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Written by PETA | June 25, 2007

Michael Moore on the animal rights movement: “This shit makes me want to kick my dog”

Phew. I spent a lot of time this weekend reviewing the hundreds of comments on Friday’s Michael Moore blog, and they’re still coming in! It’s pretty clear that this letter brought out some strong reactions in people—both positive and negative—and that’s always good. I figured it might be a good idea to elaborate on a few issues that have come up as a result of our publicizing Ingrid’s letter.

First of all, if you know Michael Moore, you know he can take it. Seriously. The guy is not going to cry himself to sleep because we offered him some diet advice. For anyone who has seen a Michael Moore documentary or read one of his books, you’ll know that he doesn’t pull punches when it comes to issues he’s passionate about, or miss an opportunity to take a potshot at those he disagrees with. Compared with the letters Michael Moore writes (see, for instance, this letter he wrote to the president), Ingrid’s letter was incredibly polite.

Secondly, I should probably provide a little context to our own relationship with Michael Moore—which goes back a long way. We’ve written to him several times over the years, starting back in the days of Roger & Me with ever-so-polite appeals to embrace animal rights. We don’t hold it against him, but the only response we ever got from him was when his people showed up outside the PETA building with a donkey, two goats, two sheep, a rabbit, a chicken, three dogs, a fish in a bowl(!), a guinea pig, two gerbils, and a rat in a cage “wearing” offensive signs, like “You are wasting your lives.” He arranged to haul these animals out on a hot day to taunt hard-working people just to get a cheap laugh for his show. In addition to that little stunt, whose real victims didn’t even have the luxury of understanding what was happening to them, Michael Moore has made comments throughout his career glorifying meat-eating and hunting, and mocking people who care about animals. Now, neither I nor any of my colleagues take those comments personally—we dish it out, and we can take it. But, like I said, so can Michael Moore.

Michael Moore has never responded with anything but sneering to PETA’s requests that he address animal protection issues in one of his documentaries, but we’re not giving up hope. And, even if he ignores this particular attempt to reach him in his own style—playful and provocative at the same time—we hope that some of the people who hear about this story will get the message: A vegetarian diet is the compassionate choice, it’s the healthy choice, and it’s the right choice—for us and for animals. I’m glad that this letter has given us the opportunity to say that again.

P.S. Judging from some of the comments I read yesterday, I should probably also point out for a few people that “elephant in the room” is an expression that means “an important issue that people are avoiding.” Not, like, an actual pachyderm in someone’s living space. Like this one.

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  • Rachel says:

    It is no wonder people mock animal rights when PETA is using these types of actions. To get support you should never insult someone you have to meet them at their level and go from there. And being overweight does not necessarily mean you are sick or unhealthy. Not everything is determined by diet.

  • kelly says:

    Maya perhaps you are unware of the smear and lies that the animalabuse industries have spread? Your “clients” are not basing their feelings on anything Peta has ever done They have been indoctrinated by someone like this who gets paid millions to propagandize against humane groups Maybe you have gotten sucked in by that garbage a little bit?

  • Jeff says:

    I am glad that PETA has explained a little more about the statements of Michael Moore. I am not concerned about whether you like Michael Moore as a person but it turns me off when you stoop to picking on someone’s weight. When I read the original post knocking Moore for his obesity I thought OMG! is Ingrid Newkirk going to set up outside of elementary schools and make fun of fat kids? I didn’t know about the antagonistic history of Moore towards PETA. Stick to promoting the sane treatment of animals. Debasing people doesn’t help you at all.

  • LeeAnn says:

    I had to say even I took the elephant comment the wrong way especially because of the vegetarian diet comment before that. You used the term wrong anyway which is why people probably thought you were calling him an elephant. The term is actually ‘White Elephant’ like in Hemingway’s short story “Hills Like White Elephants”… You messed up on that one. A vegetarian diet is not the only diet and just because you think it is the best diet does not mean it is. I have tried a vegetarian diet and exercised and didn’t lose a single pound. Nope not one. Low carb diets are the only ones that work for me as I have a medical condition and so do many people who cannot lose weight on low calorie and low fat diets. So what if Michael Moore was eating cake chips and soda? Isn’t all of this vegetarian? I know some vegetarians that eat tons of candy and are overweight does that mean they aren’t vegetarians because they are overweight so they OBVIOUSLY can’t be REAL vegetarians?

