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‘Mentalist’ Star Goes Mental Over Goose Abuse

Written by PETA | June 16, 2011

The Mentalist star Owain Yeoman investigated a “crime scene” outside Queen Elizabeth’s favorite store, Fortnum & Mason, yesterday. Despite months of pressure from PETA U.K., the British retailer has so far refused to stop selling foie gras, the production of which is so cruel that it is illegal under U.K. law.


“In the UK, foie gras production is literally a criminal procedure – so why is a shop that prides itself on its British heritage still selling this cruel product?” asks Yeoman, an outspoken vegetarian and current Sexiest Vegetarian contender. “We’re encouraging all compassionate people to shop elsewhere until Fortnum & Mason stops selling foie gras.”

In foie gras production, young ducks and geese are confined to tiny cages or pens barely larger than their own bodies. Up to 4 pounds of grain and fat are pumped through pipes into the birds’ stomachs each day. Investigations on foie gras farms have documented sick, dead, and dying birds, some with holes in their necks from pipe injuries.

Other major U.K. retailers, including Selfridges and Harvey Nichols, have stopped selling foie gras, so what’s holding up Fortnum & Mason? You can help convince the retailer by sending an e-mail and asking that it stop being a royal pain to geese.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Marjory says:

    For the attention of Ms Aspinall. The misery we inflict on sentient beings slackens our human evolution.

  • Kathleen Smith says:

    Ellen,its not illegal to serve foie gras in the UK, only to actually produce it. Crazy isnt it. Theres a restaurant near to where I live called The Blue Bridge in Writtle in Essex that serves it. I have contacted them in the past to ask them to stop but to no avail! Foie gras is called torture in a tin for good reason. The human equivalent would be for us to be force fed approximately 40 lbs of pasta every day. Absolutely horrible. The literal translation from french is ” fatty liver ” because thats what it is, a diseased liver. Lovely!!

  • Lynn Bird says:

    Traditional cruelty just for snobbery.

  • Rico says:

    You people should get a little education in biology. Is it true that hippies are flammable?

  • Robert Levy says:

    Anyone who eats fois gras,aid’s it’s production ,sells it or promotes it is a matter how rich they are they have failed to use that part of the human brain which is capable of moral reasoning..they are losers all.

  • Ellen Meadows says:

    Why are they still selling foie gras if it’s illegal? Is the law not enforced in this matter?

  • Penny Dellow says:

    I am utterly disgusted that Fortnum & Mason are not stopping the sale of this cruelly obtained product. They need to start listening to the British public otherwise their sales will fall further.

  • Sharon Pritchard says:

    Why can’t people do the RIGHT THING and HUMANE THING when comes to any animals, all animals, all over the world?