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Written by PETA | June 25, 2007

Michael Moore on the animal rights movement: “This shit makes me want to kick my dog”

Phew. I spent a lot of time this weekend reviewing the hundreds of comments on Friday’s Michael Moore blog, and they’re still coming in! It’s pretty clear that this letter brought out some strong reactions in people—both positive and negative—and that’s always good. I figured it might be a good idea to elaborate on a few issues that have come up as a result of our publicizing Ingrid’s letter.

First of all, if you know Michael Moore, you know he can take it. Seriously. The guy is not going to cry himself to sleep because we offered him some diet advice. For anyone who has seen a Michael Moore documentary or read one of his books, you’ll know that he doesn’t pull punches when it comes to issues he’s passionate about, or miss an opportunity to take a potshot at those he disagrees with. Compared with the letters Michael Moore writes (see, for instance, this letter he wrote to the president), Ingrid’s letter was incredibly polite.

Secondly, I should probably provide a little context to our own relationship with Michael Moore—which goes back a long way. We’ve written to him several times over the years, starting back in the days of Roger & Me with ever-so-polite appeals to embrace animal rights. We don’t hold it against him, but the only response we ever got from him was when his people showed up outside the PETA building with a donkey, two goats, two sheep, a rabbit, a chicken, three dogs, a fish in a bowl(!), a guinea pig, two gerbils, and a rat in a cage “wearing” offensive signs, like “You are wasting your lives.” He arranged to haul these animals out on a hot day to taunt hard-working people just to get a cheap laugh for his show. In addition to that little stunt, whose real victims didn’t even have the luxury of understanding what was happening to them, Michael Moore has made comments throughout his career glorifying meat-eating and hunting, and mocking people who care about animals. Now, neither I nor any of my colleagues take those comments personally—we dish it out, and we can take it. But, like I said, so can Michael Moore.

Michael Moore has never responded with anything but sneering to PETA’s requests that he address animal protection issues in one of his documentaries, but we’re not giving up hope. And, even if he ignores this particular attempt to reach him in his own style—playful and provocative at the same time—we hope that some of the people who hear about this story will get the message: A vegetarian diet is the compassionate choice, it’s the healthy choice, and it’s the right choice—for us and for animals. I’m glad that this letter has given us the opportunity to say that again.

P.S. Judging from some of the comments I read yesterday, I should probably also point out for a few people that “elephant in the room” is an expression that means “an important issue that people are avoiding.” Not, like, an actual pachyderm in someone’s living space. Like this one.

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  • Cristyy says:

    Hahahaha. Michael Moore is an idiot.

  • John Carmody says:

    PETA ROCKS!!!! Animal abusers SUCK.

  • Christofu says:

    I like Michael Moore I like PeTA the benefits we will all reap as a result of their actions is immeasurable. Thank you to both parties. Go see SiCKO this weekend and afterwards handout out some go veg leaflets…

  • Curtis Thiel says:

    I do think he is bring some important to the front. If he’s trying to make money from it that’s ok. But to be for Hunting.And make a documentaries .Saying hunting is ok. When he made Bowling For Colunbime. That documtentary was like those students being hunted. If he wants to eat meat I know I can not stop that. But he could help in the future if he thinks about it.When he may want to make other documentaries. The Animal Kingdom is full of documentaries to be made. And he could be helping endangered species get off on the list.As the Bald Eagle did yesterday. “Food For Thought Mr. Moore????”

  • Brandon says:

    Michael Moore just wants to get rich and PETA Sucks

  • stephane Leclerc says:

    At first I was shocked by Ingrid’s letter to Michael Moorebut after knowing some facts and the way he ridiculed PETA and dared to used innocent animals to do itI really don’t see why one should wear white gloves french expression to say what he or she has to say to this man…makes me wanna throw my ”Bowling For Columbine” dvd in the trash. Thanks to Jack for the follow up.keep the good work. I still believe though that a longtime constant positive approach is the best way to make people change their mindsand that Michael Moore is a man you better try to have as a friend.

