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Meet the Trollsen Twins

Written by PETA | December 11, 2007

After years of trying to persuade Mary Kate and Ashley to stop flouncing around in dead animals, those impish provocateurs over at peta2 have launched a full-fledged campaign to shame the twins into ditching the fur coats and giving up their thoughtless (and persistent) promotion of the fur industry. As damaging as this campaign may be to the Olsens’ reputation, it wasn’t without its share of blood, sweat, and tears for us—as your self-sacrificing PETA blogger had to watch about 40 cumulative hours of Full House to pull this video together (I still wake up in the middle of the night humming that profoundly disturbing theme song). If you have a few minutes to spare, you should definitely check out the brand-new Trollsen Twins site,* which also features a dress-up game and an online store, then write to the Olsens here to tell them to just stop it already. But first check out Full House of Horrors. It might just change your life.


*This site didn’t just make itself—a huge thank you is due to Karen Nilsen (who designed the whole thing), Elizabeth O’Mara (who pulled it all together), and Jamie Linder (who, in the course of filming and editing the video, had to see me naked—for which I apologize from the very bottom of my heart).

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  • Ngoc says:

    If they can’t respect animals why should they deserve to be respected? Animals are living creatures as well and they deserve to be treated well. Inhumane is inhumane. It does not differentiate between humans and animals. Same with respect compassion empathy etc. Treat others as you wanted to be treated right?

  • Guildias says:

    I think animal cruelty is wrong in MANY ways but I would have to disagree with all of what you guys are doing. Just because the celebrites and ordinary people want to eat meat and wear fur doesn’t mean they should be ridicule like what bullies do. What I would do is respect their decision and try to show why its wrong to wear coats. I don’t have any fur material clothing and i DO eat meat. Overall I think PETA is being ridiculous and are bad as slaughters.

  • mark says:

    this is the most ridiculous thing ive ever seen. it makes me want to wear fur now since theres such assholes who are working in the group. its not like they kill the animals themselves it would be done whether they buy the clothes or not.. theres still others in the world. so i dont see any reason to put such a harsh website up of them. are the people in PETA no older than 11?

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter for Animals says:

    Mon Calling a veterinarian comes to mind or am I thinking way too outside the box?

  • dolphin girl says:

    tracie it’s a difference skinning animals alive from publishing some pictures with some ugly hags! you animal haters never get the point!

  • Armored Polar Bear says:

    I think that this whole campaign is immature and makes you seem very unprofessional. While I agree that animals should be treated fairly I don’t think this is the way to go about it. It’s fine to be vocal about all the fur they wear but you don’t need to personally attack them especially on unrelated issues. Please get classy I think that would go a long way for your organization.

  • Jim de petro says:

    Can not beleive people are saying this is inmaturecelebrity bashing.Have they seen the Chines fur industry clips among others .Tragically ashamed to be human yet grateful not to be an animal!

  • Anonymous says:

    This looks pathetic if you ask me. Someone had the time to do all of this? Sheesh.

  • Tracie says:

    I have been a vegetarian for more than 20 years and I totally support your cause in theory but the way you go about bullying and terrorizing people is just ridiculous. Cruelty to people is just as wrong as cruelty to animals. I seriously can’t even believe this.

  • A says:

    The twins rock! u guys suck!

  • farah says:

    this is too long. who’s going to watch this?

  • Tiffani says:

    This is ridiculous. Campaigns like this one have a negative effect on all vegans animal rights activists. It makes us all look hateful and childish. If you wanted to make people sympathize with the olsen twins then I think you have succeeded.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Mon Isn’t it just greed that promoted the breeding of wrinkledskin sheep in the first place? The use of smoothskinned sheep would eliminate the need for mulesing and take a lot of heat off of Australian farmers. Ban live export and Australian sheep would then become a low priority on the animal rights agenda.

  • kelly says:

    The Olsons are selfish and disgusting Selfcentered greedy.

