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Mic Takeover Weekend

Written by PETA | September 14, 2009

The tweets were flying this weekend after a certain musician took over the mic as Taylor Swift happily accepted her first Moonman. (Stay classy, Kanye.)

Little did those angry tweeters know that Kanye was not the only mic takeover artist this weekend. As McDonald’s CEO was stepping up to receive an award (no, not a VMA—they don’t give out Moonmen for cruelty), a protester beat him to the podium and blasted him for McDonald’s suppliers’ inhumane slaughter practices.



Shame on you, Jim Skinner,” indeed!

Written by Amanda Schinke

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  • Pete says:

    Anyone else notice how at the very end he just continues with his speech as if nothing had happened? Truly a sick individual.

  • Edward says:

    No one is going to care about the chickens in fact they feel the exact opposite about it. Why would they? PETA at a McDonald’s convention produces the same results as McDonald’s at a PETA convention. It seems logical to me.

  • Caitlin says:

    How ironic that his name is jim SKINNER maybe he works in leather too wouldnt that be nice just go and kill whatever u want its not like the animals care!!!! i hate u Jim SKINNER Love u PETA!

  • Edward Jasiewicz says:

    Good for the protester and great comment emma “Why would a McDonalds CEO be getting an award for anyway? clogging the most arteries?” Honestly in a healthy society Skinner would be identified as a true sociopath!

  • carla - Hatin it!!!! says:

    Overweight Pathetic money making fat slobs!!! You go girl I would have given you a standing ovation!!!!!! Keep it up Peta We love you in Connecticut!!!!!!!

  • Olivia says:

    I cant believe she got boo’d thoes close minded brainwashed meat eaters would puke up there ‘happy meals’ once they seen what really happens behind thoes walls I applaud that girl for her bravery and hope i can be that brave too! SHAME ON YOU SKINNER

  • jake says:

    this is why i love PETA. Very brave and thoughtprovoking.

  • Jessica Miles says:

    Christina is a total Rock star! Walk the walk girlfriend! You have inspired me!

  • Lulu says:

    This made my day! Shame on Skinner indeed.

  • lori corbett says:

    people are so stupid. man will sit there and listen to how much money this man can make and how HE is killing our children and all is fine in the big money. but man does not want to hear how big money is hurting and killing our animals we love. we show kids little books and videos or cute little farm animals are but nothing is ever showen on how these animals are killed and suffering so we can eat. kids need to know the mc killers are so bad for you.all of this needs to stop. i live in montana and there is so much hunting and killing here and it makes me sick. i moved here for the wildlife and i will do what ever it takes to help all of the animals here. anyone think of anything to help me so i can help the animals. down with killing and the mc killers. good job girl. keep it up and people are still stupid.

  • emma says:

    the people in this audience and kanye west have something in common INGNORANCE.

  • megan says:

    ahhh im so proud of you! totally support youuuu girl way to go!

  • Brien Comerford says:

    McDonald’s profiteers are genocidal transgressors that are beyond vicious. Kanye West is another bigmouth idiotic carnivore.

  • Emi says:

    fat meat eating slobs its sickning that they wont open their minds to learn about cruelty but they’ll open their large greasy pieholes for McCrap every day!!!

  • ava says:

    oh lmao! Simply fabulous! I love Peta. Screw MC.CRUELTY Its garbage dead food.

  • Pamela Ernest says:

    Why would a McDonalds CEO be getting an award for anyway? clogging the most arteries? That chick did a GREAT JOB!!!!

  • emma says:

    Well done her I cannot belive she got booed as soon as she started explaining what cruelty is involved if i was sat in that audience i would be very interested in what she had to say but these people as soon as they hear’d the cruelty started booing her. just goes to show how damn right ignorant these people are. They dont care where their food comes from and what the animals are put through as long as they can fill their big fat greedy bellys shame on them. And as for kanye west why do that? it was that girls moment and u ruined it you fur wearing scum bag.

  • John Carmody says:

    Well done amazing!!!!

  • LA Vegan says:

    this is amazing! Jim Skinner deserves a pie in the face among other things. Kudos to the brave activist!

  • says:

    hahahaha she got boo’d how disrespectful.

  • Pat says:

    wow she is very brave! well done!! and yes SHAME ON YOU jim skinner!

  • Nic says:

    Their only concern is the amount of cash in their pockets!!

  • dino says:

    bahahhahaa niceeeee.