  • todd says:

    Anger accusations bitterness moral “superiority” with these attributes I find it unlikely that a majority of hearts and minds can be touched. 20 years ago a kind and gentle girl exposed me to a new way of thinking…I then made a choice. Lead by example people. Goodday.

  • Cathy Colaco says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with jojo. Peta missed the point. We are not feeling sorry for Michael Moore we are deeply disappointed with PETA’s approach. It was rude and unneccesary. Why waste time badgering someone who really doesn’t care…continue your great work instead!

  • rojo says:

    mike sure whatever makes you feel better.

  • Eve says:

    Fair enough. But you know ignorance is bliss. From Michael Moore’s work it is clear that he does care about similar issues but like so many others he has a negative view of animal rights. The situation reminds me of NOFX they wrote antianimal rights songs etc. until they actually bothered to listen to PETA. After this they had a change of heart and started getting involved with campaigns. Michael Moore mocking this good cause doesn’t necesarily make him a bad person just uneducated. Hopefully he will see the light one day but being rude to him will just have the adverse effect.

  • Pam says:

    I know this is long but please beat with me THANKS!! This is about way more than whether or not Michael Moores feelings are hurt andor whether or not he is a jerk when it comes to animal rights. It is about not stooping to the level of namecalling ESPECIALLY when it comes to how someone looks! Although I think Moore could handle being called an elephant by the way PETA I dont buy your meaning of the elephant comment for one second! does that mean it is okay for PETA to call him that? NO!! Despite the fact that with time education and respectful communication Moores views on animal rights could indeed turn more compassionate he is not the only person who was offended by that insensitive comment! IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN ABOUT MICHEAL MOORE!! It is about offending all of the people fat or not that are or could potentially choose to be part of PETA. Case in point As I said in my previous post I am longtime supporter of PETA both with trying my best to respectfully educate people and by donating all I can to help the animals. I was very much looking forward to PETA coming to my hometown last weekend to educate people on how to network with other likeminded people. I paid the $20 for the luncheon and eagerly awaited the day. A day or so before I was to attend this whole Michael Moore PETA making fun of fat people thing came up. It got me pretty upset and I chose not to go. Let me explain why. I am more than 100 pounds overweight. I am a vegetarian. I also have had an eating disorder for the last 10 years I go back and forth between excessive bingeing and excessive food restriction. To say that I am selfconscious of my body and my weight is an understatement. There are not many places that I feel I can go without being looked at talked about and judged because of my appearance. One of the places I always felt I would be free from ridicule was with PETA. The people at PETA are thoughtful compassionate people right?? Needless to say I now know that isnt always the case even when it comes to its President. Ingrid has an enormous amount of power and influence on the people associated with this organization not to mention the rest of the world!. Her words and actions will be emulated by many. In most cases her influence is a wonderful thing!! She is truly an amazing woman one whom I have admired for years. However with her influence comes a lot of responsibility as they say Shit rolls down hill right?? As the President and Founder of PETA it is Ingrids responsibility to set the tone for the energy PETA creates. Dont get me wrong Im not for one second saying that she is personally responsible for every word and action spoken and taken by every PETA member BUT she does have a certain level of accountability dont you think?? The other issue that this whole thing brought up is PETAs reputation. Most people dont understand the amount of good that PETA does for animals and they mainly associate negative things with the group. Nor do they give a crap that the meaning of the word radical stems from the Greek language meaning to get to the bottom of things. I find myself regularly defending PETA and the work it does trying desperately to convince people that at its core it is an incredible organization that makes a huge difference in its plight for the compassionate treatment of all animals. Unfortunately most people in business whether for or notforprofit know that you could do 100 good things and no one notices but you screw up one time and everyone is going to hear about it! Think about the last time you ate out and had a good meal had great service etc. how many people did you tell about your experience? Now think of a time when you ate out had a long wait your food was cold and your waiter was rude how many people did you tell about THAT experience?? The point is we all need to watch what we say watch our actions and treat people with respect and dignity. It doesnt mean that we cant be strong stand up for what we believe in and go against the grain. But what it does mean is that its about more than our good intentions it is about how people perceive us. Our intentions dont amount to a pile of shit if the perception of us is off. Our words and actions have greater impact than we ever really know just be conscious of what you say and do. I know that this whole thing has been a good lesson for me to keep myself in check.

