Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Melissa Ferrick: Don’t Buy While Animals Die

Written by PETA | September 17, 2007

For years, singer-songwriter Melissa Ferrick has worn her emotions on her sleeve, and used her music to draw attention to issues that are important to her. Well, now she’s speaking up for the millions of homeless animals killed in shelters each year in this stunning new ad promoting responsible animal guardianship. The shot may look familiar to die-hard Ferrick fans; she donated the cover of her 2006 release, In the Eyes of Strangers, for us to use in the ad.


Speaking out on important issues is nothing new for Ferrick, who is openly gay and talks about it in her songs. She burst onto the national scene after she was booked to open for longtime PETA pal Morrissey in the early ’90s, and later started her own label, Right On Records. Ferrick is currently gearing up for a fall tour with alt-folk icon Ani DiFranco.

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  • Ariana says:

    Erm… Dogs are outgoing animals which need a lot of attention!!! with cats an easy life.. much more convient than a dog!

  • Mars says:

    “And they say that dogs are property” Dogs are property. Legalymoraly and any other way you can come up with.

  • kelly says:

    “”and that property owners may do anything they wish to their property.” By anything they mean that property owners have the right to beat torture kill starve their “property.” Breeders are always fighting against anticruelty laws and this is one of the excusesthat property owners have the right to do what they want to property. Anything. And they say that dogs are property.

  • Alan says:

    Oh dear Kelly there you go again dont you think this constant stereotypical caricaturing of groups of individuals “breeders” is a little too “simplistic”? So “ALL” breedersdog owners abuse and cause suffering to those in their care now?? I know this gross simplification conveniently adds weight to your views and your cause but how would you feel if the entire American population was stereotyped and caricatured in terms of your current President. Are followers of PETA not capable of putting together coherent non hysterical arguments based on proven facts or am I now caricaturing all PETA members based on Kelly?

  • Dick the Whale says:

    Thank you Melissa Ferrick you have the right position! As long as there are millions of stray animals in this world we have to find homes for them and not to go out for to buy breeded dogs and cats!

  • Mars says:

    “and that property owners may do anything they wish to their property.” And you don’t?I guess that a shelter is really dealing in the slave trade by selling “beings” to others against the “beings” will.

  • Maya says:

    Great! I was a huge fan of Ferrick when I DJ’d in college. In addition to being an animal advocate she’s also a very gifted songwriter. If only more performers would be so socially conscious this would be a different world. It’s worth noting that while millions of shelter animals are dying in pet stores millions of wild animals are being sold to owners who are given bogus info on how to care for them. Everything from reptiles to fish to hermit crabs are malnourished and essentially tortured for years because of the pet store industry. People also feel free to grab these animals right out of the wild and keep them as pets. This is equally cruel and outrageous as breeding domestic pets. I hope all animals get saved from pet stores. Thank you Melissa!! Well done!

  • kelly says:

    You notice that the breeders always go on and on about “responsible dog OWNERSHIP.” That is because they believe that dogs are PROPERTY and that property owners may do anything they wish to their property. Yes ANYTHING. With no anticruelty laws or rules or any regulation at all. In other words a freeforall of abuse and suffering.

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