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Meet the Trollsen Twins

Written by PETA | December 11, 2007

After years of trying to persuade Mary Kate and Ashley to stop flouncing around in dead animals, those impish provocateurs over at peta2 have launched a full-fledged campaign to shame the twins into ditching the fur coats and giving up their thoughtless (and persistent) promotion of the fur industry. As damaging as this campaign may be to the Olsens’ reputation, it wasn’t without its share of blood, sweat, and tears for us—as your self-sacrificing PETA blogger had to watch about 40 cumulative hours of Full House to pull this video together (I still wake up in the middle of the night humming that profoundly disturbing theme song). If you have a few minutes to spare, you should definitely check out the brand-new Trollsen Twins site,* which also features a dress-up game and an online store, then write to the Olsens here to tell them to just stop it already. But first check out Full House of Horrors. It might just change your life.


*This site didn’t just make itself—a huge thank you is due to Karen Nilsen (who designed the whole thing), Elizabeth O’Mara (who pulled it all together), and Jamie Linder (who, in the course of filming and editing the video, had to see me naked—for which I apologize from the very bottom of my heart).

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  • Frella says:

    This video is soo good Yea I hated Michelle when she was small and in that movie now I hate both sisters even moore they are sooo cruel and ugly by the way with ar without fur…

  • Teresa Pratt says:

    It’s just great!

  • Tersa Pratt says:

    I love your work i mean all the wrk that peta does. I live in Brazil but i know peta’s work. I would love to know if peta will be around Brazil. Brazil realy needs help. Tv shows use animals to play race games in a plastic bubble and rabbits stay all day in small cages. What can we do about it? Brazil’s authoritys don’t care!

  • sayuri says:

    Great work

  • rojo says:

    mike Q Depends whether you think sheep transported from other countries would be treated as well as Australian ones and whether those other countries have any desire whatsoever to improve slaughter conditions. Agreed we wouldn’t send them there if they weren’t paying top dollar. you are right about tiger farmers being few it was easier just to poach them in the wild. Tiger penises were are? highly prized in the oriental world as are the pelts in the western world. I would have thought farmed tigers would have been easier to catch but it just didn’t seem to have taken off. Sadly there are only about 7000 of these magnificent beasts left in the wild. Merry Christmas.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Rojo It all still places the almighty dollar before humane treatment. And these animals have no say whatsoever in the matter since we dominate them so completely at least the docile ones we choose to abusethere aren’t too many tiger meat farmers.

  • rojo says:

    Hence my point about All sheepcamels cattle etc not just Aust’n. Incidently it seems halal slaughter within Aust hasn’t been living up to our laws. It’s more than a cop out when live exports were suspended after the cormo incident and earlier when the saudi’s stopped buying Australian sheep for a while the animals were sourced from North Africawhich has the same slaughter practices. No “potentially” to it. I understand Brazil are waiting in the wings for live cattle export to the middle east should Australian exports cease. I fully agree with your thoughts on antiquated ritualslaughter practices and therefore why change has to be instigated at that level. Banning exports is likely to be seen as an attack on their religion further entrenching their position. Working alongside instead of antagonising in my view is better in the long run. For all aniamls not just Aussie ones. Studies have shown that stress levels are increased for the first 24hrs on board and return to normal. Being fed on board away from home would with loose definition indeed constitute a picnic. For all but the shy feeders.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Rojo Since we were initially talking about Australian sheep specifically that’s why I wrote “It seems to me an Australianborn sheep should be able to enjoy the protection of the animal cruelty laws of hisher native country.” I object to inhumane slaughter based on religious principles Halal Kosher etc.putting religion before humane treatment. I doubt the sheep find the trip to the Middle East much of a picnic. Australia could set an example to the world and ban live export. That other countries may potentially take up the slack is just a copout.