  • ana maria says:

    I believe that most of us are supporting PETA to help improve the quality of life for animals less fortunate than others. Yes Michael Moore may not respect animals as much as we do but he does respect humans and he is trying to make the population aware of social and political injustices that are brought upon us especially the less fortunate. He is aiding those who otherwise could not see and defend themselves. He may have other beliefs but please do not use the PETA name and reputation to go after someone who many respect. You yourself can write to him and call him whatever you want by the way Im sure he knows hes fat its no secret and in reality it makes PETA sound childish calling someone an elephant. I believe if PETA had written a letter of concern rather then attack it would have had a better outcome.

  • Kel says:

    I actually have mixed feelings on the whole thing. But the bottom line is PETA has done more for animal rights across the world than any other organization could ever dream of so who am I to question Ingrid’s motives and tactics.

  • Marla says:

    I’m a proud supporter of PETA and am disappointed in the comments made by Ingrid. There is just no reason to attack another person taking advantage of their moment in the spotlight to try to get your point across. It’s pure negativity not something I want to be surrounded by. Be positive and others are likely to follow. Set a good example and be a leader. You’ll gain a lot more respect Ingrid.

  • Nely says:

    I tried to post here before and for some reasons it wouldnt be posted. Hope this time it does cos i just want to give my view and move on. I’m not a vegetarian cos of PETA. I’m a vegetarian cos I love animals and decided to live in a crueltyfree way and that did lead me to become PETAs member. However I’m getting sick of this “I’m better cos I don’t eat meat” thing. This is a big world and guess what u might find out people is different from you! wow i know Still we have 1 world and we are expected to live like human beings RESPECTING every individual as you want to be respected. And to respect means to let be. If I want to be respected for being a vegetarian I have to respect meateaters that’s a fact. What I eat is a personal choice so is theirs. Reading the posts and since some people is being so sensitive to the negative response on PETAs campaigns I had to say YES face the reality most people out there think PETA is full of dangerous crazy extremists. Even people that is into animal rights and think the worst of PETA. As a membersupporter of of course I care what people think of the organization I belong to! PETA is not making me “proud to belong” anymore.

  • kimberly says:

    thanks for letting us know about peta’s history with michael moore. it’s a drag that his past actions for the betterment of the way people are treated don’t include the rest of earth’s creatures. even if vegetarianism isn’t in his future i hope he will someday create a documentary on the cruelties of factory farming. i still don’t agree with peta’s letter to moore suggesting he change his diet…it’s like having someone come to my door wanting to share their religious beliefs with me. if i wanted to know more i can find you. meryl ann has it right positive campaigns are far more effective in the long run than sensationalist attacks. peta is still cool at its core.

  • Michele says:

    If PETA is such a “fringe” group I wonder why they have had such a significant impact on people and organizations all over the world??? The few individuals who have nothing better to do than try to “prove” the insignificace of PETA and its supporters really do not matter too much. The bottom line is that PETA its members and supporters and members of all other animal rights groups around the world are being heard and changes are happening in a big way. I believe that some day though unfortunately not likely in my lifetime people will be looking back and wondering how people could have been so cruel just like they do now regarding slavery for example. I think the backlash against the animal rights movement is actually a positive thing. It demonstrates that those who have a vested interest in using animals for food entertainment clothing and experimentation are very afraid because they realize that animal activists are having an impact. And Ariel your June 28 post was very well stated! Thank you! Now those of us here who are trying to help the animals should all just forget about Michael Moore and whether or not Ingrid’s letter was inappropriate and let’s kick some ass to save more animals!

