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In Memory of Ben and Cayce

Written by PETA | June 6, 2007

It’s sad times around the office today. Two of our local volunteers and their friend were killed in a car wreck recently. Here is the tribute peta2 posted this morning:

Last week we lost our friends Ben and Cayce in a tragic accident. Both of these Virginia Commonwealth University students were vegan, animal rights activists, and even volunteered at PETA’s office sometimes. Ben and Cayce loved to listen to music, hang out with friends, and spoke out for social change whenever and wherever they saw injustice.

Many staffers, interns, and local activists have fond memories of Ben and Cayce including their efforts to pre-screen Wake Up Screaming for local students and their help at our ‘work parties’ where local volunteers come in to help with various projects.

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk stated, “Ben and Cayce’s boundless compassion was an inspiration to everyone who knew them. The world has lost two of its brightest stars, but their spirits live on in the many people they touched and the animals’ lives they saved.”

In memory of their short, but inspiring lives we are going to commemorate their dedication to animal rights (and a better world for everyone!) by engraving a brass leaf on our ‘Tree of Life’ for them. If you want to help honor their commitment to a better tomorrow please click here to learn about the benefits of going vegan from a health, environmental, and animal rights perspective.</p.Also, we are big fans of Ben's great solo music project, Mancub, and urge you all to check it out here. And here’s a video too:

Thank you, Ben and Cayce, for all you have done to make the world a kinder place.

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  • Peter says:

    Ben… I hope you can get this message somehow wherever you are… we all love you and miss you so so so much… Our hearts are shattered and broken in losing you but we will carry you in our hearts always. You lived with such intensity and passion and taught us so much in ways that we’re still trying to grasp. I am so proud that you were my son. Love forever and ever Dad

  • Gabriella says:

    Rest in peace and feel pride in the life that you led!

  • Corey says:

    One of the things that i think everyone remembers most about Cayce and Ben is their passion. They were so involved in all the things they stood for some of the most important being veganism and animal rights. They were just so determined and influential. And if I take one thing from all of this it would be to just go for it Be spontaneous and have fun stand up for everything you believe in and be optimistic. Cayce I could have never asked for a better sister. You impacted me in so many ways you can’t even imagine. You always had this smile that I know EVERYONE remembers you for. It was so big and pretty and made everyone melt. I will never forget how you would stick out you tongue when you were concentrating like when you were writing or playing sports or anything you really concentrated on. Ben you were one of the most influential people in my life. I always enjoyed hanging out with you and also thank you for taking care of Cayce and making her so happy. You really opened up so many new things to so many people. You had so many corny jokes but they made everyone laugh. Joe I never really knew you but I did know this Cayce and Ben loved you. They talked about their time with you ALOT and had only amazing things to say. Anyone who made them that happy I know had to be a great person and I am so thankful. Cayce Ben and Joe Waffles I love you. I am going to miss you so much. Take care of each other.

  • silent tongue says:

    loosing animal rights activists is always so sad even if i don’t know them personally they are my friends! may they rest in peace!

  • K says:

    Oh no how tragic. May their kind spirits live on through others. They are in my thoughts.