  • rojo says:

    mike what has live exports got to do with wool productionapart from sheep? They are two very different industries and are independant of each other. The value of the trade is such that sheep would be bred for it irrespective of whether wool existed or not like live cattle exports. Having said that the trade does constitute mainly merino sheep. Incidently it seems welfare activist focus is now more focused on the treatment at the destination rather than the trip itself. The Cormo express fiasco led to a lot of changes on the transportation side. I don’t know about foreign activists but the main gripe of Australian ones now is the slaughter practices. Their answer is to ban Aust. exports but this does nothing to alleviate animal suffering sheep are simply sourced from other countries and suffer the same fate. In reality the activists would be doing a better thing for ALL animals by trying to educate the Middle East on humane slaughter methods and would have the leverage to do so because we export the animals. Seems our activists can sleep at night knowing Aust. animals are safe. Too bad about those African ones. We hear the liberationists howls but in truth the only people on the ground in the ME and working for change to handling and slaughter methods are our Meat and Livestock AuthorityMLA. Does peta have a program there?

  • C.J. says:

    How can we take someone seriously one they say ‘omg’ … ? Please help the cause by learning how to write you’re emberassing. SAVE THE ANIMALS!!!! KILL THE PEOPLE!!!!

  • Lucas says:

    Oh please … they’re sick … I wish some serial killer had gotten to them. PETA is being kind. DOWN WITH THE TROLLSEN TWINS!

  • C.J. says:

    Well you know Dessy technically we run around wearing skin. And once again you don’t know if the animals were brutally murdered. It can be done in a humane way.

  • Michele says:

    Tine PETA “does this” to people who are pathetic enough to wear the CARCASSES of DEAD ANIMALS on their bodies. OMG how can people condone SKINNING ANIMALS ALIVE? THAT is what is sick and people like you are just as sick if you cannot see what is happening to these animals. If you don’t believe my words watch the videos. The scene where the raccoon dog has just been skinned alive and you see himher still blinking is pretty unforgettable. If you need to see more watch the movie “Earthlings”… I dare you!

  • Tine says:

    OMG! You’re just sick! How can you guys possibly do soemthing like this to other people!?

  • Tine says:

    OMG! Poor those girls… You guys are henpecking them! You’ve fucking lost it!

  • C.J. says:

    The animals could have been killed humanly … one never knows. Not that I’m advocating it.

  • Maya, Master's candidate, wildlife biology says:

    Great points by Jessica Emily gator etc. You guys rock. I’m glad I’m not alone in this I’ve seen PETA do very funny and clever campaigns that don’t involve immature playground fights. You’re preaching to the choir again PETA. It’s like running in circles amusing to watch but a waste of time. You’re not actually changing any minds with this.

  • Dessy says:

    These two women should have thought twice before wearing fur in public. I mean YUCK! who would want to go around wearing skin and fur!? The animals were brutally murdered for it and it’s just disgusting!

  • Antigone1000 says:

    To DanielleTake your concern for the unborn to another blog. This one is about PETA and animals. To everyone who thinks that PETA should spend more time “educating people”Easy for you to say not so easy for the animals who suffer and die every second of every day. If tactics like this shame people into giving up fur and save more animal lives more quickly I am all for it. Education is one thing but too many people are too ignorant or too stubborn to listen to reason so why not try pressure?

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Rojo I agree that seems like a very accommodating timeframe for mulesing but what about this live export thing? It seems to me an Australianborn sheep should be able to enjoy the protection of the animal cruelty laws of hisher native country.

  • Rhonda R says:

    Little girls look up to these two and to make them look like idiots THATS GREAT . wearing fur is just not cool anymore . get with the times TROLLSEN TWINS

  • Ana says:

    Great comments Michele!!!! You always are a bright light for the animals with your comments!

  • Kristina says:

    My mistake I was addressing THEYWEREHERE1ST and Lisa Not Rebecca and Mike Q. Apologies.

  • Kristina says:

    Rebecca If people suck would you put yourself in that category?

  • Kristina says:

    Hey Mike Quinoa So it was right for PETA to go to the extreme of comparing the Holocaust to pig farms etc? I think they’ve lost sight of how to get their point across in a more effective manner or they never had the ability to.