  • Mike says:

    Maya you have some misinformed clients with apparently overactive imaginations. Do they think you’re a member of the Animal Rights Militia or the Justice Department? PETA is a a very mainstream type of organization with impassioned support from a lot of celebrities and ordinary people and the ALF has a noharm policy. You can thank sensationalistic media and corporate whores like the Center for Consumer Freedom for purposely trying to distort the AR movement and create this impression in an attempt to maintain the animalexploitive status quo. And Rojo why don’t you dispose of the sweeping generalities and say what you really mean? How is PETA “relegated to being a fringe group”? Are they not the biggest AR organization with the most members? If not please enlighten me.

  • rojo says:

    PETA needs to take note of Maya’s comments she has animal welfare at heart AND lives in the real world . The actions perpetrated by PETA often display malice infering a lack of general compassion. While that may appeal to ardent admirers it relegates PETA to being a fringe group to the mainstream community. And not somewhere they’ll pledge money. After all this is all about effective animal welfare reform. Isn’t it?

  • Anonymous says:

    Again Maya says it well 755pm post. Get over yourselves PETA. Crikey! Yeah so MM is a jerk we get it BUT when the president of a nonprofit as huge as this throws out an insult about weight along with some questionable facts vegetarism guaranted weight loss she loses the respect of 1. Mature adults 2. People with weight issues vegetarian or not. INGRID should respond to these posts and not have her employeeassistant try to move our attention away from her own bad move and back over to Michael Moore. Take responsibility for yourself Ingrid. Respond! Your organization’s supporters are worth at least that.

  • CHONG says:

    STOP CENSORING THE BLOG THIS IS AMERICA…JACK. Dear Ingrid While combing through some recent news articles online I was surprised to find a letter from you to Michael Moore regarding his muchanticipated filmoh wait that was from a credible journalist…ah yes you were the one wrote him a childish letter about his weight. Not only is that entirely inappropriate coming from you who the hell are you? but it is disgustingly inappropriate considering you’ve targeted a man that millions of Americans and PETA supporters would call a hero. Sure just as many people might call him anything but that…even “fat” but no matter Michael Moore is in the middle of his most important film debut and you are superficial enough to come up with this stunt? Fat Republicans have called Mr. Moore’s trip to Cuba a stunt well what would you call this? As a PETA supporter myself and the son of PETA supporters that also GIVE YOU MONEY it is amazing to see what you are using PETA’s time and donated money forI’m assuming our donations must be paying for your internet connection over there for your important “research”. Well I think it’s time for these donations to be reconsidered under your reign. I love animals like any other PETA supporterI sign all those petitions you tell me tobut like Michael Moore I won’t let some powertripping “President” get carried awaywhich you’ve done. I hope to find an apology letter in my inbox to Michael Moore and to your fellow PETA followers that you’ve insulted by trying to rip a new one to an iconic figure of ours. Wouldn’t you love to have Michael Moore make a documentary about the horrors of animal cruelty? My God don’t you know if you want something in this town it’s all about who you know? I hate to say this but on the debut of ‘Sicko’ I’ll be ordering a veal chop at my local steakhouseextra rarein protest to your impetuous leadership. If you had even been aware of Michael Moore’s current weight you would have known that he is actively curbing his weight problem. Believe it or not without an Animal Rights Czar telling him to do so. Why won’t I be standing in line to watch ‘Sicko’? Because I already have and you should too. We are very disappointed in you Ingrid. We’ll expect your apology letter within the next 24 hours or you just might find your internet connection isn’t working anymore. Best regards RC

  • Sky Black says:

    As I said in response to the last entry about Michael Moore we don’t need him speaking for our cause. Sure it would be great to get him to stop eating fifty animals a day but having him on PETA’s roster of celebrities would only bolster the misperception that animal rights is a liberal issue. There are plenty of people who will go against anything Michael Moore stands for and not look into the issue beyond that. We don’t need such a polarizing figure promoting our cause. What we need are more spokespersons who can appeal to people’s hearts and their basic morality not their party affiliation. We have got to take this beyond left vs. right and make this everyone’s issue. That is the only way we’ll ever see justice for the animals.

