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Meet the Trollsen Twins

Written by PETA | December 11, 2007

After years of trying to persuade Mary Kate and Ashley to stop flouncing around in dead animals, those impish provocateurs over at peta2 have launched a full-fledged campaign to shame the twins into ditching the fur coats and giving up their thoughtless (and persistent) promotion of the fur industry. As damaging as this campaign may be to the Olsens’ reputation, it wasn’t without its share of blood, sweat, and tears for us—as your self-sacrificing PETA blogger had to watch about 40 cumulative hours of Full House to pull this video together (I still wake up in the middle of the night humming that profoundly disturbing theme song). If you have a few minutes to spare, you should definitely check out the brand-new Trollsen Twins site,* which also features a dress-up game and an online store, then write to the Olsens here to tell them to just stop it already. But first check out Full House of Horrors. It might just change your life.


*This site didn’t just make itself—a huge thank you is due to Karen Nilsen (who designed the whole thing), Elizabeth O’Mara (who pulled it all together), and Jamie Linder (who, in the course of filming and editing the video, had to see me naked—for which I apologize from the very bottom of my heart).

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  • Claire says:

    That’s easy for you to say Ryan, but if everybody thought like you the world would be hell on earth. The Trollsons are beastly and deserve everything they get. Their sick in the head.

  • Marcia Parent says:

    To all the people who says this wont change anything. Things are changing everyday. To all the people who wants to and will change the world for the better.

  • Ash Golde says:

    People with as much power and influence as them are asking for it. It’s the ones with the money who can change the world. Really there’s nothing else these two can do except design clothing out of fur? What is wrong with them???? Some fur farms practice ANAL and genital ELECTROCUTION. It’s been proven. The point is beautiful wild animals who should be free suffer suffer suffer. Fur trade depicts horror worse than any horror movie. It’s real life serial killers at work getting paid. This is a CARTOON that DEPICTS THE ANIMALS that are KILLED FOR FUR. When you click over each item you see what these women are having made. I do not know where they get their fur from but I learned something about it here. Designers always have people copying them making cheap knock offs. THERE ARE NO RULES IN CHINA. NO LEGISTLATION to PROTECT ANIMALS in China. Watch Earthlings first before you come here and start dissing PETA. WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO HELP? Gorgeous foxes wolverenes lynxs endangered big cats racoonsetcetera are born into unspeakable suffering for fur. I support the work here. IT’s positive and with love that this is made. I find this cartoon very helpful educational and supportive. Congratulations. Thank you for the work you do. BLESSINGS. Keep up the good work.

  • Teresa says:

    Very good video…

  • Ebany says:

    Peta leave the Olsen twins alone!

  • Ryan says:

    I must say that I find PETA to be a very rude and inconsiderate organization. How dare you treat someone the way you treat these twins. They wear fur!! GET OVER IT!! I understand that it hurts the animals but what is done is done. DEAL WITH IT AND STOP BITCHING

  • Jessica says:

    I can not believe that people can wear fur that once belonged to a living breathing lovable creature and still be able to live with themselves. It’s incredible. I wish people would respect animals the way they respect family or friends. Great job on the video! Good Job Peta for making a stand against animal cruelty!

  • sampda says:

    first of all….mary kate and ashley are not hairy kate and trashley. and second you suck! not olsen twins. bad job!u have no right 2 make a fool out of them. the video was horrible and u r horrible too.