  • Corey says:

    Wow I was pissed about PeTA’s letter and I still am but the stunt that Michael pulled with the animals is sick! Why do people have to be like this? That is absolutly reduculous especially since we all know that animals can feel and that they are living beings. How can he say that he cares about the world when the only ones he obviously cares about are humans?!?! I do have to say though that his movies do bring things to the publics attention just like his new movie Sicko I never knew about the health care issue. Its just too bad he cant open his eyes and make a film to educate the public about the meat industry.

  • Paul Thandi says:

    I didn’t know Moore was such an ae towards animals! If he doesn’t care about the animals what makes us think he’s not making these movies 4 money? Born again Christian my a.

  • Bridget says:

    O.K. I didn’t know that you had reached out to him before to no avail nor did I know about his hideous stunt infront of the PETA building mocking animal rights with signs and innocent animals as props. Disgusting! I will research more thoroughly next time before reacting in defense to PETA communicating in this same style and manner as their targeted recipient. I am also going to seriously rethink my supporting him $$ and his passions however much I may agree being that I now know what his blatant disrespectful nature is towards animals.

  • Sarah C. says:

    I’m confused as to why anything that Michael Moore has said or done or not saiddone should prompt or justify inappropriate actions by Ingrid Newkirk. Like it or not PETA means animal rights at this juncture. A little more mature thought is needed when you are representing so many wellmeaning people. When not written off as a militant group PETA is often thought of as being a mainstream animal rights organization the most famous protectors of animals. That is why I very much wish they would act maturely and honestly and keep the subject of the discussion to animals only. However the truth about PETA’s stance on companion animals and euthanasia is one way in which the organization is not at all mainstream. I have a feeling many of its celebrity supporters are unaware of it. The issue often gets buried and then I get an email from PETA in my inbox with doggie pictures asking for a donation. ??? Inyourface tactics are fine if they are not personal attacks which never yield any progress. I wish PETA would not paint itself as the ultimate protectors of animals if it plans on employing both immature and misleading tactics.

  • Michael says:

    Hi Eve Didn’t see an answer to your question. Are you going veg or vegan? If fullon vegan some fake meat is made of seitan wheat gluten. Quinoa is a an excellent protein grain with a full amino acid profile. Up here in Canada toasted hemp seed with sea salt is legal you won’t get stoned unless you eat about 20 pounds but it is oddly addictivenow Syd Barrettera Pink Floyd finally makes sense Are you allergic to soya beans? Beans are great soya kidney chickpea faba and so are whole grains oat groats or steelcut oats brown rice hard wheat berries. Lentils are bursting with protein as are nuts and nut butters of all kinds and seeds pumpkin sunflower sesame. Good luck!

  • Leti says:

    Hmmm since when does political viewsactions have to do with a person’s appearance? Although I do see that Michael Moore doesn’t hold back when expressing his views I don’t believe he’s ever made fun of someone’s appearance. This is elementary school crap. Regardless of the ‘elephant’ euphamism in the other letter one can easily read between the lines and see the pun. What’s next for PETA’s agenda? Nannynannybooboo you’re a hypocrite if you’re a fat vegetarianvegan? I support and contribute to PETA but sometimes I wonder if such a group leans towards fascist tendencies.

  • Sahra says:

    Again Maya is speaking for me. I don’t want to seem like an airhead here who has to follow others’ opinions but if i do apolagise for not knowing the whole story behind the Michael MoorePETA relationship it is a bit your own fault that this wasn’t said before. Obviously it’s not your job to give us a history lesson but as long as you are showing us a notsosoft letter maybe show us a bit of the background so we can rest assure it’s not as bad as it sounds. Also i think the expression also shocked me a bit more because i am foreign and i wasn’t aware of its use same when i first heard my teacher telling a student he was going in ‘halfcocked’ which i missinterpreted at the time tee hee Either way and going back to what MAYA said lets keep it clean. Lets leave the agressive stuff for ALF and etc which they do better than anyone else and lets not stain PETA’s efforts by showing the public we’re agressive or ‘weird’ or ‘sycos’. I’m not saying we all become hippies and go love the next but if this man who is doing something good for people but unffortunetley isn’t animalwise yet isn’t bending calling him names will certainly not help us! Patience and tolerance as well as persuasion are the best solutions i can think of. There are so many creative heads out there wishing to help PETA in some way or another that maybe we could even start a campaign on ‘HOW TO PERSUADE MICHAEL MOORE’ to respect animals as much as he respects and cares for Humans and in this campaign noone could use offensive shocktherapy language…. Brief it to us give us a symbolic prize in the end. Lets make this go somewhere interesting! x Sahra

