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In Memory of George Carlin

Written by PETA | June 23, 2008

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I’m very sad to say that George Carlin passed away last night. The Grammy and Emmy winner was truly an icon in the world of comedy and will be sorely missed by many for his humor and passion. One thing many of you may not be aware of is that Carlin frequently had animal rights messages in his work. One of my personal favorite Carlin quotes comes from his book Brain Droppings, in which he said, “And I think people have a lot of nerve locking up a tiger and charging four dollars to let a few thousand worthless humans shuffle past him every day. What a shi**y thing to do. Humans must easily be the meanest species on Earth. Probably the only reason there are any tigers left is because they don’t taste good.”

With his solid wit and enthusiasm, he brought a pro-animal message to many people who may not have received it otherwise. On the veg front, Carlin has said, “Eating meat is one thing, but this whole beef-rancher-manure-cattle-hamburger side show is a different skillet of sh** altogether. Each year, Americans eat 38 billion hamburgers. It takes 2,500 gallons of water to produce one pound of red meat. Cattle consume one half of all the fresh water consumed on Earth. The sixty million people who will starve this year could be adequately fed if Americans reduced their meat intake to just 10 percent.”

Even though Carlin has passed on, his words will live on and we really appreciate his zeal and fervor for animals. “And yet, in spite of all these examples of creature mayhem, I will not strike a dog, I will not chase and taunt a bull around a ring, and I will not squeeze an animal’s testicles just to give the yokels a better show,” said Carlin in one of the many pro-animal excerpts from Brain Droppings. We’ll always remember you!

In honor of George’s extremely popular “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” and his passion for animals, we’d like to include our own list of “Seven Videos You Can Never Show on Television.” The following list is a sampling of our many banned television ads:

Seven Videos You Can Never Show on Television
In Honor of George Carlin

  1. Sexy Vegetables PSA
    Rude food. We promise that pasta and vegetables have never been this sexy or satisfying!
  2. Wrong Meeting?
    Our award-winning animal birth control (ABC) ad, featuring one very controversial character
  3. Buy One, Get One Killed
    A PSA that really puts the whole “responsible breeder” BS into perspective
  4. Milk Gone Wild
    Your favorite video gone udderly wrong
  5. Sex and the Kitty
    PETA’s pro-spaying/neutering ad shows animatronic cats doing what kitties who are left “intact” do—have sex, that is
  6. Sex Talk
    Another award-winning ABC ad, featuring one very interesting conversation you’ve probably never had with your parents
  7. Sexy Sausage: Director’s Cut
    High cholesterol, obesity, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, and other causes of impotence can be virtually eliminated (and even cured) with a low-fat vegan diet
Posted by Christine Dore

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  • Sean Domaille says:

    I live by the words of George Carlin and I will always be greatful to him for what he has given me. I became so much wiser in a shorter amount of time by just listening to his messages and points of view. He was a beautiful person and I will always love him. He will continue to live on through the minds of his fans and loved ones and I feel good about that. He gave his heart to the human race and the animals leaving no living being without the impact of his love.

  • dab says:

    Sue I don’t think George wasa vegetarian but that is pathetic disingenuous reasoning. He wore a lot of sweaters too better get a public service announcement out!

  • Sue says:

    Didn’t he die of heart failure? I thought a vegetarian diet is supposed to be protective. Obviously it didn’t do George any good.

  • Maya, CVT says:

    Hi ai3d I like your handle I assume it’s a sci fi reference but that’s just a guess LOL Just so you know the scenario you spelled out would never happen. At best people would become vegetarians over the course of 10 or 20 years and the animals would just die off very gradually as demand decreased. Also I don’t remember PETA or anyone else ever saying that they were “better”. I certainly don’t think that. I do think that an animal’s life is valueable and they should be treated with respect. No one is asking that cows should be granted the right to vote or given a mansion. We just ask that they be treated with decency. The way many animals on fur and factory farms pet stores etc are treated violates the most basic needs. In other words these animals are tortured and live miserable lives. Humans don’t have to suffer to change that. In fact they don’t have to sacrifice anything. In fact some animal rights actions make the lives of humans much better!! Organic farming protects us from cancer causing toxins. Closing down pet stores and supporting local shelters helps reduce stray diseases on the streets. Buying local veggies and humanely raised dairy keeps our local economy strong and healthy and keeps our air clean. Finding alternative fuels protects many birds and polar bears and keeps our lungs clean and healthy. Learning how to treat our companion animals saves us veterinary bills and gives us a better life with our pets. There are hundreds of advanatages to humans through animal rights!