  • Hey says:

    What gives you people the right to shame someone into submission like this? Who are you? The gestapo? Trying to bend people to your way of thinking like this is shit. Why not just show the footage of the animal farms? Why not try to educate the people who are farming the animals in the right way not by boycotting. You are playing with real people here too.

  • rojo says:

    Alinda om u te groeten. Ben het met u eens over de kinderachtige aard van een aantal campagnes. Als het gaat om het bont leven en laten leven. greetings

  • little big woman says:

    skinning animals alive is much worse than this video! peta haters are again out of proportion! and furwearing people’s soul is not soooooo delicate and vulnerable that they cannot survive some correction! go on peta you rock!

  • Nathan says:

    I personally think that this is tasteless and total crap. I for one dont understand why making fun of celebrities and ordinary people are going to get people on your side. If anything this is causing people to side with farmerscelebrities and fur wearers. I also think its sad that you have to go to such a low level of having celebrities partially or totally nude to make your point also. This won’t stop me from eating at any chicken or any meat place and wearing what i want to wear.

  • Tina says:

    Clearly this is the only way people will pay attention to this. It makes my heart break when people say it’s fine that people wear fur bc it’s their choice. It’s also some people’s choice to murder othersso is that okay? These animals are tortured alive…why do people think that is okay?

  • Caboose says:

    well thats fuckin predictable

  • Jaclyn says:

    Danielle no one is denying children’s lives here. Danielle where did you piece together that being anti fur because of its cruelty means that we want to be cruel to children and deny children the right to live. Danielle I can’t wait to hear your answer.

  • Lucas Solowey says:

    AMAZING JOB! The video is so well done its informative and funny while puts pressure on the twins to change! once again you guys have done amazing work!!

  • Mon says:

    Do you think attacking celebraties in such a brazen way will get your message across? I come from an Australian farm it’s apparent that you your ’causes’ are often very misguided. You attacked the sheep farmers of Australia ‘promoted’ us as savages. Do you even know what it’s like to not deal with the sheep when they are lambs… they get maggots get eaten from the inside out. The process can take months it’s painful as the sheep dies slowly. Tell me which is more savage cutting away a little bit of skin when the sheep is a lamb or watching a sheep being eaten alives by flies? Stop being a sophist do some research before you start your witch hunt.

  • Danielle says:

    Wow you guys sure go to crazy extremes to protect animals. Even as far as personally attacking people. Too bad you aren’t this passionate about protecting the rights of unborn children. You know fellow human beings. What kinda of a world are we living in when animals have more rights than children to life?

  • Shannon says:

    I hope they sue you for defamation of character. Its unfortunate this is the example you are setting for the youth of America. Apparently PETA believes the only way to educate is to use personal attacks and hatred. Looks like PETA is made up of 8th graders.

  • Carolina Amaris says:

    I for one think it blows. I understand and completely sympathize with PETA that wearing fur is cruel but I don’t think it’s o.k. to bring in their personal lives. It’s very unfair because Linda McCartney would have never wanted this organization to be run this way. PETA is about educating people about animal cruelty and to subject itself to a tabloid level is not educational. If getting people to recognize the evils of fur by exploiting other people personal lives then the McCartney clan should take note after all My My Stella your life hasn’t been vegan cakes and white picket fences …

  • Wibout says:

    Although I’m not a huge fan of personal attacks I do agree with it in this case. The problem is that many many many stupid people on this planet follow trends created by people they see on television. Famous people like these twins. If they continue to wear fur like it’s a cool thing to wear all these stupid people follow and want to wear fur as well. That’s the way the world works. So attacking these twins maybe stops them from wearing fur therefore stopping all these stupid people to think wearing fur is hip which results in much less dead animals as clothing designers will not use fur. It won’t sell. Also the media attention this stunt gets is eventually a good thing. In The Netherlands we buy a spray with paint in it and just spray the jacket. It works because I never see people wearing fur here anymore.

  • Jaclyn says:

    Peta is not in the business of being the most liked company out there. They have no problem with getting their message across in whatever way is necessary. This campaign shows that and I like it. If letters to the Olsen sisters did not work. If sending them information packets did not work if trying to speak with them did not work. Maybe this will. Peta is a pressure group. When peaceful negotiations do not work they turn on their creativity into something that will catch people’s attention.