  • Beth says:

    Wow Ingrid has been successful in her goals with Moore’s new documentary coming out and sidling up to the hype that goes with it. While I did not agree with the finger pointing over weight issue it was a good ploy to stir things up. The sad thing is so many people refuse to open their minds to this issue and leave their meat eating lifestyle for a healthier more ethical one. I still have a hrad time it’s like quitting an addiction. So attacking Moore is the way to convert people? Moore has created a platform for speaking out against travesty why doesn’t Peta just get into the movie theatre with something sensational? I’d drag my meat eating friends and pay!

  • Lisa Waugh says:

    There’s a difference between holding someone’s feet to the fire and throwing them in it. Moore learned that when he bushwacked Heston. In this moment his message was lost and it took a chunk out of Moore’s credibility. Every time the dialogue turns to name calling we are mired in that event. Where’s the Bono of Peta? Where’s the measured voice of a true leader? Who’s turning off the killing machine?

  • Terry says:

    Most people who are intelligent enough to care about the welfare of animals know the meaning of “the elephant in the room”. They are probably also intelligent enough to realize the expression was used as a double entendre not tasteful but creative. I received PETA’s patronizing letter that said in part that Michael Moore as a provacateur could take it. Of course he can. But perhaps the thousands of PETA members who are overweight might take exception to the fat attack. I found it offensive enough to cease my contributions to PETA. What are you people thinking? Michael Moore’s books and films are not a forum for your message. Who would want to see photos or films of animals suffering being killed etc.? I don’t care for your offensive bullying tactics and wonder how many other supporters and potential supporters you alienate through your methods.

  • Nicola Grobe says:

    I love Ingrid Newkirk and support her 100. I don’t like it that Michael Moore hunts. It would make me very sad if Michael Moore was disrespecting animal rights. I love Michael Moore’s work and his ambition to change the health care system in the USA. Michael Moore is almost as big as an elephant. He obviously has personal issues to deal with. Most people I know have issues. It is important for all of us to critize each other. Otherwise we can’t learn or grow.

  • Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mike and Ariel for logic and your comments which are right on target and I strongly agree with. Maya your clients need to be worried more about our government for reasons too numerous to list. And yes there are people who do enjoy hurting animals from all social classes and even those best “educated’ formally. Meryl Ann food choices are indeed personal especially to the animals that are being slaughtered as we speak. Funny why do AR activists need to justify the movement to spread compassion for animals. Other social movements don’t worry they simply carry on with their agenda. Women and blacks fight for their rights and don’t try to justify their stance tactics or their respective movements. AR activists need to just carry on and help animals in any way you can. Bush and the media have done a grat job in declaring all activists as terrorists unfortunately. Just another tactic to wear down activists and continue with the status quo.

  • Cheri says:

    One thing Michael Moore believes in is “freedom of speech.” Without those who promote freedom of speach the voice of organizations such as PETA would be squelched. We may not agree with each other but we do have the right to express our opinions. I would not be surprised if Michael Moore was mocking PETA just because he “could.” It’s the “I have a voice and I’m going to use it” stance he always promotes.

  • Jeb says:

    Just a thought here guys. Bullying is when the strong prey on the weak. When two titans like PETA and Michael Moore go up against each other that’s just fun. Try to have a sense of humor about it. I’ve never seen such a long list of prudish responses to something as innocuous as a humorous letter. Get off your high horses.

  • Lauren says:

    This is exactly why I am a vegan who chooses not to financially support PETA. Bullying someone into supporting you cause is so low. You all should feel ashamed and embarassed.