  • Mike says:

    Maya you seem to have at least in this matter an uneducated clientele. Perhaps they’re thinking of the Animal Rights Militia or the Justice Department the ALF have a noharm policy. Pick up any book on cat care in the library and they will advise against declawingit’s not a radical concept. PETA has a lot of support from your basic Hollywood celebrities you know the people we look up to and I personally don’t consider PETA to be an “extremist” movement whatsoever as others who have their own animalexploitive agenda try to infer. In your line of work you have a great opportunity which I’m sure you seize to diplomatically educate the people who think we’re a bunch of “terrorists” that we’re essentially no different than they are.

  • Maya says:

    Tricia sorry to keep using this as my trump card but it’s a valid trump card. I’m a certified vet nurse and wildlife rehabber. Do you know how people react when I try to educate them on cruelty to animals?? They ask if I’m going to burn down their house!! I always ask people why they think I’m some kind of arsonist or are afraid of me and they always say PETA. No matter how calm I am they the minute I talk about animals suffering they think of PETA and extremism. I even had one girl flinch like I was going to hit her when she brought up declawing. I was nice so she decided not to declaw. But as an animal caregiver I can tell you that thanks to PETA we now all have a reputation as a bunch of freakin’ looneys. And that hurts the animals it does not help them. Trust me.

  • Aran says:

    PETA uses outrageous campaign tactics to get people talking and thinking in the celebritymedia age if PETA can get better known in Hollywood then thats good. One does not need to agree with everything PETA says but if its getting people talking generaly speaking its hopefully doing some good for the animals. Go PETA!

  • Kirsten says:

    Censored from commenting again… Anyways Blogger please don’t patronize us. We understand fully how Ingrid called MM an elephant and underhandedly attacked us nonskinny vegetarians in the process. Funny how the only finalists for the Sexiest Vegetarian contests were ALL railthin and Caucasian. Yet PETA claims NOT to portray a mainstream attitude. Where was the diversity in the finalist decision? Furthermore why doesn’t PETA spend the money from it’s supporters to write and produce it’s own movie or documentary? Wouldn’t it be better than insulting a filmaker to make a point. I believe strongly in animal rights but some things seem hypocritical about PETA’s tactics.

  • Tricia C says:

    You are all being so silly. I ask you….. What is the purpose of PETA? It is to raise awareness about animal issues. Now it’s sometimes easy for those of us living in our veganbubbles to forget about the masses out there who have no idea about what a vegetarian diet is or those who think places like Whole Foods are stores where hippies can go and buy bean sprouts…but the fact is that those people exist. Most of America still has no idea of the horrors of factory farming or the benefits of being veg. So PETA capitalizes on peopleissues that are currently in the media like Moore and his movie so that when 3 million people google “Michael Moore” today they’ll come up with Jacks blog and hopefully be a little more enlightened. Or so people like Perez Hilton who reaches millions of people every day will discuss the animal cruelty issuebc that wouldn’t happen if there was no celebrity issue surrounding it. The letter to Michael Moore was never about Michael Moore….it was about the media attention that PETA can draw to the issue. Do you really think Ingrid or the cows headed for slaughter! will sleep better at night bc Moore went veg and was prevented from downing another Big Mac? No. He’s just one person. But if 25 or 100 or 2500 people read the blog and think….hmm…..maybe I should have a veggie burger tonight instead….then PETA has been successful. So stop being petty. There is a world beyond the likes of those of you on this board who are already followers of PETA….Why do you really cares if Moore is fat or thin or a good movie maker or a greedy money grubber or an animal lover or a PETA hater when animals are dying right this second!!!! So if you took the time that you dedicated to posting on Jacks blog debating about Moore the past few days and handed out some veg starter kits to your neighbors instead….the world and the animals would be a little better off. And so I’m off to do just that…

  • zota says:

    Also I just searched “Michael Moore” “this shit makes me want to kick my dog” this blog post is the only result. Please cite a source with a link.