  • ai3d says:

    What a sad thing indeed! He was a funny guy. But in this blog you make the point of animal rights and vegan ways of life. I just want everyone to know that there is no way to provide enough food for everyone on this planet if everyone was a vegan. The land does not produce enough and the land we use for farm animals would never produce many types of vegetables or fruits. As for the animals if everyone was a vegan what would we do with them? The farmers wouldn’t keep taking care of them it wouldn’t be cost efficient. The land couln’t be left for them to roam free beacause it would be needed for vegatables and such. And if they just roamed free all together then how many of them would wander into towns causing problems? Are you going to want a cow pig or chiken as a pet and if so how many others would want one too? Just as many of them as cats or dogs so who would take care of them? If it wasn’t for us many farm animals would be extinct already. It really is easy to point the finger at ppl. I am pretty sure that there is nobody on the planet that is perfect so why judge ppl so strictly? Are you trying to say you are better? Well let me tell you you can be better at something then someone else but you can never be better then someone else if you think that you are for any reason at all then in reality you are a worse person than everyone!

  • Kristy says:

    I remember my dad watching George Carlin on TV while I was growing up. My mom did not like my siblings I watching it but it was very humorous! Last year George Carlin did a performance in Georgia afterwards it caused a controversey. People who attended the concert said he was offensive. People wrote to the local newspaper outraged! This is what George Carlin did caused controversey which can be a good thing! I remember several years ago Comedy Central counting down the 100 best comedians of all time George Carlin was either 1 or 2. In my opinion he is the 1 best comedian of all time. Like others I did not know his views on animal rights I am also wandering if he was vegeterain vegan? Like others I will be pulling out old media in my case VCR tapes listening to the seven words you can never say on tv which was made in the 70’s before I was even born but it is ok I can appreciate good comedy! RIP.

  • Judith says:

    Rest in peace sweet soul. You will be missed. Peace for all animals!

  • Tonya says:

    I’m such a huge fan of this man. Not only for his comedic talent but his unique way of expressing the truth. Most people would consider his words offensive but George wasn’t afraid to say what we are all thinking or should be thinking. My heart aches for his family. What a joy he must have been in their lives. He certainly was in mine. “George you are loved and sorely missed”. Thats 7 words I wish didn’t have to be said….RIP

  • Saucy says:

    God Bless George Carlin. May he rest in Peace. And uhhhhhhhhhh by the way George Great Timing. You Mastered even the Art of Death. Hope your View from the Heavens is a Glorious One.

  • Ashleigh M. says:

    R.I.P. Mr. Carlin.

  • Tammy says:

    We will miss you so much George!

  • Halv says:

    My young parents took me to see George Carlin in concert when I was about 10 years old. Let’s just say the “seven words” routine went over pretty well with my young mind as my parents questioned what they were thinking bringing me there!. George was a topnotch comedian and social commentator. It doesn’t surprise me at all that he had such an incredible insight about animal issues. I’ll be dusting off his old albums for the next few days and laugh my ass off! He will be missed.

  • Jess says:

    Peta rocks for honoring George he was one of my fave humans on this rotten earth and I’m glad I saw him recently before he passed. Hopefully he’s with Tippy…hee hee RIP Georgie.



  • Tamara says:

    Wow…I sure didn’t know about his animal rights stance…he is right I agree humans are the meanest species on earth… I remember listening to his albums over and over with my best friend when we were 13 years old…mid 1970’s so the albums were kinda old but not too much. And yes they were vinyl. We especially enjoyed his poem about hair. The one phrase I still use from one of his bits is “hell no not without a note” If you really know your George Carlin you probably know what that is from. When I heard the news on the radio this morning they played a “hippy dippy weatherman bit” “….Forecast for tonight….dark…” I said “dark” right when he did. Great brilliant funny man who will be missed terribly. I guess he’s finding out now when Jesus is bringing the pork chops…

  • katie says:

    rest in peace george. your comedy made me laugh and i loved your plain no nonsense approach to animal rights. thanks and we’ll miss you.

  • Yuka says:

    It’s rare and wonderful to see men as compassionate as they are talented. Rest in peace George.

  • Kelly says:

    It’s so sad he passed away. He’s so right. People are the meanest species on Earth. I sure have met tons. R.I.P. George. You will be missed greatly.

  • fvb says:

    Was he vegetarian or vegan? Just curious.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    I was going to try to incorporate the “seven words” into my post but instead I’ll just thank George for speaking up for animals and for recognizing the value of a good cuss word at the appropriate time. R.I.P. George.

  • Holly says:

    George Carlin made us think and he made us laugh. He will very much be missed.