  • Meryl Ann says:

    Im a longtime vegetarian. But I dont believe in pushing dietary ideals down peoples throats seeing as this is a free country and all. I dont like it when people selfrighteously try to talk me into eating meat and I dont like it when vegetarians attack meateaters with their animalfree version of bloodthirsty emotional cruelty. Peoples food choices are personal. Your letter to Michael Moore was vicious and rude. Youre right he can take it. But thats not the point it marks PETA as an offensive organization which is one of the things that keeps me away. PETA should know it can catch more flies with maple syrup than with vinegar. Your Sexiest Veg Celeb Contest is a PERFECT example! I hope you decide to give up your addiction to harassment and choose the gentler and more effective road of positive reinforcement.

  • Hortencia says:

    PETA makes me sick. I’ve been a vegan for 9 years and its a lifetime commitment that i’ve made but I also believe in human rights and social justice. Obviously the seemingly overly white progressive PETA organization is totally foreign to the plight of the working poor and people of color who do not have access to healthcare. You obviously do not know working class americans who work really hard and still cannot afford coverage who are left with thousands and thousands of dollars in debt because they didn’t have insurance. Or I bet Ingrid has never had to cross the border to Mexico or Canada to get coverage because its cheaper and its the only thing you can do to be get better. It makes me so sad that you are shifting the attention of a harsh reality for millions of people. Both issues are important and they should not be pitted against one another. I care about animals and I care about people too. PETA will never get one cent from me again. As feminist it also pisses me off that this skinny white woman discriminates against FAT people.

  • Jessica says:

    Ugh he sounds like a horrible person and like another person mentioned he only wants to get rich. Go PETA!

  • Theresa says:

    People seem to hear what they want to hear. Those of us against Ingrid’s letter aren’t worried about Michael Moore’s “feelings” and whether or not “he will cry about it.” That’s ridiculous. It’s a matter of wrong and right. To make it more simple for people who get lost in the politics of it all…it’s wrong to take cheap stabs at somone to try and make a point. Talk about the issues not about how someone looks. The issues are worth talking about thanks to those who actually did that on this blog! and less about whether someone is fat or not.

  • Mike says:

    Sorry Kelly. I meant to address the post to Maya. Doh!

  • Alex says:

    I can not for the life of me understand the mind set of PETA for allowing their spokespersons to behave the way they do. Insulting Michael Moore because he is over wieght is just foolish and only serves to weaken the credibility of the PETA organization further. It is my understanding that PETA wants their message to be heard. What is the message ??? Be kind to animals??? That is not the message we are hearing… Your celeb spokespeople are babbling fools your executive reps are militant hate mongers and your general membership are ingnorant to the truth.there is no message other than that PETA is a terroist organization who has lost sight of it’s true protect animals from cruelty. Now.. I would imagine that one of your hired thugs will respond to this message by firing off a blast of your canned clap trap filled with questionable “facts” and more insults as it seems that is all you people are able to muster. Here is some good advise….dont fund domestic terrorism dont attack people who choose to eat meat or wear leather etc and stop letting idiots speak for you if you want to be taken seriously.

  • E. Carr says:

    SHAME ON YOU PETA! Your methods of attracting publicity disrespect your message.

  • Mike says:

    Rojo it is only viewed as a fringe group by those wishing to portray it as such and that have ulterior motives for doing so. Bigger isn’t necessarily better but it does indicate a mainstream acceptance of the organization. Read Ariel’s post for a dissertation on the word “radical”. It’s not necessarily a pejorative moniker.

  • Gerardo says:

    PETA is a corporation animal wefare group NOT an animal rights group. It is obious that their criteria is to influence main stream and get as much attention money and fiends as possible. They are not the radical faction of the animal movement as whole.. I am wandering if they care so much for AR why is then that they have PETA groups just in rich countries and the one in india that serves as “save face” for them. Why they not supporting the EU ban on fur? Why they are not helping their mexican collegues? ASk this to ingrid and all this people that spend all the time in the “VIP” room …PETA’s AR commitment is just an eternal and offten pointless stunt P.D are you posting this one Jack??