  • A says:

    Aisstilldumb………..Could you come up with a better name? DUMBlacking the human power of speech. Call me something different tomorrow and I will give you the definition you can learn new words and their real meanings everyday!! You prove the point that several people make. You read something and want to read into it. FIRSTglad that you pay attention to all my post! If you condemn someone without all information you are no better than the person you are condemning. I see that I touched a nerve…You did not read correctly go back and reread the fish blog..I DO NOT EAT FISH I AM A VEGETARIAN unlike several of the spokespeople PETA likes to use for their ads.Last time I heard Martha Stewart and Charlize Theron were meat eaters??? And all I was asking for was the first 5 sentences before the “dog kicking comment” and the last 5 sentences”.And its plagiarism to not provide the source. How many people on this blog have health coverage by the way?? I just wish people cared about other things as they do about a blog about Moore. Jack is right check out the other blog just posted about ANIMAL RAHAT. Io amo gli animali percio’ non li mangio

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    All the M.M fans need to read his book called DUDE WHERE’S MY COUNTRY. In this book says that PETA is nothing but a group of “DUMB ASSES.” He also states that one of the worst things that the left has done is to support the animal rights. He states that “ANIMALS HAVE NO RIGHTS.” He says this makes him so angry he wants to kick his dog….. He says many other things that says alot about how his mind works… His arrogance breeds nothing but ignorance… You must read this book… Judith

  • Warwak says:

    Hi Jack I am a card carrying member of PETA I have been trying to post however my posts do not appear. Please post this. Thank you Dave I think Ingrid is exactly right. Ignorance time and time again imposes its absurdities in complete opposition to reality. This creates paradoxes that one can identify and use to formulate and solve oxymoronic equations. Ignorance fades as its illogicalities are identified and the truth is exposed enabling change. This is what Ingrid is doing. Ingrid is calling attention to the hypocrisy anyway she can. She is the best doing her best. THANK YOU Ingrid! This is not the first Mr. Moore has heard about the issue as Animals are intertwined with everything we do. Ingrid has to no avail gone through more diplomatic efforts to enlighten Mr. Moore. Everyone knows that he would make an awesome movie about the nightmare Animals endure every waking moment. It makes me so mad and then I get sad so very sad. Sad to see celebrities like Mr. Moore sweep the Animal issue under the rug. After all his movies are designed to enlighten us and show us things that others have hidden from us. As an Art Teacher I did some projects involving Animals and kindness and the staff went to great lengths to silence my efforts. We all have experience dealing with closedminds. Being ignorant is not so much a shame as being unwilling to learn Benjamin Franklin By its nature Animal flesh is a powerful drug made of rotting death with a sorted past rooted in cruelty violence and murder. Ingesting dead rotting carcass with such roots induces a state of apathy and unwilling less to change. Are we so gluttonous and in love with the taste of it or are we just plain so gullible that we fully accept what we have been taught to believe is so good and right and worth it when in actuality it is so horribly bad and dreadfully wrong and the most wasteful? It is a loss of self from birth as instilled by our parents. Hereditary ignorance has become the cruelest and most destructive machine to ever transpose humanitys destined natural forward evolution. The scales tipped long ago and now the machine has been finetuned magnified and multiplied. Never before has man caused so much misery death and destruction on such a horrific scale as right here right now. It takes a powerful person to let go of everything they have been taught. Food makes us who we are and what we are. I am sure Mr. Moore accepts who he has become and sees no need to change. There is an attitude in America this is who we are and we are proud of it. And we love all the wonderful foods and traditions our parents left us. Look at the great American barbeque. What better way to spend the weekend than a beer and a burger? The superior man thinks always of virtue the common man thinks of comfort Confucius This is the attitude. One of selfishness and gluttony. It is joked about and most Americans feel connected in this way. Things experienced routinely over long periods of time become part of us. It is then absurd and difficult to accept these things experienced which are part of us as falsehoods when we find their truths are in direct opposition to everything we have ever known and who we have become. Hypocrisy becomes transparent once accepted and fortified once adopted. Lost and complicit the poor souls cannot see it in themselves nor do they care to know it is in fact who they are. Those who perpetuate this evil are crafted of the same earth and of the same tastes as those nepotistic architects who devised their machines to use apathy as fuel. Everyone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing himself Tolstoy. It is easy to point the finger at hypocrisy as Mr. Moore does so well yet willingly and intentionally hiding a known hypocrisy within himself is so very wrong. Mr. Moores silence is motivated through his selfish gluttony. Mikey loves eating Animal flesh very much so as his stately girth attests. It is hard to hide the truth when it encases your very being. Mr. Moore has devoured THOUSANDS of Animals. Too people in positions of great responsibility must act with great responsibility. Mr. Moores silence on the Animal issue does enormous damage. How tragic if his appetite and silence earns a reservation in his next life as a Factory Farmed Pig. To experience two and one half years in a tiny cage pumped full of chemicals that make his organs grow faster than his body the squeezing never seeing the light of day never to stretch or run. Finally allowed to see the light and beauty of the world piled on top of each other diseased and dieing only to discover the journey leads to a horrific slaughter. So the way I see it Ingrid is helping to enlighten and shock Mr. Moore into a Karmic Reversal. Lastly who are these people who are so concerned and cry for poor Mr. Moores feelings? They are the very same people who treat their kids to McDonalds and waste their precious time autonomously defending apathetic criminals to rally support in numbers for their wicked complicity in hopes the horror will continue for one more feast. The evil that is in the world always comes of ignorance and good intentions may do as much harm as malevolence if they lack understanding. On the whole men are more good than bad that however isn’t the real point. But they are more or less ignorant and it is this that we call vice or virtue the most incorrigible vice being that of an ignorance which fancies it knows everything and therefore claims for itself the right to kill. There can be no true goodness nor true love without the utmost clearsightedness Camus

