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Meet the Sandy LEGO Beachbots

Written by PETA | August 10, 2009

The following is a guest post from peta2’s Marta.


Aren't these kids awesome?


Can a group of 11- to 14-year-olds from San Diego get people to eat less meat? The Sandy LEGO Beachbots can! The Beachbots build LEGO robots for competitions (where they sometimes give out vegan pizza), and they’ve also launched an initiative called Kids Keep the Earth Cool to persuade people to eat less meat by showing them the connection between animal agriculture and climate change.

We’re really impressed with what they’re doing and had to learn more. Check out what Brennan (one of the Beachbots) had to say:

How did the Sandy LEGO Beachbots come about, and what do you guys do?
We do First LEGO League, which is an international LEGO robotics competition. FLL involves building and programming a LEGO robot to do certain missions. These missions are based around a certain theme, and the teams competing also have to do a project on this theme and present a presentation to the judges. We have been doing this for six years now, with various team members.

Tell us about your robot design and how you incorporate veganism.
Our robot design itself isn’t really related to vegetarianism—that is our solution to this year’s project! The theme this year is climate change. Some of our team members (including me) were already vegetarians, so we decided to do our project on how vegetarianism relates to global warming.

How long have you been vegetarian? Do you have a favorite vegetarian recipe?
My sisters and I have been vegetarians since birth—our mom, the coach, is also a vegetarian. A favorite recipe? I don’t know—there are tons of great recipes out there. One of my favorites is the vegetarian lasagne my mom makes.

Do you have a recommendation for people who are not quite ready to make the full transition to vegetarianism yet?
If you aren’t ready to completely give up meat, reducing your meat consumption still has a huge effect! If you reduce your meat consumption by only six meatless days a month, it has the same affect as switching from a sedan to a hybrid vehicle.

Are there any other animal rights issues that are important to you?
I personally am opposed to the use of animals … in any way [that] harms them. There are much better ways to do things that do not involve hurting or killing the other inhabitants of this Earth!

Isn’t Brennan awesome? Check out the Web site that he and the other Sandy LEGO Beachbots made—

We love what the Beachbots are doing so much that we’re giving them a Compassionate Kids Award. As the Beachbots say, “Eating a bean burrito instead of meat helps save the world!”

Written by Marta Holmberg

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  • sujit chakraborty says:

    the parents of these lovely kids have done a great job by growing them up vegetarian. They will help to remove an established dogma that meat is essential for the growth of the children.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    San Diego and the state of California is replete with animal activists and vegetarians of all ages. Its meatless cuisines are very alluring.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Wow! Great group of kidsto be that young and that much on the ball. Their website is excellent and well worth a looksee. Maybe there’s still hope for us yet.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Anybody who thinks kids have to be raised eating meat to be healthy should take a look at these beautiful healthy children! We were out to dinner with my husband’s niece and her family the other night and she was extolling the cows milk she buys from a private dairy saying I would like the milk they produce. I politely told her that I do not drink cows milk because it is an unnatural act. I told her that I am in my 50’s and no creature in the world except humans drink milk past babyhood and further a human drinking milk from a cow is about as natural as a calf drinking milk from a human mother. I told her I use fortified soy milk on cereal and anything else that requires it and I also take calcium with vitamin D added. I also told her children do not in fact need meat in order to grow up strong and healthy and these kids certainly prove that!