  • Mike says:

    Kelly why don’t you ask your clients why they are “nervous” about PETA? First you say they are “uneducated” and then you say they get bad impressions from visiting the website. Are they not becoming educated on the site while they are there? You do NOT have to be “educated” to realize you are causing harm and suffering to an animal or to be sensitive to that suffering when you come across it. If you can’t sense that in your gut no amount of “education” will change that. Education will hopefully cause you to become more proactive in AR broaden your sensitivities and to adopt a more humane diet. Adrian when you say “down our throats” who are you referring todo you have more than one throat? Of course Moore can and will make films about whatever he wants. Frankly I think a documentary on factory farming is beyond even his scope. The industry resistance would be savage and unrelenting. If you haven’t seen “Earthlings” that is a great documentary and one that is already out there. By the way this whole blog is about “encouraging debate and healthy discussion.” I can’t recall PETA accusing anybody of being a cannibal you can get kuru from eating your own species just like cows get BSE from consuming their own kind. And there is a slight percentage more of people who became vegetarians for ethical reasons than for health reasonshence the logical connection of vegetarianism with PETA.

  • rojo says:

    mike just because peta has 1.6million members doesn’t mean it isn’t viewed as a fringe group. A radical one at that. Of course you may be of the opinion that bigger is better.

  • Ariel says:

    A few of the reasons why some people “fear” or don’t like animal activists are 1. they have misconstrued preconceived ideas to which they like to apply the label “radical” which is based on the Greek word to get to the bottom of things. 2. therefore a “radical” who takes action is perceived as going against the norm of society…a norm that gives reason for positive change but they don’t like change. 3. they refuse to take the time to educate themselves about animal rights and how ALL of life is interrelated…therefore a common question is “why don’t you do something to help people instead?” …as they miss the point totally ie a family dog being abused sends up a redflag warning to child counselors that very likely a child is also possibly being abused in that family. 4. they like to eat meat. Period. 5. while they MIGHT care about human suffering they cannot extend their compassion to animal suffering therefore their compassion is limited. 6. and let’s face it unfortunately in today’s world a lot of people scoff at niceynice when they call animal rights’ activists “animal worshipers”…as well as they have the selfcentered “me only” attitude. So no matter what approach by animal activists is taken or the type of comments expressed if people are not willing to be educated on the subject to understand it and to make changes then NO approach or type of comment is going to matter to them. Therefore niceynice or not niceynice they are already set in their ways and set in their thoughts. As far as I’m concerned I’m not out to “please” or apologize to people about animal rights. It’s impossible to please everyone to conform to their standards…my focus is on the animals. If some nonanimal activists feel insulted by or fear my beliefs too bad. That’s their problem for not wanting to know more about it. They would only be expressing to me that they refuse to see the whole picture. So let’s just say that people like M.M. don’t want to be told in any way that they are wrong with their uncompassionate beliefs especially by a bunch of “animal worshipers” who need to “get a life.”

  • Cathy says:

    I was so disappointed to read Ingrid’s rude comments about Michael Moore’s weight. As a PETA member I would prefer to have those in leadership positions who speak publicly on behalf of our organization project an attitude of compassion for all of God’s creatures… including the fat ones. I agree with Rojo and Maya. There is never a good excuse for being cruel. Such talk alienates some potential supporters of our cause. Many of those who have responded in support of Ingrid’s meanspirited attempt at humor have justified their opinions because of Mr. Moore’s alleged disregard for the welfare of animals. Based on that logic why do the others included on PETA’s “Flab Five” list deserve to be the subjects of such unprovoked ridicule? Amiable NFL HallofFamer and sports commentator John Madden “American Idol” winner Ruben Studdard who credited his 70pound weight loss to a vegetarian diet opera great Luciano Pavarotti who has raised money for the elimination of land mines worldwide and has raised more money than any other individual more than $1.5 million through benefit concerts and volunteer work on behalf of the world’s refugees earning him the U.N. High Commission for Refugees’ Nansen Medal and actor John Goodman who put his fame to good use by donating time to do public service announcements and other work in support of “” with the goal of supporting and protecting those who lost everything when levees in New Orleans and elsewhere failed. We should all aspire to contribute as much as these gentlemen. If you must judge others save it for those who make cruel and inhumane choices. I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these men are animal lovers and were before they were insulted potential spokesmen for animal rights. It’s a shame they weren’t approached with kindness instead of being verbally attacked. If we’re going to consider ourselves to be “the good guys”…defenders of the helpless…let’s behave that way leaving the snide and hateful rhetoric to those whom we consider to be less than humane.