  • rojo says:

    Mike Q I get the impression peta don’t intend to stop their campaign against Australian wool primarily because animals are used for the benefit of humans. And shockhorror profit. This is demonstrated by repeated admonishment of an industry that has agreed to end mulesing by 2010 a task that I don’t believe could happen any faster. In the interim analgesics such as trisolfen are being utilised but you aren’t likely to hear about that from peta. Cheers


    I don’t understand how anyone can compare people vs. animals. Does anyone see the videos? They cannot defend themselves they are tortured mutilated and beat to DEATH. The world is becoming overpopulated and all you can say is “doesn’t anyone care about the people?” NO we don’t because people can take care of themselves we have evolved. And people are the ones torturing these animals. I for one have never met an animal that sells drugs to children an animal that molests children or an animal that has stabbed you in the back or an animal that has shot a person or skinned a person or slit a person’s throat or chained up a person. PEOPLE SUCK. We need to take care of the animals because they were here 1st! yeah I hate some people but not all. And I’ve never been done wrong by an animal. And to those people that will comment on the animals that have slained get real they were provoked…..BY PEOPLE !

  • Rebecca says:

    Honestly PETA has lost my respect and a lot of other people’s respect. How is it that grown men and women can sit around and think… “Hey let’s trash talk some young girls”??? Are you even thinking or have you let your children do your job for you? This is being blasted all around the world now and PETA is going to realize what a stupid move this was. And yes I do believe The girls should sue you for defamation and I hope they win. Then I hope this company grows up and actually starts supporting their own cause instead of wasting money on trash talking young women. But if not… then I’m sure myself and LOTS and LOTS of other people will let it be heard that PETA isn’t for protecting animals… it’s for acting like an 8th grader and collecting and using our money for it. Think again PETA.

  • Michele says:

    Joshua do a little research on this site about how a vegetarian diet would virtually eliminate world hunger. The dietary needs of the world’s cattle for one year could feed over 8 billion people never mind how much food and water are needed for the factoryfarmed pigs and chickens. I won’t repeat all of the stats go look it up for yourself before you shoot your mouth off. And boo hoo to the Olsen twins for being singled out by PETA. They know damn well that they are wearing the carcasses of dead animals and they choose to continue to do so despite having been educated about the issue. All of you defending them are just pathetic. Why don’t you help defenseless animals or children disabled or elderly etc. instead of standing up for two losers who are promoting animal abuse?

  • Lisa says:

    I think what Peta is doing is great. Its a shame that there are still so many ignorant people who think that animals are here for whatever purpose we see fit even if it means we torture and kill animals just for our convinence. I definitely have more empathy for animals than I do for humans. THANK GOD FOR PETA!!!THEY HAVE THE BALLS TO GO OUT AND SPREAD THE WORD. Who cares how they do it. Sometimes it takes going to the extreme to get people to pull their head out of their ass.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mon and Rojo Thanks for your input. I think the problems as PETA sees them can be solved. If these sticking points were taken care of PETA would move on to the many other issues that need their attention something sheep farmers would no doubt be glad of.

  • Joshua says:

    PETA you have gone way too far! especially that idea “animals are not ours to eat!” TELL THAT TO MILLIIONS PEOPLE LIVING IN POVERTY IN 3RD WORLD COUNTRY!! That is just selfish! without even thinking of what conditions other people in other parts of the world living in. And thinking that by going for personal attacks on the twins will make you look HEROIC? You are WRONG!

  • Marceles Fisher says:

    I can’t see how anyone could see this as “bashing” the Olsen twins. This is footage of when they were kids and is for the most part a gentle education. The twins are now adults choose to be in the public eye and promote a sick idea of vanity. To the undereducated idiots who insist that it is a choice between humans OR animals YOU grow up and realize all beings deserve to live cruelty free. Also using a need for furs from a historical perspective vs a DESIRE to wear it now for vanity is quite the leap in logic and simply doesn’t hold any water. Please do continue to eat meat. It’s too bad you are so ignorant of they plethora of ways that this meat industry is killing you. One less asshole in the gene pool.

  • Caboose says:

    Randy Why not make it yourself?