  • gmn says:

    So let me get this straight. Because Mr. Moore can handle it and because you have asked him politely to support you and he has declined to do so he is fair game for name calling and abuse? Are you certain that Mr. Moore eats dead animals? Or is that your assumption because he is fat? Is it a rule that we must all comply with the demands of the folks at PETA or suffer the consequences? Will you make fun of my weight or acne? The wart on my nose? Or do you reserve your ethics and compassion only for people who think exactly like you? And if that is the case that you can summon no respect for others who are different are you really superior to those meat eating dog kicking individuals your look down your nose at?

  • Trish says:

    Obviously people can differ in opinions on Michael Moore but denouncing him because he won’t take up PETA’s mission is ridiculous. If PETA wants attention for their cause then get out there and rally the public like Michael has done for the various issues that he feels passionately about. How many new political organizations rode on Michael’s coattails after the film 911 and used that momentum towards the election? And furthermore what effect might he accomplish again with bringing more mainstream attention to a serious health crisis that this country is up against? We should rejoice that there is someone willing to put out these messages that even if we don’t agree with them that cause conversation controvery and thought into these serious issues. Michael has certainly had a more powerful and farreaching impact on this world versus anything that PETA has ever or will do. Finally even though I’m sure Michael does not care to attack him personally based on his weight is childish and immature. I am certain that not all PETA members are “thin” so Ingrid simultaneously insulted some of PETA’s supporters as well. Perhaps PETA should reevaluate Ingrid’s continued position as “Founder President” these tactics she is employing are not likely to bring PETA many supporters.

  • Jaclyn says:

    I don’t know much about MM except that he is very very good at stating his opinions. I’ve never seen his movies… simply because there have been better showings at the time. I’m pretty offended at his comments. What he needs to realize is that when he offends the compassion towards animals he is offending people such as myself. In the process of putting down the movement or an organization he is offending people like me. Because of this whole “event” I refuse to support anything MM has to offer to the big screen or to the book world… whatever… I refuse to support MM for being such a jerk and offending people in the process.

  • Maya says:

    Even if the letter had been effective and Moore went vegetarian what good would it do? It seems like WAY too much time is being spent writing letters to celebrities as though PETA is just trying to get noticed in Hollywood. It seems like a waste of time.

  • Canaduck says:

    “you’d think that someone with such a “passion” to make a difference would respect others who are trying to do the same. funny that michael moore expects us all to find his issues so interesting yet mocks other passionate folks.” That says it all. Nice job Katie.

  • Michel Meunier says:

    PETA’s managment needs to look at itself in light of its comments toabout Michael Moore. Just as Moore grossly ignores animal rights PETA largely ignores human rights issues especially those of feminist viewpoints and fatist viewpoints. PETA’s use of sexism is a huge turnoff to those of us who genuienly care about animal rights and human rights. As a woman I am often turned off about PETA’s use of nudity and sexism in its campaigns and how flagrantly it ignores feminist issues … ironically PETA ignores this as much as Moore ignroes animal rights. So it does us all good to take a long close look at ourselves before we attack others. With all of the suffering going on in this worldfor animals and humanswhy are PETA representatives wasting time with letters to Michael Moore? I am also a fat woman who has been a conscientious vegetarian for almost 20 years. I care about animal rights and welfare and human rights. I take offense when PETA attacks people for not being thin beautiful bombshell vegans. This is the biggest way in which PETA turns us “normal” people off. Who cares who is the sexist vegetarian? You’d do better to not use sexism to try to bring people over to animal welfare.