  • Emily says:

    I understand the point that is trying to be made here…but as supporters of the ethical treatment of animals we should also be supportive of the ethical treatment of ALL beings. I mean isn’t that what we are all about anyway? I think this is completely immature and PETA will only be seen as immature and hateful…we need to find a better way!

  • Eddy says:

    Hi you all it’s a little bit overreaction here lets see iff we could save all animals lives and human lives all over the world and wait for the world to colapse !!! offcourse I am not telling you that it’s a normal humanity way off getting this fur but we can’t save everybody on this planet I am sorry to say this but off course I am an animalfriend but to demonstrate on this way and try to put the olson twins in this picture is not the correct way. Grtz Eddy

  • gator says:

    why do you pick on people.peta and mick vick are really the same kinda people.both have zero respect for life.

  • Carolyn Barnes says:

    Personally I have NEVER liked the olsen twins. I think they are simply 2 twits who couldn’t punch their way out of a paper bag that was already wet. I also think they have had something “going” with each other for a very long time. They should both go out have a big dinner and then go puke it up.

  • Brandon Becker says:

    The video is extremely funny. Seriously I laughed the entire time through it. I brings back memories of watching Full House on TGIF. I actually remember some of the episodes that the video was spliced from. Awesome work. o

  • Natasha says:

    I love how the video was put together if it does not get the point across to the twins hopefully it will with anyone who watches it. Fur is NOT fashion. I am always behind PETA 100.

  • Kyle says:

    this is seriously ridiculous you may not believe in wearing fur or anything involving animals but to bash someone just because they don’t support your cause is outrageous and pathetic.

  • rebecca arnold says:

    no personal attacks may not seem to some people the best way. But it does work. Spoiled people with money need to know the consequenses of their trying to look “pretty” in a dead animal that lead a tourtured life

  • Elaine Vigneault says:

    The video ends abruptly and oddly. The dressup is gross. There should be a magic wand to wave over them and make them furfree. Overall it makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like the association of evil with ugly goth dark or Halloweenish. I mean they’re like Garbage Pail Kids in this. It’s got a weird appeal that’s not getting the message that ‘fur is evil’ across.

  • Jessica Hewitt says:

    Stop personally attacking people. It makes your organization look small and petty. Your arguments have merit without this ad hominem drivel.

  • nadia says:

    HaHa! I love it!!!

  • shu shang says:

    as christina ricci has become a good girl now and goes furfree these two horror hags could join the adams family!

  • jj says:

    Give me a break I dont think they are really going to stop wering fur because of this. I think this is tasteless and childish and I dont think it will have any bearing on anyone especially them wearing fur Grow up!!

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    An absolute masterpiece!!!

  • Alinda says:

    Dit is echt zo achterlijk!! En kinderachtig van jullie hoe oud zijn jullie als ik vragen mag?? Als iedereen nou hetzelfde deed was er toch geen wereld meer!!! Als je snapt wat ik bedoel!! Groeten

  • kitty says:

    Um damn.. That is all I can say. o.o The video looks very good! I can tell that you guys probably worked your asses off on it.

  • BullyDawg says:

    Love you Jack but curse you for lodging that theme song in my head!

  • erin says:

    Personal attacks on these girls are completely inappropriate and unprofessional. PETA can you really find no other way to promote your cause than to sink to the level of bashing stars like the latest gossip magazine? Disgusting.

  • Loves animals too says:

    I wonder why you people don’t get so worked up over millions of unborn babies being killed in the womb each year.

  • Tamara says:

    OMG it looks just like them…you know at the very least that fur just makes them look like old dowdy women…I’m looking for violetcolored bubble hairdos next. Of course not to mention the suffering and torture these animals endure so these two brainiacs can think they look cute. The video is sheer geniusand I hope you regain your sanity soon and get that torturous theme song out of your head.

  • stasya says:

    this is ingenius!