  • Rusty says:

    First of all Michael Moore is a force of good in the universe. He many not be perfect but how many of us are? I’m not excusing his meateating I’m just saying that this world would be a much worse place if it weren’t for a lot of people including Michael and including a lot of other people who eat meat. The fact that Michael Moore has a negative attitude toward PETA isn’t going to make PETA look any better or worse than it already does. And secondly I didn’t think Ingrid’s letter to Michael Moore was offensive in the least bit. In fact I think she had the opportunity to be much more negative than she was but chose not to take it. I view the letter as more of a friendly letter of advice and I’m quite glad it was written.

  • Adrian says:

    Are you being serious? What an immature campaign. It is completely up to Michael Moore to decide what to make a documentary on you can’t force your beliefs on someone PETA however much you might like to. In a way you’ve become just like religious fundamentalists in America “My way is completely right your way is completely wrong so I will try my hardest to make sure that you do what I do because I’m right”. You should be encouraging debate and healthy discussion not accusing and pointing the finger left and right. It sickens me that vegetarianism is associated with such organizations such as PETA. Stop trying to force moral rhetoric sorry bilge down our throats. “Boohoo Michael Moore is rich and doesn’t like animals’. Think of what he’s TRYING to do he’s obviously a critic of the United States one of the first to get the message out about the sort of issues that you have over there. Leave him be and let him make documentaries on the issues that HE holds close to his heart. Why doesn’t PETA make it instead of asking others to do it for him. Are you trying to get a scapegoat to foister all the blame on? Tell me. Please indulge me. By the way I’m a vegetarian for health reasons so you very well can’t call me a mindless cannibal like you do to others who attack your innately backward arguments. Thanks

  • Maya says:

    Kelly and Mike I don’t blame my clients one bit for being nervous about PETA or its supporters. I think they have good reason to. PETA makes some very mean statements. I believe some of that may be subconcious anger towards people who hurt animals. God knows I’ve seen tens of thousands of animals suffer horrible fates and the hands of humans and I totally get that anger. But most people do not mean to harm animals they’re just uneducated. PETA is not disliked by the average person because of rumors but because of statements they make on their OWN website. Statements that would make any normal person nervous. Statements that insult degrade taunt and call childish names does not give a very stable or welcoming image to PETA. PETA’s website has naked people the word “pimps” combined with derogatory statements about other human beings. Maybe that’s not so shocking to some people but please try to understand if someone is NEW to animal rights and is entering new territory by talking to animal rights activists they are terrified of being judged. Maybe they eat meat or own exotic pets and really want to change and help the animals. Then instead of getting positive kind messages about how to change their bad habits they see PETA and its members trashing and insulting and mocking people like them who are not yet enlightened. Can you blame them for being nervous or turned off? Please try to walk in their shoes for a minute. PETA is a wonderful organization with wonderful people and members like you Mike and Kelly. Please try to understand that people who are still uneducated need understanding not meanspirited comments. Let’s work together to solve this.

  • Fatwoman says:

    How nice? Resorting to name calling just because of his size. Are you going to call ME an elephant too just because I am overweight? I’d like to see you Nazi whackjob vegans try THAT to my face. Gotta run…and get some KFC.

  • Lynn says:

    If you’re upset Michael Moore won’t make a film about animal rights make you OWN film. It’s not like PETA doesn’t have the money to bankroll a director. Also lots of film students just itching to make something edgy and heartwrenching with a little national recognition.