  • Mia says:

    If he isn’t interested in your cause which he obviously isn’t why keep pushing? There are plenty of other people willing and ready to help. He is obviously of no use to you. This has the feeling of a religious group trying to convert someone from their religion.

  • Amy says:

    Whether we like it or not M.M. is very influential in Washington. I would NOT go out of my way to piss off someone like that especially with personal insults.

  • eve says:

    Hi guys. I’m 15 years old I’m on my way onto becoming a vegetarian. But there’s a problem I’m allergic to tofu. Does anybody here know some other meatalthernatives that are not made of tofu? thanks

  • the undertaker says:

    send him out for a hunting party together with dick cheney maybe they change each other for an elefant and the problem is resolved!

  • Aisstilldumb says:

    A shut up and go eat a fish already.

  • M says:

    One question Jack or anyone who knows. The picture of Moore with the Quote below was this an interview from PETA or an animal rights group or maybe a random question was asked about something disturbing and he said that statement out of anger or it was quoted incorrectly. Usually when people post a quote from a famous person they name the source which the interview or program came from. Wondering because I would love to see the whole interview. Do you guys have it and can post it and we can watch the entire interview? Just to see what a pig he is and why he wants to kick his dog? Perhaps he sneers at your request for help on a documentary because your way of asking him?

  • prad says:

    i don’t think ingrid’s letter was insulting and the ‘elephant in a room’ was an appropriate use of the term in context. however if you are going to call someone fat as was done in the blog at the very least you should give good reasons for doing so. if mm is as antiar as described here then he falls in the same category as many others peta goes after and his qualities and quantities are fair game a la peta’s usual attack formation.

  • A says:

    Yes Jack pointed out some of the things that Moore did. Yet you lack to explain the good things he has also done for animal rights?? Ingrid did some homework to find facts that are relevant to what she needed to get her point across left out all the other movements that Moore has done in cases for animals. I agree with Maya PETA missed the point and disregarded comments from PETA members.PETA use to have a bad stigma attached to it I think it may be working its way back. I will of course do things to help animals it may just be more with other animal rights organizations. We deserve an bloody apologynot a condescending one either not Mr. Moore.

  • alfred says:

    Great. PETA is now doing the right wing’s dirty work.

  • Lori says:

    I agree with Kelly. His documentaries seem to say all of the right things and they grab you and keep you thinking. But I began to question his motives and I still do. People that are truly compassionate would not mock kindness to animals. Even if people are your absolute top priority and you never gave a second thought to animal rights most true humanitarians would not condone animal abuse. Someone needs to do an “in your face” investigative documentary on Michael Moore himself. He is not living in the poverty he preaches about to the masses. One day you will find him beached on some California coast.

  • Ariel says:

    I don’t “follow” M.M. but I saw him only once on tv doing a very short interview that allowed for only two quick sentences 1. something about politics. 2. then with a BIG smile he bragged about how much money he would make just by saying that one sentence. No mistake about it he purposely made it VERY clear that money is his priority. So when moneygreed is one’s priority there can be absolutely no room for compassion in the heart for animals…people…or the environment.

  • Ariel says:

    MODERATOR THANK YOU a thousand times for adding this addendum that FINALLY or will HOPEFULLY clarify the jist of Ingrid’s comments for some people. And THANK YOU for the VERY informative past about M.M. concerning PETA and the animals.

  • Jean says:


  • katie says:

    you’d think that someone with such a “passion” to make a difference would respect others who are trying to do the same. funny that michael moore expects us all to find his issues so interesting yet mocks other passionate folks. p.s. michael moore looks like his heart is ready to explode… vegetarianvegan diets ARE just healthier and they will help dogooders like moore and gore save the planet… one boca burger at a time 0

  • Michael Conley says:

    Well written entry. Showing both sides not hugely bias and addressing the issues people question. Well done.