  • Lisa says:

    I think alot of the people on this blog have NOT seen The Witness or the video of the Chinese fur farms I believe or at least hope that would change their minds. As usual I think this video altho alittle long is a work of art. If someone has been exposed to the videos and can continue to wear fur they deserve this and much much more. There is No excuse! So all of you who are bashing PETA for this please please watch the videos and then post your blog. Great work PETA you ROCK!

  • sherri smith says:

    Good job PETA! That was an excellent idea. Too bad some of the idiots posting here don’t get the idea of it but instead they are worried about the poor widdle celebrities who might get their widdle feeling hurt. wah. I hope PETA exposes every single celebrity who wears fur.

  • Carla says:

    Hey Randy go play with your train set!! You’re on the wrong blog!!

  • Brit says:

    I think its disturbing and disgusting to personally attack people over their personal choices. It is not within your right to “shame” anyone into not wearing fur. This campaign has only encouraged me to wear fur but also to support the Olsens. Why don’t you concentrate your efforts on trying to make a real difference by protecting endangered species like tigers?

  • V. Soto says:

    Mon Australian ranchers that force sheep onto their backs to slice flesh from their rear ends WITHOUT PAINKILLERS should offer to have the same thing done to them so they can demonstrate firsthand how “cutting away a little bit of skin” is really not that big a deal. Care to be the first to volunteer?…. No? I didn’t think so.

  • Kristina says:

    I support the ethical treatment of animals but PETA to me just seems like a group of people who think they are moraly superior to others. They’re a petty organization that started out with right intentions but now have gone the way of feeling they can do whatever they want to get their point across.

  • Randy Richardson says:

    Hey wake up and piss the world is on fire people and you worry about some damned fur coats. What do you think the indians wore? Try messing with them and you would get a tomahawk up side the head. I eat meat and chicken from KFC so kiss my ass!!!!!

  • Tamara says:

    “Cruelty to people is just as wrong as cruelty to animals”?? Awww c’mon Tracie that one’s just too easy… Are the Olsen twins being skinned alive for their skin here?? I didn’t think so…

  • jess says:

    my favorite part aside from the beautiful web design is the amazing full house episode. that must have taken ages. it worked sooo well though!

  • jamie says:

    i thought the movie was very creative but i personally dont agree with going after people that way why would they want to help and work with you guys if you do stuff like that? i wouldnt it would make me go out and do it more is probly what they are thinking but the movie was creative

  • Linda, Sweden says:

    My god this is ridiculous!! Attacking certain people…. Thats so low…. And what does it help your job? Put your money at informing the population instead!

  • Iveta says:

    I do not care of the Olsen twins nor I am PETA fanatic but this is the dumbest campaign I have ever seen looks like PETA did not get paid and now they are after two rich celebrities. If you want to go after someone go after terrorists or child abusers it will be Earth recourses used wisely. Don’t waist that air time and printer ink for stupid cause. Who came up with this!?

  • jenna says:

    the important thing to remember here is that they chose to wear fur. I’m pretty sure the animals didnt choose to be tortured and skinned alive. Go Karen! Go Peta!

  • Charley says:

    The Olsens in my opinion are two of the lovliest women on earth. I love them dearly. Peta on the other hand is an arrogant hate group. You state how they do not submit to your demands. That really encourages me to want to buy fur. Your means of attack on beautiful humans actually create the opposite of your intent. You Peta people are not too smart.

  • rojo says:

    Mike Q it’s an interesting question did merinos get bred with wrinkly bums to produce more fibre or did the wrinkly bum sheep have quality traits that were desireable? The fact that the wool has to be removed from the breech even if only by crutching suggests the extra area is unproductive.

  • Mon says:

    Mike Quinoa I work on a farm not for profit as such. I’m a training vet all work i do is volunteer for the moment. Farmers have not specifically breed the animals to have folds in the skin. That’s merely a common throw back. It’s not as cruel as people realise. When i practice it i use a sedative. Farmers just cant get rid of the sheep that have folds as if they were rubbish. Pink talks about mulesing but doesnt talk about flystrike. NOW that is something we need to get all upty about