to lay off.

  • Louverture Jones says:

    Equestrian Horses Race Dogs Race Horses. All of which are condoned cruelty to animals. They are all multibillion dollar industries with more atrocities against animals the likes of which and a history of such that dworf that of this miniscule dogfighting activity. Don’t give me that crap that this has nothing to do with race. The difference between Vick and the avante guard in those sports are “Corn Rows” and “Three Piece Suits with a Guilded age pedigree” and the title as a sport for gentlemen. Where the hell are you PETA on this issue. Where are your ready made flip charts and hate chants for the dapper rich that symbolize American duality and hypocracy. What Vick did was illegal he broke the rules and should be punished. But when he gets out. You people damn well better find it in urselves to forgive him and give him a chance. Everyone hides a monsterous act within themselves. Think about how life would be for you if you were judged by your worst act in your life and most of your life was still ahead of you. If you have a child take the time to look at them and the mistakes they will make in life and imagine them being judge by others who only know them by their mistakes. Get out of your tunnel vision and view people in their entirety. He is a Father a son a brother and a loved one of many. If you continue to call him a monster and deem him not worthy of forgiveness or redemption. What is his child to learn from this process when he or she is old enough to read some of the comments above that clearly show the depth of ugliness to which people view one another. “Way to preserve future generations and sway them to your cause”

  • Qiana M says:

    Curtis I have to address you on this one because obviously you aren’t black. I don’t know what race you belong to don’t care. You may not be white but um hate to break it to you but anytime a man is heavily penalized ridiculed and sentenced for punishing animals when there’s murderers and rapists serving little to no time there’s a problem. The history of dog fighting can be traced back to ancient Rome medieval England and grew in popularity in the 60’s and 70’s in the States before moving being donned illegal and underground. It was popular and had ALWAYS been considered a “sport” illegal or not way before Vick was even born. While I do not agree nor condone the “sport” or Vick’s involvement or even Vick’s supporter’s post the race card does apply here. Michael Vick was made an example of. Of all the horrendous dog fighters that exist and have existed in this country he happened to get caught is a high profile black athlete who was loved by thousands had multi million dollar endorsements and had a promising future as the Falcons franchise player. Should he have been punished? ofcourse! He was stupid! He committed a crime against animals his own race and those that looked up to him. He is not a good role model but he is a good example of how you can be crucified and made a scapegoat for who and what you are. How about going after other people that abuse animals with same passion and valor as PETA did Vick? Throw the book at them too with an iron clad fist like Judge Hudson did in sentencing him to 23 months in prison. If you gonna do it to one person do it to them all. Black white yellow or red. Rich or poor. Then tell Vick supporter to not use the “race card”. You and other people on this board all know that these other people would not have been prosecuted and pursued so heavily. To create the outrage needed to push this matter beyond a few concerned animal lovers and activists you needed a talented black athlete like Vick to be your posterboy. Let’s be real people the playing field is still not equal!

  • Qiana M says:

    While it’s noble that PETA would like to ensure that all of the NFL empathizes with and loves animals in attempt to address and combat the allegations that other NFL players run and participate in dogfighting operations it is also infringing on the rights of those that don’t participate in this type of conduct. NFL players didn’t get drafted for being animal lovers they got drafted for their skills on the field. Asking the NFL to make this test mandatory that Vick voluntarily took as part of his sentencing and attempt to save his tarnished reputation is unfair to those players who are animal lovers and or pet owners. Your basically putting them in a box with animal cruelty offenders without prior knowledge to their character experience and backgrounds. Might as well make a lie detector test and criminal background check mandatory if they already aren’t. I can see this test being mandatory if its ALREADY SUSPECTED that a player is involved in animal cruelty or similar offenses but not randomly off rip just because of one persons actions. Innocent until proven guilty or has PETA forgotten the cardinal rule of the justice system this country supposedly upholds? Let’s go after the bad guys inside AND outside the NFL

  • jade says:

    okay. he only did that to not only make it look like he was stupid and didnt know… but to also get people to think he was a saint in the end. he shouldve gotten more than 24 months. he shouldve died the same way his dogs did.