  • Jose says:

    You didn’t post my comment for the last blog let’s see if you post this one Jack. It still doesn’t make any sense. I don’t care if Michael Moore is a jerk and does not give a crap about animal rights. It still does not excuse Ingrid from insulting him. Being nice to each other is a manifestation of ethical treatment which this organizations carries in its name. Besides your “More on Moore” piece sounds like an excuse for being mean. Te issue with Ingrid’s letter is not whether Mr. Moore can take it or not it’s about being nice to everybody even mean people. We need to be the example and there is no excuse for being mean. And please do not insult our intelligence. Any HighSchool level class on oratory and the use of sarcasam and irony will teach you that the “elephant” expression was clearly used with a double meaning one of them being the popular expression and the other being a personal insult on Michael Moore’s physical appereance. As I said in my first comment you never posted not cool!

  • Michele says:

    Thank you kelly! And if Michael Moore would actually take the time to read any of the comments on this blog not likely though he would be laughing his ass off at all the people who defended him against Ingrid’s allegedly “rude” letter. I find it especially funny that several responses chided Ingrid and PETA for not doing their research!! Hopefully those people will now realize that they were the ones who were clueless and they spoke without knowing what the f they were talking about. Way to go PETA way to go Ingrid and thank you to the folks on this site who explained the phrase “elephant in the room” though judging by the numerous responses afterward some people had obviously not bothered to read any of the previous responses.

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    I completely agree with you on that comment kelly. He’s one of those people suffering from Little Man Syndrome that is he’s such a loser in real life that he has to take out his anger on anyone and anything that crosses his path. Whether it be animal rights or even the president he’ll go out of his way to draw attention to himself and make himself feel better. All he does is poke fun at every little thing yet he has the nerve to say that PETA members are wasting their lives? It’s just such a shame that animals have to suffer because he’s a loser.

  • Emily says:

    About the use of “elephant in the room”. Yes it’s an expression but to claim that Ingrid was not using that expression to poke fun at Micheal’s size is being disingenuous. Please do not insult my intelligence. I understand puns. Ingrid was obviously making a play on the expression. Why try to deny it? It’s not that big of a deal. Anyway I noticed that you said nothing about the fact that Ingrid may have hurt many overweight supporters of PETA. Yeah Micheal Moore is an Ahole but it has nothing to with his weight. Again you can be fat vegan and an animals rights activist. I’m all three. Stereotypes aren’t very useful.

  • Emily says:

    Just because Michael More wrote offensive letters to the president it doesn’t mean PETA has the right to stoop down to his level. I’ve found from experience that you will always get people to take your issue more seriously if you are courteous and polite! That bitchy letter just gave him another reason to hate PETA. I usually support PETA’s actions but this time I think PETA went too far.

  • Maya says:

    Once again PETA missed the point entirely. We’re not sitting at home weeping for Michael Moore. What we ARE doing is sitting around amazed at how immature PETA can be. Okay so Moore abused some animals. Say that! Tell us! And if he is that much of an ignoramus and sneered at you in the past WHY ARE YOU WASTING THE ANIMALS’ TIME WRITING HIM A LETTER? Again the hundreds of comments had not much to do with Moore and everything to do with PETA’s immature approach to things and how bad it makes us animal caregivers look in the eyes of the public. Creative fun witty and respectful campaigns instead please.

  • jojo says:

    I like michael moore’s movies but he’s a big assface to animals. go peta

  • A says:

    Kelly WOW little bitter about being rich? As far as Michael Moore again he also went in from of congress in a chicken suit to speak about the horrible conditions of slaughter houses! He is no all evil.I thought the elephant was suppose to be purple too? Much respect Jack for reading all those comments and posting most of them! A

  • Mike says:

    I’m no fan of Charlton Heston or the NRA but it sickened me somewhat the way he suckerpunched an obviously ailing Heston in Bowling For Columbine. If the guy can’t take it he shouldn’t be dishing it out.

  • A.M says:

    I like Moore but what he’s done seems horrible

  • kelly says:

    Michael Moore is interested in ONE thing. Getting rich. He doesn’t care about anything other than pandering to the foolish and gullible who buy his crap. He doesn’t care about people health care the planet anything other than getting rich. He is a big time capitalist making money from mouthing stuff that suckers will buy.